Chapter one.

OOC: Ok, this is very graphic and has to do with rape, violence and incest. So if you don't like then don't read. Verin is one of my Roll Playing chars and needless to say he's very messed up and this is why. 3 I know this isn't really what you people expected for updates but I've had this done for a while and wanted to post it. *shrugs* I'll really try to get First Taste updated as soon as I can and I have Christmas break now so I'm happy fun time. If I have time that is…damn family wanting to see me. What's up with that?

It all started when he was seven. Verin's father Vlos had called his young son into his private rooms on a warm summer night. It wasn't the same rooms that the Lord shared with his wife – Verin's mother, Lilie. The Lady of the large mansion had her own suite of rooms as well.
The seven year old boy with the raven black hair and vivid bright blue eyes, walked down the hall ticking off the things he had done that day on small fingers. He couldn't find anything that would cause his father to be displeased with him. And he couldn't figure out why his mother had looked scared when he had told her that his father wished to see him.
Verin knocked on the door and walked in when he heard his father's deep, strong voice reply, telling him to come in. Verin walked over to Vlos and knelt on the floor in front of the chair where his father sat. The young Lord was a mirror image of his father; they both had the same face that some how looked sharp and delicate at the same time, the same vivid bright blue eyes and raven black hair. Vlos ran his fingers through his son's silky black hair that fell to his earlobes. He smiled when the boy leaned into the caress, "How was your day, Verin?" The Lord's voice was a soft croon.
Verin's eyes were half-lidded as his father lightly played with his hair, "It was good, Father." His young voice lilted softly through the room.
Vlos reached down, picked his son up and placed Verin in his lap. Verin blinked and looked into his father's blue eyes with his own. He couldn't remember the last time Vlos had held him in his lap. Vlos brushed his hand over Verin's cheek and gave his son a feather light kiss on the lips.
Verin blinked confused for a moment, then gave his father a boyish grin made from innocence, returned the kiss, then rested against his father's chest, one small hand playing with the ties on Vlos's shirt.

It wasn't until he was ten that Verin started to feel something…wrong…with how his father treated him. The Lord never hit or raised his voice to his son, never mistreated him.
Verin had fallen asleep in a chair in Vlos's sitting room one night reading. Verin woke up in Vlos's bed, his father pressed against his back, arms wrapped around his son's small frame. Vlos's breathing was uneven and something hard pressed into the small of Verin's back.
Verin turned so he was facing his father; he brushed a hand lightly over his father's cheek. Vlos opened his eyes, they looked black in the darkness, smiling he kissed Verin. Pulling back, Verin studied his father, "What's wrong?"
Vlos kissed Verin's neck, his large hands stroking his son's sides, "Nothing you can't help with." Verin laid still not sure what was going on, one hand rested on Vlos's shoulder, the other was pressed between their two bodies. Verin gave a small gasp as Vlos's hard member pressed against him. The ten year old's heart was beating fast, his breathing uneven with nerves.
Vlos reached down and undid his pants. Taking Verin's hand off of his shoulder, he guided it down to his stiffened member. Verin gasped and tried to pull his hand back, his blue eyes wide with fear and shock, but Vlos held the boy's wrist firm. He licked Verin's lips and pressed the boy's hand to his member, "Do you know what to do?" Verin shook his head, his soft lips parted, eyes wide in fear. Vlos smiled and stroked Verin's chest, "No I didn't think you would. You're too young to know of such things." Vlos's large hand held Verin's smaller one to his throbbing member. He moved his son's hand so it stroked the length of his shaft, "Like this."
Verin stroked his father's length as Vlos kissing his face and neck. Hot tears of shame – something he never would have thought he'd feel – ran down his face and soaked the sheets. Now he understood the fear in his mother's eyes.

