Web Of Life
Chapter One: Azariel and Makio. Brothers, Opposites.

Brother, I am sorry

I bless your heart, and curse your soul

I am the dark, and He is the light
Please forgive me, brother,

For I must go now, I am sorry

The dark and light shall clash

All shall become nothing, and nothing shall be all

Brother, I am sorry, I am the Dark, and He is the light

Azariel, the youth born into a position he neither wanted, nor told anyone about, was one day sitting, speaking with his half-brother, Makio, the boy born with many wings of pure white. Azariel and his half-brother were as contrasted as black and white. The scholars, in fact, used a simple analogy to show the contrast between the two: 'Azariel is to black and darkness, as Makio is to white and holiness.' This, not surprisingly, was a perfect analogy.
Azariel dressed in black robes, with a white tunic underneath, while Makio dressed in white robes with a tunic of black underneath. Azariel's eyes shone brilliant, blood red, while Makio's were a beautiful creamy white. Azariel was pale and ashen bodied because of his dislike and fear of sun, while Makio was deeply tanned from his many hours sitting under the sun. He seemed to never get the illness they called 'sun blisters,' the pale orange dots that affected so many of the other children. Nor was he ever affected by 'burns of the sun,' those patches of scorching skin so many children got after too much time in the sun. Azariel, not being ever in the sun, knew not of these 'afflictions.'
Azariel and Makio sat one day outside on a half shadowed half sunny rock. This rock was put under the spell of the HighWizard Magius. Azariel, of course, sat on the shadowed half of the rock, Makio of the sunny. They were speaking quietly to each other, both uncomfortable with each other, because of the incredible oppositeness. "Azariel, when is it that you actually will tell the village of your pyrotechnic magick?" Makio asked, whispering.
"Never, Makio, never. The world will never know; they never deserve to. If the world does find out, do you know who the first to die will be? I bet you 's you. Anyone ever finds out and I will seek you out with such a passion the world will burn over doubly."
Makio, being the younger brother, fell hook, line, and sinker for these threats. He began whimpering slightly, but regained his composure. "Brother, I do not care for your threats, nor do they scare me. You are weak, and I am not. They say I am the light, and light banishes away darkness, what they say you are." Makio let out a cocky little laugh, proud of his intelligence, something he was always known for. He ran off, mocking Azariel, into the sun.
Azariel let out a small roar, and enveloped himself in flames, disappearing. Makio shrugged and flew off towards his own home. When he came upon his home, Makio went inside, and went to his mother. "M'ma, I have something to tell you!"
"What is it, me dear Makio?" his mother said, slightly annoyed; this was not a great time.
"Well, M'ma, Azariel is a master of pyrotechnical magicks." Makio smiled, and began to scheme even more about how to wreck Azariel's life, something he strived to do.
"Yes, sure. I believe you, Makio, go play now."
"M'ma, I am not lying. Let me relay an image to your mind." Makio took his mother's hand and sent an image to her brain of Azariel's disappearing tricks, and her mother gasped; she knew that Makio could not change these images.
Makio's mother ran out of the house, to the town square, and called for an announcement, where she promptly revealed Azariel's magical secret. As Azariel brewed in hatred, he plotted the many painful ways to kill Makio. Azariel stomped off into the forest, the deepest, most shaded part of the forest, and sat, steaming with anger. This is where he stayed for millennia, only aging slightly, in a stasis as time around him flowed on as normal. The forest he was in expanded greatly and in time became known as the Infernal Planes of Hell.


Azariel became known as the Demon Lord Azariel, head of all evil and the leader of the Infernal Planes.
Makio, when he died, spent time in Pleasantries of Heaven, and after a good deal of time, became ArchAngel Makio of the Pleasantries, Herald and bringer of good. The two brothers now fought at every chance and hated each other with such a passion that it was felt on the Earth as though it were booming thunder.