They say I shouldn't go
'No, No,' they cry
I hear not the desperate plea
I only wish to flee.
Let me end this worthless shell's
Pitiful existence,
Life unwanted.
The life uncared for,
Unloved, unwanted, unneeded, unknown
Living alone in my own little world.
So done, so over, yet so incomplete.
Wished to be taken at such a tender age,
Kept back by one from another time
Memories of her escaping at a daily pace
I am losing the memories of the only one,
The one who can keep me here.
They say I should stay, what do they know
I couldn't care what they think, but they say I should
More thoughts of life everlasting go by in the world around me
People love, delve deeper into the merciless pits of lustful romance
Romance so untrue, but so wanted.
I want it not, only do I want to end this soul's time wandering this Earth
This body they say to have an old soul, one that could do good.
'I think not,' I tell them. They do not listen, they continue their frantic
I live on, one more day, one more solemn day of thoughtful wishes,
Wishes of my life put on hold
I walk quietly home, thinking, planning, plotting
I reach my door, see the shears, commit the deed, and fall
I fall, I fall. I lay, hurting, smiling, happy, complete.
My mind is cheering while my heart is stopping.
I close my eyes, and with a final burst of energy, open the door.