Be assured that these characters are completely fictional, the places are real, but you know, I'm not going to put them on mars, so I can't help it if you live in these areas and feel offended somehow. I do not own nor claim to be affiliated with children's hospital, or their psych ward, *though I once was a patient but that's a completely different story, he he =)* also, if you are offended in any way by incest, graphic bisexuality, or homosexuality, or if you just are offended completely by everything I type, please do not try to convert me or say anything against me, because I love you. Please know that you have a choice in reading this material, sophomoric and immature as it may be, and you have the responsibility and power to log out and not read it. I'm not saying anything or assuming anything about any group of people, be it cancer patients, twins, homosexuals, bisexuals, bad fathers, or psychiatrists. Basically, I have written this as an experiment, as a way to discover what my imagination is capable of, or what my memories of the mental health system can provide, this is just a story so don't get any bad ideas =). Anyways, comments and compliments, and of course ideas on where this story should go are what I am looking for. Thank you for your time. Love you and have a good holiday! -mika

Sort of plot:
This was my first attempt to piece together this story, so be prepared for a completely different thing when you truly read it. Ok, so here's my attempt at a story. I don't know the plot really, I think that there's this guy, his name is Aiden Danseau, which my friend says means fire in water. He has a twin, Kye. They are identical. When they are 15 their parents get divorced on account that their mom, who dies of cancer, and their dad, who is an abusive drunk, can't be together anymore, and for obvious reasons. They get separated. Kye goes with his dad, Aiden with his mom. And then when Aiden's mom dies he comes to live with kye again, only things are really awkward because they haven't seen each other for two or maybe I'll change it to three years. I don't really know the circumstances to the arrangement of them being apart for so long yet. But Kye is the more passive one who will be aggressive surprisingly at some point. He has actually tried hard and done what he was told to do, but the dad might've abused him, I don't know yet. Aiden took care of his mom, but he was always the wilder one, the stronger one. He didn't really go to school as much and he has done a lot of crazy things. I don't know what those are yet either. Somewhere along the line later on after they get "close" again, they get separated because Kye thinks he is fucking Aiden up or something. Aiden goes on a nomadic journey searching for Kye, and on his way he meets a lot of strange people and ends up in very taboo situations. He also discovers a lot of secrets his brother kept from him on this journey by clues and memories. And um...that's the plot so far. Now where the beginning ties in with this plot I'm not too sure, I think its Aiden thinking about the night he returned to Kye after his mother died and he sees Kye for the first time in two years. It starts off mid conversation, where you are left wondering what was said before to bring up the first line. And it then leads to a scene filled with memories and an attempt at erotica. But it is not at all that far along yet. Right now it is just stopping in the middle of the first scene because I'm trying to figure out what to write from there.