When he was twelve he learned how to take his father's member in his mouth with out choking.
Lilie found him a few days later, sitting under a palm tree. Since Kaslen was near a river there was some grass and a few trees scattered about the city. The young Lord had grown his hair out to his shoulders; now the black silk was pulled back into a horsetail.
Smiling the Lady walked up behind her son and flicked the horsetail, "Hello my lady." She joked, her voice soft spoken but rich with laughter.
Verin covered his head with his hands snarling, a smile pulling at his lips, "Oh it's you…" his tone seemed dry but friendly.
Lilie laughed and sat down next to Verin, her strawberry-blonde hair was pulled up into a tight bun; her soft green eyes always seemed to laugh, no matter what was going on. She crossed her legs at the knee and propped her chin in her hand; her fair skin told anyone that she was from the northern region of the country. "How are you feeling my love?"
The question caught Verin off guard. Looking up at her he smiled, "I'm fine why wouldn't I be?"
Lilie bit her lip a worried look in her green eyes, "No reason." She looked at her young son, "If something was wrong...would you tell me?"
Verin gave her a brash young smile, "Of course I would," the smile almost faded, something flickering in the back of his blue eyes, "but nothing's wrong."
His mother smiled, giving a soft sigh, "All right."
Needing to change the subject, the young Lord asked, "How did you and Father meet?"
Lilie laughed softly, "We knew each other for years before we got married." She looked out into the small garden, her soft green eyes lost in the memory of better times. "Our mothers where best friends, they had met at a boarding school when they were young. So naturally when I was born they thought that it would be good to get your father and I together and see what would happen; he was thirteen and I was ten. Just turned out that we got along very well." Her eyes clouded in sadness, "So we got married a few years later, I moved here and then we had you." Lilie smiled at the black haired boy that sat next to her.
Verin rested his head on her shoulder looking at her from under his lashes, "Do you regret any of it?"
Lilie smoothed the black hair, kissing it, "Nothing." She looked out at the small garden with sad green eyes, lost in memory, her head resting on Verin's.
Verin sighed, looking out at the garden as well. Lost in thought, and in lies.

When Verin was thirteen he was lying in his own bed one night, the double doors opened to the outside to let in the cool desert night breeze. It was around midnight when he heard someone walking down the hall; he swallowed and prayed that it wasn't Vlos. The teen was still recovering after a beating that he had gotten when he had refused to do something that Vlos wanted.
He knew that it wasn't Vlos when the person stopped outside his room, made a sound like a suppressed sob, then moved on. Verin got out of bed, got dressed in the breaches that he had disguarded from the day, then waited a few seconds before going into the hall and knocking on the door of his mother's privet rooms. "Who is it?" Her voice sounded composed but there was a touch of fear in it.
"Mother it's me, please let me in." Verin whispered into the door. He stepped back when he heard the lock snap open. When the door opened his mother's soft strawberry-blonde hair greeted him. The long hair that normally fell to her lower back in soft waves now covered her face. Verin tilted her head up to look at him; at only thirteen he was already a few inches taller then her. He looked into her soft green eyes; he looked nothing like her and he regretted that.
Lilie smiled softly, not even wincing when her split and swollen lip pulled, "Come in Verin." She stepped aside to let her son in, as graceful and graces as ever.
Verin walked in and looked out the large windows and glass double doors that took up half of one wall. The young Lord knew that the doors lead to his mother's small garden that she took care of with so much love with her own hands, "You could leave him you know."
"And go where?" Lilie asked softly. "Kaslen is nothing but a waste land. Few have ever made it to the other cities by themselves."
Verin looked at his mother, at the black eye that was starting to form around one of her soft green eyes, "The merchants do it all the time, you could go with one of them."
Lilie shook her head, "That's if I could get out of the city." She sat down and started to embroider, "But I can't leave yet."
Verin studied his mother, how she sat there like nothing happened. As if they were talking on a pleasant afternoon and not some cold night after her husband had just beaten her…Again. When he spoke he couldn't hide the bitterness form his voice, "Why can't you?"
Her silence was answer enough.
Verin went over to her and knelt down, placing his calloused hands over her fair ones, "Don't stay because of me!" he cried fiercely, tears burning in his eyes, "I can take care of myself."
Lilie cupped Verin's face in her hands, "I don't want him to hurt you." Verin looked away, unable to meet her loving eyes. If only she knew, but she couldn't. Vlos would kill her if he told. The older lord didn't have to say anything to Verin about what would happen to Lilie if he told his mother what was going on. Verin knew that Vlos would have no qualms about killing the gentle woman.
Lilie made Verin look at her with a gentle touch, "He does hurt you doesn't he? The bruises and injuries are from him aren't they?" her green eyes shown with sadness…and understanding.
Verin forced a smile on his lips, "No mother," he was sickened on how easily the lie rolled off his tongue, "They're from training. Not him."
Lilie's eyes saddened but she accepted the lie.

