[ One…Two…Three…]

::Chapter 3::

She sat there. Waiting… waiting…and finally it came; the sounds of a horse's hooves, which announced the arrival of the post messenger. She got up excitedly, and hurried to the door. The sounds increased in volume, and for a heart stopping second it seemed to pause, and the hooves hurried away…getting fainter until nothing could be heard anymore.

Lynne fought back tears of frustration and worry. Since the last letter, it has already been a month…yet Lee has promised in each and every letter to send one every fortnight. Lynne unconsciously raised her right eyebrow. It had become now something of a habit whenever she was trying to think.

Mother chose that moment to intrude… "Lynne? Is there any…" One look at Lynne's withdrawn face wiped away the eager expression on her face. "Oh…" Mother slowly walked away, whilst muttering to herself "Lee, my dear boy…where are you?"

Lynne watched her mother walk away…yet suddenly turned her head away.

That night was yet another of the numerous sleepless nights…

Lynne awoke suddenly at dawn. That's it, she thought grimly, I'm not going to waste any more time. Mother needs Lee, far more than she needs me. Packing didn't seem to take any time at all, yet the note to leave to her mother was a lot more complicated.

Sooner than she can believe, Lynne was packed and ready to go. Dressed in her brother's clothes, she lingered at the doorway to the house, and looked up for the last time at mother's bedroom, then she swung her head around and walked out of the house, out of the familiarity of the surroundings, and out of the small country town where she had grown up to love. Tears stung her eyes, and she rapidly wiped them with the edge of Lee's bandana. Mother, I'll find your beloved Lee…I swear I'll do it and I'll not return home without him. Goodbye Mother, goodbye my home…

~-…^^…*~-~-…^^…*~- ~-…^^…*~- ~-…^^…*~- ~-…^^…*~- ~-…^^…*~-

The streets of Zira were bustling with people, even as early as 8 in the morning. People pushed past Lynne without a second glance. Lynne looked around, and her worries seem to increase. How am I ever going to find Lee in a place like this?! No, I have to find a place to stay, and then begin my search. With a goal set in mind, she hurried to find motels or cheap hotels.

[The Renaissance]

"Yes may I help you?" Asked a snooty woman dressed in white.

"Um…I was just…uh…inquiring about the prices of a room…"Lynne asked uncertainly.

The woman looked her up and down. "Our cheapest room is for $250 a night."

"Okkkkay…thank you." Lynne blushed with embarrassment and strode away, trying to look at ease.

[Park Hotel]

"Yes our cheapest room is for $200 a night, would you like a room Miss?" Asked the receptionist.

"Um, no thank you." Red again, Lynne walked away.

After repeated tries, Lynne finally decided on one thing – she was not going to be able to afford a hotel or even a small motel! I guess I would just have to go "trick or treating" at people's houses…

"I'm sorry we have no space in our house…",

"NO! [slams door],

"Now ya know I would really wanna offer ya a space ya know, but ya know that we don't really have that much space here ya know even for the two of us mates and yeh ya know we are only mates of course [haha], nothing else although HE would want us to be more ya know and of course I wouldn't ever think of agreeing to him ya know so yeh so ya know…"

Lynne sighed in despair. The sun was already starting to set, and she still hasn't found anywhere to sleep for the night. How was she to survive in this big city and find Lee? Suddenly Lynne heard fighting sounds coming from her right. Turning the corner, she came face to face with a scene that she would have rather hoped to avoid. Judging by the sweat soaked shirts, the two men had been fighting for a long time. Curious by the attacks and defences, Lynne stood there watching. They were two young men, only about 20 or so. One was leaner while the other seemed broader. Suddenly the lean man was facing the descending sun, and his opponent swung his fist in his face, hard. The man fell to the ground without a sound, and was struggling to get up. All of a sudden, Lynne saw a flash of light from the broad man's hand. "Watch out! It's a knife!" She shouted without thinking. The lean man rolled away just in time as the knife came down, ringing, to the ground.

It all seemed to freeze, yet the harsh panting of both men could be clearly heard. Suddenly the broad man looked to Lynne, and in his eyes were anger, and immense hate. "You. I'll make you pay." With that, he walked away.

For the longest time, no one spoke. Lynne looked at the man left behind, who was clutching at the wall to try arise from his present condition. She hurried over and helped him up, but he instantly shook her off "What do you think you're doing?!" She reeled back, surprised. " I…I was just…helping you…" He snorted and started to walk away.

One step…two steps…three steps…he stopped.

" You shouldn't have helped me."

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