A/N: I've done it! I finally overcame my writer's block and have produced another chapter for you all! I hope you enjoy it. We begin this episode with a rather unconventional interrogation.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse on the other side of town, a pair of shadowy figures sat facing a terrier. One prodded it with a stick.

"Speak," it said. The dog looked quizzically at the two men.

"Speak, damn you! We know you know something about Kansas! Tell us." The dog remained mum, a resilient look on its face.

"The toy, Mr. Caterpillar, please," said the first figure, snapping his fingers. The second figure, Mr. Caterpillar, who was slightly shorter and stockier than his associate, produced a stretchy rubber chew toy in the shape of a bone. The terrier looked up hopefully. The first figure smiled sadistically, and produced a long butcher's knife from up his sleeve. How he'd been able to keep it there without cutting up his arm was anyone's guess. He took the butcher knife, and proceeded to saw through the rubber chew toy. It took only a second before the dog finally caved.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" he howled. "I'll talk! I'll talk! Just don't hurt Stretchy! Please, Mr. Moth! Can't you see you're killing him!"

"Tell me what you know Wuffles," Mr. Moth replied, tossing the chew toy to the terrier. Wuffles greeted his wounded playmate with joy, whimpering, and licking tenderly at the spot where Stretchy had been cut. Stretchy was soon snatched away by Mr. Caterpillar.

"Tell us what you know," Caterpillar said in a slightly thuggish voice, "Or we'll cut him again. And this time, all the way through." Wuffles laid his head down on the floor and covered his muzzle with both paws.

"Alright, alright," Wuffles said reluctantly, "I'll tell you everything. Just don't hurt Stretchy again!"

"We promise you," Moth said silkily, disguising his impatience, "Nothing will happen to Stretchy."

At this point, I am sure that you, the reader, have many questions you would like answered. "Who are Moth and Caterpillar? What does Wuffles know about Kansas? What does Kansas have to do with anything anyway? Why is the author asking all these questions that I've already thought of?" Well, these questions, bar the last one, shall, for the most part, be answered as we go. Firstly, it may interest you to learn, if you haven't figured it out already, that Wuffles was no ordinary canine. He was a talking canine, yes, but that wasn't what made him so special. Wuffles was really a top undercover agent for a secret organization that had its headquarters in the least likely place to have the headquarters of almost anything: western Kansas, one of the flattest, dullest places in the United States, and arguably the world. This organization was responsible for keeping the world as we know it turning on its axis, and also from making anything out of the ordinary happen. Obviously, nothing normal was happening, so something was out of whack. The organizations' acronym was WOOKIE- The World Organization of Order Keeping In Earth. Yes, yes, go ahead, make fun of the name. It's not as if they haven't heard the same remark hundreds of times over. WOOKIE had many agents, animal and human, who were responsible for preventing anyone from finding out anything about the organization. It needed to be a secret. If the public found out, who knew what would happen. It wouldn't be ordinary, that was for sure, and would therefore completely contradict the organization, causing it to vanish altogether. Moth and Caterpillar worked for an intelligence agency called "The New Firm" that also dabbled in the occasional hired assassin job. It paid the bills. To their knowledge, the Firm was the only other organization that even knew WOOKIE existed. Moth and Caterpillar had been told by their boss to find out what was going on, and put everything right again. As you can see, their methods were tough, and just a little unorthodox. You pick up certain habits as an investigator/hired assassin that are hard to break, especially when they turn out to be beneficial to your job. So, that should bring us up to date.

BOOM! There was a loud noise from above, and Elisa looked behind them. A truck had just been crushed by a large skeletal foot. Elisa shuddered. There was a loud noise, something between a foghorn and a dog's howl from above them.

"Well would you look at that," the cabbie said wonderingly

"STOP LOOKING AND START DRIVING!" Elisa said, frightened.

"You got it," said the cabbie, and stepped on the gas.

"What on earth is going on?" Elisa wondered aloud.

"What the hell's going on, Wuffles," Moth growled at the prisoner.

"I'm not sure myself, Mr. Moth," Wuffles whimpered, "it's got something to do with our boss, Mr. Bacha.

"What's wrong with Bacha?" Moth asked.

"He's been acting really strangely, Mr. Moth! Like something's come over him! I tried to get into work yesterday, and he told me to go home. The whole office was dark, and it looked as though all the reality regulators had been turned off. I've been in a terrible state since yesterday. None of it's my fault at all, Mr. Moth! Nothing at all! You want to talk to Mr. Bacha, not me. He'll know what's going on for sure. Now please, I beg of you, Mr. Moth," Wuffles got into the begging position here, "Give Stretchy back to me!"

"Fine, you pathetic excuse for a canine," Moth snapped, "Mr. Caterpillar," give Wuffles back his chew toy, and we'll be on our way." Mr. Caterpillar tossed Stretchy to the whimpering mass of nerves, who yelped with joy, and began licking Stretchy all over. Mr. Caterpillar leaned down, and put a leash on Wuffles, and yanked at it. Wuffles looked up, startled.

"What's going on? I thought you were letting me go!"

"Oh no, my friend," Moth replied, "We've still got an investigation to finish. You're coming with us."

"Shoot. So much for dinner," Wuffles mumbled, taking Stretchy in his mouth as the group left the warehouse.

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