Chapter two

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Verin was fourteen when he met a young blacksmith named Steve. Steve was only three years older then the young noble.
Verin had been walking past the forges in the royal palace when someone called out to him, "Hey! Could you give me a hand?" The young noble stopped and looked around to see if there was someone else was in the forge except him. The blacksmith laughed, "Yeah I'm talking to you." He nodded to a table with tools on it, "Could you hand me the flat nosed prongs over there?" The blacksmith had the large well-muscled upper arms of the people of his trade; he was also covered in soot. His dark brown hair was held back by a leather band, his soft brown eyes where bright.
Verin nodded and handed the older teen the needed tool. The blacksmith smiled, "Thanks. What's your name? Mine's Steve."
"Verin." Came the soft reply as blue eyes traveled the forge. They rested on a sword that was propped against one wall, near the back of the shop.
Steve smiled, his brown eyes shinning, "Go ahead, tell me what you think."
Verin walked over to the sword and picked it up carefully. The first thing he noted was that the tang –the part of the blade that runs through to attach the blade to the hilt of the sword ran all the way through the hilt – ending in a small knob at the end of the hilt, making the blade more stable so it could take more abuse. Verin smiled at the feel of the blade; the balance was perfect and fit his hand like a glove. He gave it a few practice swings and shook his head, his blue eyes shinning, "This is amazing. Who did this?"
Steve grinned as he hammered at what soon would be another blade, "I did. Took me about a year to get it right."
Verin nodded, "I bet. I've seen very few who could pull this off."
Steve laughed, "Well I learned from someone who could "pull it off" as you say."
The noble blinked, "Really?" he looked down the length of the blade. "How old are you?"
"Seventeen." Came the easy reply.
"Seventeen?" Blue eyes looked into smiling brown ones, "Damn." Was all the younger teen could think of saying.
Steve laughed – he seemed to do that easily and often – taking the cooled metal and placing it back into the coals to heat, "Thank you."
And that was the beginning of their friendship.

Lilie noted with a smile and light heart, that her son seemed better and happier then he had in a long time. He laughed easer and got out more, talking with other young nobles his age and breaking the heart of many young noble women.
Lilie watched quietly as she always did as her son seemed to grow and learn. She saw the way he treated others, and how they acted around him. She had hope that he wouldn't turn out like his father.
She also noted that he spent quite a bit of time at the forges with a young blacksmith, and more times then not came back covered in soot, his arms growing and strengthening as he learned how to work the metal.
The Lady wanted to warn her son about what he was doing, to be careful. For she knew that if she saw it, then Vlos would as well.
Yet Lilie never did, the green eyed noblewoman knew that it was the blacksmith that had given her son some kind of happiness…no matter how fake it really was.

