An Everlasting Dream

I saw you stand in my family room,
Looking at me with your familiar blue eyes,
Those familiar eyes that I've known for years.
Your arms were down by your sides,
You wanted to say something,
But couldn't.
I saw the determination within you
And I waited.

It finally came out,
The words spilling out
Like a torrent of water from a summer storm.
Years of wishing finally came to an end,
My heart had skipped a beat.
I didn't know how to react,
Years of friendship were finally put to the test.
It felt as if time slowed for the two of us,
Just waiting for my own response.
Out of the blue
I made my decision,
A decision of rejection.

The words lingered on the tips of my tongue,
They were like poison,
Slowly filling my conscience with regret.
I couldn't tell what your true reaction was,
But I sensed disappointment by your look.
We both teased each other that we wouldn't fit in.
You in a tuxedo,
And I in a lilac shoulder strapped dress.

But what if...
What if I had said "yes?"
Would we have enjoyed ourselves,
Knowing that this was our first dance together?
Would we have seen each other differently
From that moment on?
Or would we still see each other in the same way,
As if nothing had ever happened?
I can only dream and wonder now,
What could have happened
On that star filled evening in May.
A night that could have led us
To our first kiss.