Lover's Dance

Dance, dance, lustful puppets, the way I know you will
Dance in the fiery heat of your desirable passion
Desirable because you know it's wrong
Behind my back you love her
You love her because she hates me
She hates me because you love,
You hate me because of what you say I did
But you know I did not
Your mind tells you this as an excuse to justify the affair
The affair you know will kill you
Or, the one that will lead me to do so.
You know what will happen, you knew all along
She knows too. That is why she is doing this
Doing what she knows will lead to your downfall
The fall we both want, she and I
The one thing we have in common, besides our 'love' for you.
We love you not, neither of us.
I thought I did, but it was just a trick of my mind
Just like the trick you think justifies what you are doing to me.
You know you will end this, or I will.
I shall end the thing that is so wrong
The thing that two of the three wish to end
We dance a tiring dance, one of forgotten, lying lovers.
A dance danced by so many, yet so few.
There are so few, because of what one does to another
Both inflict pain, both think it right
I know it wrong, but maybe wrong, in this world, actually is right
I do not know, so I will leave it here.
What is this I have found?
A note to her?
One confessing? About me? How odd. I thought I burned them
Burned like the unrequited lust between you two
Or, what you thought to be lust.
She knows it a farce.
I do too.
That is why now, I am going to carry out what I planned from the moment I
I found it.
My trusty little love that you told me to keep hidden in case 'they' came
The dagger that shall be bathed in the blood of the dancers.
Dancers of such an intricate ballet of coming back late,
Smelling like her
Lying to me, taking me to your bed
Going on for years, ended tonight
The ballet's finale comes here, my friend, tonight you die.