Who is that I see?
Staring back at me,
A face I don't recognize,
Shrouded in disguise,
Masked behind the veils
Of time and passing tales,
Fiery and yet it is cold,
Young and yet still old.
What is it that I am?
Am I what I understand?
A life that never happened,
A past that is unforgiven,
But yet, once you see,
A light within me,
Is burning all the same,
It hasn't lost its flame.
Why is it I live?
When I have naught to give,
But smoky hatred everywhere,
Dark mysteries here and there,
Is it true that fate plays a hand?
In helping me to understand,
What went wrong with me,
Will I ever someday be free?
How is it I've survived?
And I am now still alive,
Unhurt and yet scared,
Softened but still hard,
With no feelings in this heart,
With no touch to break apart,
I am nothing without life,
I am everything in my strife.
Is it possible to have no fear?
Will I ever cry a tear?
To regret what I have done,
To forget that I have none,
But sadness and dark despair,
But forgiveness isn't there
To see the scar within me,
That no one else can see.
But you.