!Author's Note!

This is an announcement to those who read this, in hopes that they'll see it. I am scraping the sequel to this story after a few days of denial.

I realize that the story had a flop ending, but I wrote 5 different endings for the damned thing and this was the best one.

Alas it too was poor, so here you have it. I will soon be replacing it with something better.

Just so that everyone knows. While I realize it was a poor ending, and that it was rather tragic that the bad guys actually won, I did have a reason.

There was a moral in my story. The moral was the evil will always be in the world. That you can't stop it from being there, that you can't beat evil.

The moral was that even though you can't stop the evils of the world, you can stand against them. You can fight against them. You can continue to stand for what you believe in, and balance the wicked with the righteous. Even if the evils still there, it doesn't mean it wins.

That was why the gods recreated the world. Because evil is not meant to win. It's merely meant to balance out the good, because if every thing was perfect, life would get boring, it would loose purpose, we'd never learn anything because we'd never face challenges. The moral was that Good and Evil must be met, and must balance each other out, because one without the other causes life to become pointless.

. I guess these days though, everybody already knows that. Now people want inspirational stories of hope, where the good guys conquer and win the day.

That's what I'll give you all. Here's hoping you enjoy it. I should have it up in a few hours, a couple of days at the most. I'd like to thank you all for reading my story, and I hope you like the new ending, since, from the feed back I got in instant messages, everyone I know hated that current one.

Here's to you fans I'll get up the happy ending ASAP.

-LoneWolf 30