Chapter 1

It was morning time in the kingdom of Zalrania, and Gen, a tall dirty blonde haired youth, was getting up to do his morning chores. It was five in the morning. He headed to a closet and took out a broom and started to clean his room, corridor, and actually almost the whole wing. Other servants were cleaning as well. He met Amic (another servant) in a corridor near-by and they stopped to chat. After he went to his master's room on the second floor of the castle.

"Good morning , sir," Gen shakes his master, Lord Maral awake.

"What?!" Maral grumbled.

"Sir, it's eight thirty, almost time for your breakfast," Gen replied.

"Oh, all right," Maral growled and got out of bed.

Gen then headed down to the kitchens to grab Maral's breakfast and ran back up to his room. By this time Maral was dressed and ready for his meal.

"Here you are sir," Gen mumbled. Maral grabbed the plate of bread and his goblet of wine and started eating.

Gen left with the dishes and went down to the kitchens again and gave the dishes to the scullery boy, he then headed down into the dungeons with more food for the prisoners, a piece of bread for each twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening, and sometimes the prisoners got no food though. He entered the dungeons and went to the first cell and slipped the bread in and also a candle and some flint.

"Thank you so much Gen!" whispered the prisoner from inside the cell.

"You're welcome, my lady." Gen and her used to be cell mates, but then Gen got taken out to be a slave because of the fact that he could go around quietly and not disturb anyone (He used to be a thief). And now he was a servant for such good work. Of course he was a servant who couldn't leave, but it did mean that he was allowed to be seen and had better living quarters.

He then headed further down the corridor stopping at each cell, and giving the person food.

His morning chores completed, he headed to the local shrine for his god, Ereptor, the god of thieves, beggars and assassins. He mounted the short stairway to the shrine and he placed a small ring, that he had stolen for the god. Once an offering was made, it couldn't be taken back. So the person who it was stolen from could see it but couldn't take it without placing him or herself in danger of the god/goddess's wrath.

A woman ran up to Gen yelling "Hey you! That's my ring!" Gen spun around to face her.

"Sorry lady, but the ring's on the altar and it can't be retrieved." The woman glared at him with catlike eyes. "I'm sorry but as a thief I have to give my god stolen goods." The woman lunged at him.

"A thief, eh? Come here!" The lady grabbed him in a surprisingly strong grip, "Who are you?"

"I am Gen, the Lord Maral's servant, I used to be a thief and I still follow my god," Gen replied with a hint of fear in his voice.

"A likely story," the woman said.

"It's true! Ask him yourself! And who are you to demand an offering given to a god?"

"Me? I'm Elissa, a mage and someone who you don't want to reckon with." Her eyes flashed yellow and looked like cat eyes again.

Gen raised his eyebrows and said uncertainly, "Alright..." then with more conviction, "if you're a so high and mighty of a mage, how come I haven't heard of you before and still that's no reason to steal from a god."

"Why haven't you heard of me? Probably because I keep it quiet. Not all people like mages."

"And not all people like thieves, slaves, or servants! What're you getting at? I don't complain when people don't like me."

"Slave? I thought you said you were a servant?"

"I was a slave. Now I'm a servant and that's not answering my question."

Gen glanced down towards a sundial beside another shrine nearby, for the god of time and wisdom. The time was getting towards ten.

"I'm sorry lady, but I have to get back to my lord, He'll be expecting me."

"Well then I'll come with you and see that you were telling the truth about Maral," she said Maral as if his name was something disgusting that one wouldn't like to talk about.

So the two of them headed towards the castle were Maral lived and Elissa explained to Gen why she hated Maral.

"He taxes us beyond belief and he never grants any favors. Also he makes deals with gorgon, Lamia and harpies," she explained.

"Wow! I never new that. Gods, I hate him even more now! He also overworks his slaves and servants. He feeds his prisoners at most two slices of bread per day, usually less, and he has to have the castle spotless every day before half past nine." Gen glanced up at the castle in front of him. "I can get you in there if you want and you perform your hocus-pocus on him" Gen then made the sign against evil.

The two of them entered through a small servant's door at the side of the castle and then headed towards Maral.

"No! Wait! Lets not go to him. If we hurt him, it'll only make more people get hurt. Let's just get as many people as possible and escape out of this kingdom, or stay in it and just hide away," Elissa told Gen.

"Do you know what he does to outlaws!?"Gen continued without an answer, "He has them hunted down, brought back to him, and then boiled alive!"

"Well, then we can leave the country!" she replied.

Gen looked apprehensive at first but then agreed. They headed first to the dungeons and released some of the prisoners who Gen knew were innocent or hostages, included in them, the lady Gen had spoken to earlier that day.

They then headed to the servants area and told a couple of people about the escape and they joined willingly. Next, they headed outside to talk to the villagers. And a few wanted away from Maral and came.

That night, Gen, Amic, Elissa, Elizabeth (the lady in the cell), and many others headed out of the town.

They walked quietly for about an hour and then, thinking that they were safely away, started yelling and singing. Sadly, they weren't safe. A group of nepherals (people with fur, whiskers, claws and other cat features but who stand like humans and have the same speaking abilities), heard them and came to investigate.

The fight was over quickly. The escapees had almost no weapons. Elissa had a quarterstaff, Gen a sling, Elizabeth had a short dagger she'd taken from the castle, and a couple of the villagers had regular tools such as pitchforks and sticks. They were no match against the dozen or so nepherals.

The nepherals slaughtered all they saw or took them as prisoners. Gen was among the prisoners.