The next night, Vlos summoned Verin to his privet bedroom. The young Lord knocked on the door then after a heartbeat opened the door and walked into the sitting room.
The room was dark and quiet. Verin sighed; he knew what was expected of him. Taking off his boots, socks and shirt he walked to the bedroom. He stood in the doorway until Vlos spoke quietly, "Come here." Verin swallowed and walked forward. There was something else in his father's voice tonight. Something he wasn't too sure he wanted to know about.
Slipping under the covers he let his father caress him. Verin knew what to do; he turned so he faced Vlos, letting him be stroked and kissed. The teen had learned only a short time ago that his father expected him to react to what was happening. The young Lord was still sore from the beating. Verin placed his hand on the back of Vlos's neck, returning the kiss fully.
The bitter ashen taste of forgotten dreams and false hope was heavy in his mouth.
It didn't take long for the older Lord to grow hard and start grinding into Verin. Verin reached down to his father's hard-on, massaging it through the pants, when he felt a hard hand stop him, "No, tonight you learn a new lesson."
Verin's eyes flickered with fear, as his stomach tightened; grateful for the darkness to hide it, "What is it?" He had a feeling that what ever it was he wouldn't like it. Vlos rolled so that Verin was pinned under him, he started to kiss the teen's bare chest. Panic over whelmed Verin as he understood what his father had in mind, "No!" He tried to push the heavier and stronger man off of him.
Vlos looked into Verin's eyes, "No?" His voice was a malevolent croon.
Verin saw his mistake the moment the word came off his tongue, but there was no backing down now, "Please….don't….." His body and voice shook with fear.
Vlos smiled and stroked his son's cheek, "You gave your body to me the night you kissed me back."
Verin pressed himself against the bed, his head turned away in shame, "I was seven."
Vlos whispered in Verin's ear, "And eight, and nine, and ten, and eleven, and twelve, and even now my Pet."
Verin sobbed quietly, knowing that his father was right, "I can't…..I'm so scared…"
His father chuckled and bit harshly into Verin's neck, making the teen gasp in pain, his eyes burning with tears, "You should be."
A sob escaped Verin's throat as Vlos's sharp teeth drew blood, "Please!" He struggled weakly when Vlos pulled off his pants as well as his own.
"Please what?" The older Lord snarled and raked his sharp nails over Verin's chest causing the young noble to scream in pain as the sharp edges drew beads of blood. Vlos muffled the scream with his lips clamped over his son's.
Verin pulled back, gasping and sobbing, "Please stop….. don't…Please."
Vlos laughed and pined his son's hands over his head, "You're not learning the lesson, and it's one you need to learn." He thrusted harshly into Verin, ripping the teenager open.
Verin screamed, his back arching in pain, tears ran down his cheeks and blood flowed form between his legs as his father thrusted into him harshly again and again, "Please Gods stop!"
Vlos took his son's face in his hand, his other hand still holding his son's hands above his head, "Scream all you want Pet, no one will come. No one cares." He gave Verin a bruising kiss as he took the young man's member in his hard hand and started to stroke hard.
Verin cried out at the mix of pain and pleasure that ran through his body, "….Please…" The barest whisper nothing more then a soft explosion of air.
Verin felt a deep shame seep into every pour of his body as he came in his father's hand, moaning softly in despair. Vlos grunted as he came inside his son, the hot salty liquid burning the ripped and abused skin. Verin bit his lip so hard he drew blood to keep from screaming in pain. Vlos pulled out of him and cupped his tear and blood streaked face, "What did you learn?"
Verin's body shuttered as he slowly slipped into shock, his blue eyes dull and blank.
Vlos smiled, cleaned himself up, pulled on some pants, wrapped Verin in the bloody bed sheet and put Verin back in his room.

It wasn't until noon the next day that Verin's body came out of shock and let him painfully get up and clean him self. He felt like something had been ripped away….something he needed…
That night Verin couldn't sleep. He heard someone walk into his rooms and closed his eyes trying to make it look like he was asleep. The faint smell of night jasmine came to his nose, but he still didn't move, his body relaxed in fake sleep. A warm soft hand gently brushed back his hair, "Verin?" His mother's voice, "I'm sorry for what happened…"
Verin gave a small gasp and turned to look at his mother, his blue eyes wide in the darkness, "It wasn't your fault…." How did she know what happened? Does she know what really happened? Panic ripped through him at the thought.
Lilie smoothed her son's hair, and a crystal bright tear fell from one of her soft green eyes, "I ….."
Verin sat up wincing in pain and took his mother's face in his hands, "Don't blame yourself…Please…"
Lilie pulled her son to her in tight hug, she didn't say anything just cried silently and held her son.
Verin pulled back and looked his mother in the eyes, his hands cupping her face. "Mother you have to get out of here…..I'm going to get you out….get you safe some how."
Lilie shook her head, "I'm not leaving without you." Without waiting for Verin's reply she kissed him on the forehead, stood and left.
Verin watched his mother leave, "You have to." He whispered to the now empty room, the soft smell of night jasmine still hanging in the air. He fell back into bed, his blue eyes dry and detached. He knew what he would have to do to keep his mother safe.