[ One..Two..Three..]
::Chapter 1::

3..2..1..Ring Ring!

"Oh finally!" moaned Lee. A pair of brown eyes met his calmly. Nothing was spoken, but both stood up at the same time and forwarded towards the door. Following their lead, the rest of the class slowly made their way out. Lee looked around his surroundings distastefully. The small cramped hall smelling of mothballs, the stained wooden floor, and a rickety old stair leading to the only 5 five rooms in this place. This place, which Lee dreaded coming to everyday. This place, was school.

Lynne walked next to Lee, taking in his expression of disgust as he looked around him. That look chilled her to the bone, yet she couldn't give any reason as to why she felt this way. Whatever it was, Lynne could tell that one day Lee would leave her. What she was going to do then, Lynne didn't know. But for the time being, she was just going to sit back and enjoy Lee's company.

Suddenly, Lynne stopped in her tracks. She felt it coming. Again. Tears of pain and frustration welled up, as she gasped and tried to inhale. Lee turned to her, worried, and hurriedly pulled out the puffer in her pocket before handing it to Lynne. 1..2..3..Lynne gradually relaxed and put the puffer away. She looked up. Calm brown eyes met worried brown eyes. She nodded to him, and they started walking again, yet at a slower pace.

It was snowing that day, but no one was anywhere to be seen. Lynne breathed in the clean air, and a smile slowly lit up her face. Lee was concentrated in his thoughts, and Lynne reached down, scooped up a handful of chucked it, hard, at Lee's face.

"What the?!" Lee exclaimed in confusion. His expression was just classic. Lynne ran around him, laughing, until something extremely cold and wet hit her mouth. She spat it out and ran after him.

"That's it Lee, you're asking for it!" Lynne yelled in mock anger. The two ran around, scooping, chasing, laughing, until finally collapsing on the ground, panting. Lynne took a deep breath. Brown eyes met brown eyes, held it for a moment, and then both started laughing hysterically again.

Rays of sunlight that had shone upon them was starting to recede, to dim. Lynne cried excitedly, " I'll race you home!" and started to run, but was pulled back by Lee. He had the older twin's worried look that Lynne knew all too well; one of his lectures was about to begin. "Now Lynne, you know that with your current condition you are quite unable to be doing this type of strenuous exercise," he shook his finger at her and bent down to tie a shoelace. Lynne rolled her eyes. " I am sure you are well aware of the consequences and I am here to make sure you do not bring on another attack- LYNNE! Where are you?!" Lee looked around his empty surroundings in surprise. Then he grimly started running, towards home, and towards Lynne. Oh I cannot believe I have Lynne as my twin! Here I am, worried about HER, and what does she do? She runs off without even finish listening to me!

As he neared the house, he saw a lean figure suddenly stumble out of the house. It's Lynne! He quickly caught up to her, and just in time to see his mother walking slowly out of the house, with tears running down her cheeks. "Lynne! Mother! Why are you all crying? What happened?"

Lynne looked up slowly, sniffing, and burst into tears again, "Lee, father.. gone.."

"What? You have to be kidding me, he was fine yesterday!" Lee gave nervous laugh, "Mother, right?"

The raven black haired women looked into his eyes, "I'm sorry Lee. Your father wouldn't let me tell you two. He feared you might worry about him, and not concentrate on your studies. For over 3 months, he has been suffering from constant pain. I believe he would be happy to have been released from the torture, and he died a peaceful death, which was what he wanted." These words poured out hurriedly, as though she was using them to reassure herself.

Lee reeled back in shock. Father..dead? Gone for ever? How could this be?

For the longest time, none of the three spoke. Suddenly, Mother stretched out her arms, and the twins went to them. Lee felt tears, cold tears, tears of despair and sadness, slowly begin to travel down his face.

The sun gradually set, and darkness enveloped them all. In the distance, a hound could be heard, howling to the moon..

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