Verin closed his eyes, biting his lower lip hard as his father thrusted into him. He had learned during the past year that if he let his mind wander, let it take him somewhere else, then the nights were more bearable.
Lately he found himself in the forge. Working on a blade or something else, Steve would be standing over his shoulder watching and correcting…
A sharp bite to his shoulder, the skin braking and bleeding, jolted Verin out of his dream. Gasping he opened his eyes and looked into Vlos's cold blue eyes. The Lord took his son's face in his hard hands and smiled, "What were you dreaming of Pet?"
Verin ripped his face out of his father's hand, "Nothing."
Vlos chuckled, "I don't believe you. Tell me what you were dreaming of Pet."
"I don't remember." Verin fought down a since of panic, he wouldn't let Vlos know about Steve. He didn't want to know what would happen to the blacksmith if Vlos ever found out about him.
Vlos reached under one of the pillows and pulled out a dagger, smiling he pressed it to Verin's face. "Come now, you can tell me."
Verin swallowed as a thin trickle of blood ran down his cheek, closing his eyes he shook his head barely moving. "I-I can't remember…."
Vlos trailed the dagger down Verin's chest, "Then let me help you remember." The soft croon was like Death itself whispering in Verin's ear.
Verin cried out as the dagger was pressed into his stomach, cutting deep; he looked up with wide tear bright blue eyes. "Please don't…" Came the whispered plea.
Vlos reached down and dug a finger into the wound, relishing in the pained scream that came form the arching body beneath him. "Tell me."
Verin snarled and grabbed Vlos's wrists pulling it away from his body, "Stop it."
Vlos smiled, his blue eyes narrowing slightly, "You've gotten stronger."
Bearing his teeth Verin rolled pinning his father beneath him, ripping the dagger from his hand, pressing the dagger to the older man's neck with shaking hands, "This stops now. You'll let me and mother leave Kaslen, understand?"
The body under the teen shook with laughter, "Is this what it's all about then? Let you and your mother go?" Vlos laughed, "And why should I do this?"
Verin pressed the dagger to Vlos's throat harder a small trickle of blood coming form the tip, blue eyes blazing with rage, "You don't and I'll kill you."
Using his legs, Vlos tossed Verin off the bed like he was nothing more then a rag doll. Verin hit the ground with a thud and skidded across the floor for a few feet. Vlos got up and pulled on some pants, taking his time as Verin tried to get air back into his lungs. It was an odd quirk of Vlos's that he's never beaten Verin with out pants on...something that the young Lord never understood, nor did he wish to.
Vlos walked forward and stepped on the hand that still held the dagger, "You think you can hurt me Pet?" the stronger man reached down and grabbed Verin's throat, lifting him to his feet.
Verin labored to breath, his father's hand tightening on his throat. Reaching up he scratched at Vlos, leaving marks anywhere he could reach with his nails, blackness clouding the edges of his vision.
Vlos laughed and through Verin into the wall, picking up the dagger the older Lord walked forward, smiling. "You haven't learned at all have you Pet? I guess you need to learn how to obey. And not bite the hand that feeds you."
Verin lunged at Vlos snarling. Vlos stepped aside and slashed Verin's side with the dagger. Crying out the teen fell to his knees, clenching his side, blood leaking form in between his fingers, he looked up at his father, "So you'll kill me?"
Vlos chuckled and knelt down beside Verin, running the bloody dagger down Verin's cheek, "Oh no…you're not going to die yet. I'm not done playing."
Breathing hard Verin looked at the older Lord with hate filled ice blue eyes, but said nothing.
Stroking his son's sweat soaked black hair away from his pale face, Vlos crooned and kissed his son, "You will tell me what you dream of my Pet."
"Never." Was the simple, angry reply.
"So be it." Came the soft croon.
Verin was able to stay awake for almost thirty minutes of the torture before he blacked out.

Lilie looked down at the beaten and bloody form of her son, sighing heavily. She knew that things wouldn't stay good for long, but this?
She looked up and smiled when a young man in the robes of one who serves in the temple of Tarra walked in, "Aeidon, thank you for coming."
The Priest was in his late twenties; he had light brown hair and kind light blue eyes, "I tried to come sooner my Lady."
Lilie shook her head, "You came, that's all that matters."
Aeidon walked around the bed and looked at the prone figure in the bed, he shook his head sadly, "How long has he been out?"
Lilie shook her head, "I don't know…and he hasn't woken up."
Aeidon nodded and lifted the covers off of the young Lord. He gasped when he saw the injuries, "Dear sweet Tarra…what happened?"
Lilie shook her head, "I don't know." She stood to leave. The Lady knew very well what had happened, and when. Nodding to Aeidon she left the room leaving the healer to do his job.
Aeidon shook his head as he got out the healing supplies. He had a feeling that something was going on, what it was he didn't know. He had a feeling that he didn't want to know, but was going to find out anyway. Completely uncovering the teen's body he looked over the wounds; there was a long one on his side that would leave a scar, the one on his stomach would fade away as would the others that littered the youth's body; the tanned skin was peppered in bruises.
The Priest started to clean the wounds; Lilie had all ready cleaned some of the blood off the boy and did what she could for him. When Aeidon got to the lower parts of the young Lords body he blinked a few times to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. It looked as if the boy had been raped repeatedly; there was dried blood and semen in between the teen's legs. When he started to gently clean the abused area the teen jolted awake, "No!" He moved so his back was pressed to the headboard, his blue eyes wide and frightened, his battered body shaking.
Aeidon held out his empty hands, "I'm not going to hurt you lad. I'm a Priest of Tarra, your mother called for me to heal you."
Verin looked around the room, "My mother?" Did this mean she knew? What would happen to her? He had to get her out of Kaslen.
Aeidon nodded, "Yes, I believe she's outside. Do you want me to get her?"
"No!" Verin slid down so he rested on the bed, his knees pulled up to his chest, "No, don't get her." He held his head in his hands, his black hair dull and covering his face.
Aeidon rested a hand on the boy's shoulder, not removing it when he jumped, "What happened?" the light blue eyed Priest asked.
The young noble shook his head, "Nothing, just training." It was an old excuse, but one that worked.
"Training now includes rape?" the young priest asked softly.
Frightened bright blue eyes looked up to meet his own, "What are you talking about?"
Aeidon shook his head, "My boy, lying to me won't help."
Verin closed his eyes defeated, "You're a Priest… So what… ever I say to you…dies with you…right?" Aeidon nodded. Verin looked up at him, "Swear to me and your God that what ever I say dies with you." Fear laced the boy's words.
Aeidon looked into the young man's eyes, so he would know that he wasn't lying, "I swear to you and Tarra that what ever you confess to me, dies with me."
The teen nodded slowly, "All right." He looked away, hugging his knees. "I've never told anyone…not even Mother knows…" Taking a deep breath he started to tell the young Priest what had happened, form the beginning to where they were now, leaving nothing out.
It took hours to tell. By the end of those hours Verin was clean, his physical wounds tended to, and dressed in loose clothing. Verin told it all in a detached voice, never crying once, but his shaking body betrayed the feelings he kept hidden behind his eyes. At the end he looked up at Aeidon, who gave him a smile and smoothed the noble's long black hair. Verin looked away not able to look into the caring eyes, "I'm damned aren't I?"
Aeidon shook his head, "No lad, you're not damned." He whispered softly, "If you keep true to yourself, you're not damned."
Verin pressed the heels of his hands to his eyes, his body shaking with suppressed sobs, "Thank you." His voice was thick with tears.
Aeidon pulled the young teen into a hug letting him cry himself out, crooning softly, smoothing back the black hair. Aeidon waited till well after Verin's breathing had evened out before he gently tucked the teen into bed and left silently.
Lilie stood from the chair in the hall that she had been sitting in, "How is he doing?" She looked at the Priest, her green eyes searching; he looked old and drained. "Is everything all right?"
Aeidon smiled and placed a warm hand on the noble woman's cheek, "Everything is fine. He's sleeping right now. But you can go in if you want."
Lilie knew that there was something that the young Priest was holding back, and she knew that it was useless to try to get him to tell her. "No, I'll let him rest. Thank you." She pressed five gold coins into the man's hand.
Aeidon shook his head, "No payment is needed my Lady."
Lilie pressed the money down harder into the warm hand, a small smile on her lips, "Call it a donation to the temple."
Aeidon nodded and placed the money in his pouch, "The temple thanks you Lady."
"And I thank the Temple for saving my son." Soft green eyes looked into his, they knew well what had happened in the room. What took so long to heal.
"The wounds aren't fully healed yet Lady, be careful." The Priest told quietly.
"Wounds like that never heal fully." The Lady replied then escorted the Priest out.

