You walked out of my life
Not even a second glance
I tried so hard to just smile
Maintain the little dignity
That you so graciously
Left me to rot silently with

I just stared in perplexity
As you walked easily past me
I longed for you to just speak
A simple hello would've done
And yet your silence was piercing
It tore so easily through my solid guise

Each night I sat silently upon my porch
Wished upon each stars in the vast black sky
Wished that you would once more be a part
Of the life I had grown so comfortable in
Yet discouragement and heartache
Were the only real responses
Both so unexpected and unwanted

Now my prayers have been answered
You're once again a part of me
But was it really worth it?
The ridicule and belittlement
The tears and frustration
The endless screams and sleepless nights
These are just a few of the things
That you have so graciously
Provided upon your recent arrival
So I ask...was it really worth it?