(Happy) Birthday

A year fell into the drain,
Time passes, flies,
Like an arrow,
Straight for its target
To turn us all into ghosts
Of yesteryears.
Laugh now, while you still can,
Before the stench of old age,
Streaks into your nostrils,
Catches up with you and,
Throws you into the ocean,
To be tossed around and shredded,
Like a paper boat in the storm.
Physically, a year older,
Mentally disabled, and
Not in the least younger.
Cry to the sun, it cannot hear you.
Throw your worries into the sky,
For the stars will catch them,
And shoot them down at others.
Birth day.

Written: 08.09.03
A/N: My birthday. Now isn't that just peachy.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -