What was the first thing that bubbled up inside of you when you first read that name? Was it anger? Hatred? Fear? Pity? Either way he was one of the most ruthless dictator in history.

The Butcher of Baghdad, self-proclaimed descendant of Muhammad a man who slaughter well over four hundred thousand of his own people in a series of gassing. A man who committed horrendous war crimes in the Iraq-Iran war.

A dirty old man that was found in a small hole south of his own hometown. Humiliated and tired, with seven hundred and fifty thousand US dollars and a pistol. With no army, no secret police, no golden palaces, no torture chambers, and no future.

But now since he is captured, what exactly should we do with him? Do we send him to the UN for a trial, to the USA for a trial or to the new Iraqi government for a trial? Over here in the United States a common feeling that he should be triad for crimes against the Iraqis by the Iraqis.

Even though the man has committed crimes against humanity, most of Europe feels that the man should be sent happily to jail to live out the rest of his days laughing at the world. I find it beyond comprehension how anyone could think that this man deserves anything less then a bullet whole between his eyes.

Cardinal Renato Martino in Vatican says that the man should be shown compassion. Compassion! To a man who had rape rooms and torture chambers.

Such world leaders like Tony Blair (Prime Minister of Britain) and Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Poland's Prime Minister) both disagree with the death penalty for Saddam. The EU and UN have also gave out negative feelings about tying a noose around the Butcher of Baghdad's neck as well.

I am shell-shocked.

I know America and Europe have strayed apart from each other in the course of history. Yet what kind of morals can be in place in order to look past what Saddam Hussein has done without mercy.

Countries like Australia and Russia just simply don't give a fuck about what happens to him as long as the Iraqis come up with the punishment. Please don't mind my language.

I'll quote President Bush on how the American government feels about the issue. "Let's just see what penalty he gets, but I think he ought to receive the ultimate penalty ... for what he has done to his people," Bush told ABC News' Diane Sawyer in an interview on Tuesday. "I mean, he is a torturer, a murderer, they had rape rooms. This is a disgusting tyrant who deserves justice, the ultimate justice."

Saddam is disgusting, evil and deserves nothing less then death.


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