There is God. Why is there something rather than nothing? Let's follow the following steps to gain evidence that God exists: Firstly, presume God exists; secondly, God performed a miracle; then, the miracle confirms the existence of God; therefore, from this point of view, today's motion 'There is God' must stand.

There are many people in the world who report seeing miracles. In other words there are people who say that they saw a situation occur where there is no naturalistic explanation for it. Miracles may be defined in one of two ways: an event which seems to contravene all that we know about the laws governing the physical world (such as turning water into wine); or simply a highly unlikely happening which seems to be evidence of divine providence (such as a lottery win just as the house was about to be repossessed). But do miracles exist? There are massive, reliable testimonies of miracles across many times, places and cultures. Any objective analysis of these stories would find it difficult to dismiss them outright. And if they have indeed occurred, then they must have a cause outside our known universe. This cause could only be God. This belief is confirmed by St. Thomas Aquinas: "Everything has a cause, something that made it. There must be a First Cause that started everything - God." As we have proved the validity of the Bible, in the New Testament, there are a lot of people who have had miraculous situations occur, such as immediate healings. For example, some try to explain the parting of the Red Sea through natural causes, such as a great wind, which the Bible itself indicates (Exod. 14:21); but how does one explain the timing of the wind? When Jesus fed the five thousand, he used food instead of dissolving their hunger some other way. These miracles were not freakish, but they were more than sufficient to show that there was supernatural power involved. Even if the Bible would not be accepted, according to C.S. Lewis, an author on the book of 'Miracles', 'to be caused is not to be proved", however, belief in miracles by faith still continues.

Our opponents might argue that science will someday explain those things, but right now you can't explain them. The best explanation is God, because if God created the world, he created the first tiny particles, as our first speaker mentioned the gene would not start growing and the earth would not start revolving without any motivational force. If God does exist, then it wouldn't be hard to believe that he can intervene supernaturally in this world.

If our opponents could not explain all these miracles, then, today's motion must stand.