My dearest Ilene
There was more to you than what was seen
You always noticed me
And that was the key
I liked you so much
Now I feel like I'm going to lose my lunch
You weren't very old
And even now there's no sign of mold
You were a bit insane
But you still had your name
Your reputation preceded you
And your coat told about the real you
Multicolored one moment, with only colors to gain
Only one color then multicolored again
Flashing and glittering like your neon green eyes
But only a few know the background that lies
It lies behind the screen you put on
The screen you put on to cover what went on
Maybe I'm making you into more than you were
But it's who I saw you were
Thank you for gracing my life with your presence
I hope I captured your essence
I didn't know you well
But you made my heart swell
You were so full of love for everyone
Now I want to love everyone under the sun
Thanks for inspiring me and goodbye

RIP Ilene C. Tuesday December 16th 2003