Three days latter Verin was able to get up and walk around…or was willing to do so.
Steve looked up from the forge smiling. When he saw Verin, the smile faded into worry, "You're limping."
Verin smiled and sat down on a box, leaning against the wall with a wince, "Sorry for not coming in a while."
Steve waved the words away as he stuck a finished ax head into the water to cool, "Never mind that. Why are you limping?"
Verin shook his head smiling dryly, "What are you my mother?"
Steve walked over and looked down at the younger teen, "No, but I am your friend."
"I was training, the person who I was sparing with got a little over zealous and slashed my side." The young noble said dryly giving a shrug like it was no big deal.
Steve knelt down in front of Verin, concern bright in his brown eyes, "Are you all right?" one of the blacksmith's large hand reached for Verin's side.
Verin grabbed Steve's hand, "I'm fine." He gave what he hopped looked like a reassuring smile, "I'm fine...Really."
Steve reached up and brushed some hair out of Verin's face, "I was just worried."
Verin gave his friend a small smile, confused about the look in the warm brown eyes, "Don't be."
A large, calloused hand cupped Verin's cheek softly, "Can't help it…" he lightly kissed Verin on the lips.
Gasping the black haired teen pulled back, even more confused having never been kissed like that before…if he had to describe what it felt like…it felt like caring…
Steve pulled back and stood, a faint blush coming to his cheeks, "I'm sorry…forget what just happened…please…I never should have."
Verin reached out and grabbed Steve's bare arm, "No, I don't mind." He looked away, feeling himself blush, "It just came as a shock…" /Besides/ He added to himself silently, /I don't want to forget it./
Steve gently tipped the other teen's chin up so he could look into the blue eyes that held so much pain and fear in them, /Who hurt you so bad that you'd have those kinds of shadows in your eyes?/ the blacksmith thought. Out loud he asked softly, "Are you sure?"
Verin smiled and pulled Steve down into another kiss, needing to feel the …caring?… again. "I'm sure."

