Oh thou came to me,

As a shining knight,

Surrounded by a halo,

Of only pure white.

What was I to think?

As but a shy little one,

That I shalt be swept,

Away under the sun?

Thy strong steady voice,

And thy generous eyes,

Caught me so well,

But brought my demise.

I see now thou be Satan,

Only Lord of the Night,

Dubbed Prince of Darkness,

A serpent, with a fatal bite.

There has never been,

And cannot ever be,

A truth that has not,

Been a lie to me.

Thy whispered words,

Telling me of thy love,

Was not even close,

To it's claimed white dove.

What made me think,

That it could be true,

That I hath just found,

A beautiful love, so new?

See now thou devil,

My eyes be not veiled,

Thy will is pure evil,

Thy heart tight sealed.

Thee will never be back,

To dwell in my heart,

Thou shalt never again,

Hit me with a poison dart.