Chapter 2

Gen awoke in a hazy cavern, his head ached and he felt slightly woozy. Eventually, he sat up and looked around. He saw a group of the nepherals crowding around something. One of them shifted slightly and he saw they were around Elizabeth.

"Hey! Get away from her!" He yelled. And as one the nepherals all slowly turned to stare at him with their deep cat eyes, then the turned back and one of them separated from the rest and ran towards a hole in the side of the cavern.

Gen lay down again, feeling useless.

"Sir?" asked a slightly raspy voice from nearby.

"Huh? Wha?" Gen said, surprised.

"Excuse me sir, but Lord Altus requests to see you and your companions."

"Well... Alright... If I may know your name though?" Gen asked. The nepheral looked taken aback, but answered,

"Of course. I am Nuntius, one of my lord's messengers and friends." Gen just nodded his head in answer.

The two of them headed out the same entrance that the other nepheral had just gone out of and emerged in a larger, better lit cavern with a throne near the end of it.