'Reaper of souls'

In the every bleak shadow
in every pool of darkness-
He is a stealthy, swift assailant
with a cap as black as night-
He harbors a cold, steel scythe
his hands laden with sorrow-
On his face is a meek smile
it only masks his pain-
He is the reaper of souls
he searches for his victims-
Any person, every person
every animal and plant alive
Will, one day, succumb
to his horrendous power-
He is the reaper of souls
punished for his past crimes-
He must forever search the earth
taking people when it's time-
His book with dates and times of
every being and it's death-
He is the reaper of souls
when will the torment end?-
Long since wanting to repent
he aches from the burden-
His heart cannot deem
that what he does is just-
He is the reaper of souls
loneliest being ever-
When he meets someone
he must take them-
Never talk with them
never comfort them-
The Reaper of souls
only wishes-
-he wasn't-