A week later, when Verin was fully healed from his "training incident" the teens where out in a training yard practicing in the desert's summer heat, their shirts had been removed a while ago, sweat glistened on the teens' chests as they circled each other with practice swords. Verin lunged at Steve, who blocked the attack and counter attacked. Verin locked blades with the blacksmith. Steve smiled and swiped Verin's legs out from under him, Verin yelped and dropped rolling and springing back up, "Sneaky."
The blacksmith grinned, "I learn from the best."
Verin laughed and shook the black hair out of his face. Steve took advantage of the distraction and lunged in tripping the younger teen again. Verin grabbed onto Steve's sword arm taking the other down with him, Steve yelped and landed pressing the practice sword to Verin's side, "No wonder you get injured so much during practice. You never pay attention."
Verin dropped his eyes looking away, "Yeah I guess so…"
Steve put his sword aside and took hold of Verin's placing it aside as well, "What's wrong?" He cupped the other's cheek.
Verin smiled and shook his head, "I just don't like failing…"
Steve shifted so that he was laying next to the young noble instead of on top of him, "Verin, that's not it. What is it?"
The other shook his head running his fingers through long black hair, "Steve…Please, just drop it…Please."
The blacksmith nodded running a hand gently down Verin's bare chest, "All right. I just wish that you'd trust me enough to tell me what's really going on."
Verin took hold of Steve's hand brushing his lips against the other's fingers, "I do…But…" He stopped closing his eyes, wishing he could tell his friend the truth. Feeling soft lips against his, Verin opened his eyes as Steve broke the kiss. "Steve…I…" He bit his lower lip, not sure how the blacksmith would react.
Steve brushed his fingers along Verin's jaw line, "What is it?"
The young noble leaned into the touch, "I-I want you…so bad…"
"Then you'll have me." Steve smiled as he kissed the young noble deeply.

They had found an old abandoned stable some time ago…
Verin gasped arching into Steve's light touch; he wasn't use to the soft, gentle way the blacksmith's large and calloused hands traveled over his body. Steve licked one of Verin's nipples, his hands running over the thin sides. Verin moaned when their hard-ons touched through their pants.
Steve kissed him deeply, running his tongue over the roof of Verin's mouth, as his hands roamed the noble's thin body. Verin moaned his hands running over Steve's spine to brush along the older teen's pant line. Steve gasped, pulling back and smiled down at Verin, "You sure you want to go through with this?"
Verin nodded, panting, "Yes."
Steve nodded and slowly unbuttoned Verin's pants and pulled them down then did the same to his own. He smiled and kissed Verin fully, his hand lightly brushing Verin's stiffened member.
Verin gasped, panic threatening to overwhelm him, biting his lip, determined to let this happen, he said nothing. Steve kissed Verin's chest all the way down his stomach to the younger teen's hard-on, where he licked the pre-cum off the head. "Ahh!" Verin gripped handfuls of straw as Steve sucked on the throbbing head, his tongue ever so often licking the length of the shaft. Steve smiled and moved down a little to lick Verin's opening.
Verin cried out softly, panting as Steve licked him. Steve moved up and kissed him, "Have you ever-"
Verin cut him off panting, "Don't worry about me. Just do it."
Steve looked a little shocked and worried but nodded and kissed Verin and placed a finger into the other teen's opening, Verin gave a soft grown, his back arching. When Steve figured Verin was ready he with drew his fingers and replaced them with something much lager and harder. Verin pressed against him moaning as Steve moved inside him.
The young noble was amazed at the new feeling that ran through his body; he never knew that sex could be enjoyable. Verin relished in the soft touches and gentle kisses that Steve played over his body. The pressure that slowly built in between his legs was pleasant and almost painful at the same time.
Verin wrapped his legs around Steve panting, "Please…"
Steve kissed Verin as he took the other teen's hard-on in hand stroking lightly. Verin gasped his back arching into a bow. Steve ran his other hand over Verin's skin, "Shh, relax." Verin nodded and tried to relax, panting. Steve continued to move inside the other, hitting the sweet spot in side him with a moan. Verin arched into Steve's hand as the blacksmith ran his thumb over the head of Verin's member as his fingers worked along the shaft. Crying out the other's name Verin came into Steve's hand, his muscles tightening around the other's member. Moaning Steve came into Verin, he pulled out and shifted to rest against the noble's side, running his fingers through the black silk of Verin's hair.
Verin smiled and took hold of Steve's hand and licked the cum off of it, "Mmm…" Blushing softly Verin nuzzled Steve's neck, "….Thank you…"
Steve smiled at the other softly, "For what?" But the noble didn't reply because he was all ready a sleep, or acted like it anyway. Steve rested his head on his arm as he looked at the other, something bothered him about how Verin had attacked but he couldn't place what it was. He smoothed Verin's hair and kissed his forehead as the younger teen whimpered softly as he dreamt, "Shh…" What was troubling his friend?