Wow, look at all of these reviews. Let it begin...

Bay710: I agree with your theory why he shouldn't be tried by the UN. However, I agree with your idea of torturing him for hours before a slow execution. You know, like Uday took so much pleasure in doing. Yep I page from his son's book should do.

Morning Mist1: I wasn't quite sure on what you are trying to say. But I think it was something in the lines of 'we should still give Saddam compassion, but give him a trial for what's do.' If not please correct me. Yet I think the guy is getting compassion at the moment, hot food. Good shelter and of course a noose that is waiting for him.

Queen of the Harpies: thanks for the spiffy review. Try reading some of Admiral's and Steven Lawrence's stuff if you really want some good reading.

spurs0203champs: ahh yes, what a wonderful War in Fictionpress that is going on. Yes the Iraqis should sentence him for all the wrong he has done. I'll give you credit for pointing out that most of Saddam's cruel acts were against his own people, but what about Iran or Kuwait?

Le Creature: You said, "I don't see how we're saying "don't kill, you dictators, because we'll kill you!"" Simple reasoning behind why I am saying Saddam should get a mouthful of his own gas. He already killed, not any form of killing. Mass genocide, Saddam has the blood of four hundred thousand innocent Kurds on his hands. He should go on trial and get a one way ticket to hell as fast as possible. Then you go on to say that you don't believe in retribution, I wonder if any of the people he killed believes in retribution or any of there family members. I am sorry that you don't support state execution, it is a just and good way to deal with people who deserve nothing less then death.

aspenjerome: yes his deeds were so immense that only death will erase them. Right now him just being around puts fear in the Iraqis. He has a psychological bond on them that truly won't go away until he is six feet into the ground.

MrFlames: I found something in your equation that I didn't like. Saddam + fight US + die under US = Arab martyr. The part about him dying under the US, you see if it goes to plan he'll die under the hands of the new Iraqi government. So the equation really looks like. Saddam + Genocide of his own people + Fight US + Captured by US = Arab Monkey. If his own Muslim people kill him, he'll look like nothing but a bad monkey.

As for the TMNT Remedy you suggested, worked fine.

James Jago: I know I am supposed to be pointing out things, then you're supposed to be the one questioning them. Yet I couldn't get this question out of my head. So I'll just ask it, how could living in a prison with everything paid for you until your heart runs out of power be worse then being put to death? I mean the occasional visits from Bubba could be bad for Saddam, but I doubt he'd be in that kind of prison anyways.

saintchris: you say that many of the families wouldn't get much closure from an execution. I beg to differ, I am sure just about every Iraqi that has lived under fear of him will get the closure they need from watching his head roll off a guillotine.

Guin: I agree. Let the Iraqis choose there method of execution.

David Osborn: Comparing him to the worse, it's not laughable, but quite easy. Saddam Hussein is a TWELFE of Hitler, that is way to close to Hitler. But if it was up Liberal and European pussies I am sure that they'd content in letting him stay in office long enough to catch up to him more. On another note, I do agree with you killing is wrong. Yet killing can be justified and righteous. Saddam would probably get the denouncing when his people order his execution.

Kalariah: the reasons we have courts is to try people for what they have done. Not what they could've done in a different life. By the way, that was the one phrase in the Fellow Ship of the Ring I didn't like. Quirked me from the very beginning.

Admiral: only thing I can say to what you said throughout the entire review is: amen.

Retlor: your reasoning sounds good. Except is there any guarantee that he won't try to use it in some attempt to escape? Saddam is already practically dead, all we have to is kill his corpse.

Mia-A: read my message to Admiral, yours is the same.

Zohar: once again I agree completely what you are saying. But those Australians can be bad ass...

Wilusa: this war was legal. I am not going to even argue that. Go read Steven Lawrences "Truth Be Told" and shut up and stop complaining about a war that is already won.


Well I am done, once again bring on the flames and reviews. I must admit I am quite said Steven didn't have anything to say to me.