There is darkness all around me,

Hiding under a starry night sky.

I am shadowed in the blackness,

Like a blanket, and a nice warm sigh.

Sometimes now I wonder how,

It came to be that I am here.

Why of all the people living,

Was I chosen, myself so dear?

Of all the places, I'd rather be,

I'll never choose other than this spot,

In my heart, my mind, my eyes,

In this time, leave I'd rather not.

I'll tell you now, right away,

I hate the warmth, it's soft embrace.

To me it's a curse, one I dearly hate,

No longer now is it a lifelong race.

I never have to leave this land,

I can be here as long as I say.

But there it is, what I truly mean,

Do I really want to stay?

Now as I stare with darkened eyes,

At the black unclouded night,

And I wonder to myself, alone.

Is there ever any light?

Yet I am far too foolish,

To think that now gone,

I could possibly go back.

Once I have lost the dawn.

I can believe, down in my heart,

That my hidden world, all alone,

Is nothing but the greatest secret,

And some would kill if it were known.

I have come to this conclusion,

That I will have to live, of course,

And it was silly of me to think,

I could ride away on a white horse.

I will live out my life here forever,

Through the ages and longer ,

Until myself is long forgotten,

Yet through the mouth of a monger.

Down truly in the depths of souls,

I do not care, but rejoice in all.

In far eternity, I shall be,

Ready for action, ever on call.

My perpetually dark little universe,

So alone from all the rest,

Is truly an unearthly waiting post,

A true dark angel's last test.

When shall I be called upon,

To haunt the earth's dark cracks?

It will not be soon, no way, no how.

But when it is, it won't be I who lacks.