Shut Up and Die

Any girl who thinks,
She can use a guy,
Needs to shut up,
And die.

Any girl who flaunts,
Everything she's got,
Needs to just be,

I hate guys like that,
I hate the girls more,
The ones who act like,

I've seen to many guys,
Who are close to me,
Get hurt by those girls,
So badly.

Guys are always looking,
In all the wrong places.
Staring at the chest,
Judging quality of faces.

Why do guys hold them,
In such high esteem?
Only to realize -
They're not such a dream.

If they get close,
They'd better beware.
'Cause I'll pull out,
Every strand of hair.

Every fake eyelash,
Every dab of lipstick.
I'll rip off the face,
Of that dipstick.

They think they're so perfect,
Well now they're in a mess.
Cause I have got major,

So for any girl who thinks,
She's the earth and sky.
Do us all a favor -
Shut up and die.