Here I sit thinking of you
And all my dreams that came true
I also think of how you hurt me
I look back but I know I couldn't even see
How one thing you say could hit me like a ton of bricks
And now the blood drips onto the sticks
The hard wood floors take on a little bit of whats mine
Staining them for a finite amount of time
While the emotional pain and the scars will last forever
So here I sit and contemplate
All the things that started my hate
But I begin to see that it's not truly hate I feel
I only see the things that were real
And horribly enough, the things that were not
Out of all the things you could have bought
You decided not to at all
Even something very small
But no, I guess I'm not worth anything at all
Again I return to the present and the lies, however tall
The blood continues to drip and the end is never in sight.