Chapter 4:
Vampyre, Demon of the Night
Blood dripping from ivory fangs
Sun dawns upon the world,
Glinting off the mad teeth
The Vampyre scampers,
Burning from the light
Light of the Sun.
The Sun that is Desamarios.

Charlantiel Mercutio, in his living life, was an ordinary man. He lived for working in the Temple to Desamarios. Desamarios was the God of the Sun and of Fire. Charlantiel was a personal servant, one of seven, to the High Priest of Desamarios.
Each day was horribly routine. The morning started with the Lighting of the Cleansing Flames of Desamarios, then came the Praise of the Rising Sun which lasted an hour, proceeded by the Preaching of the High Priest to the peasants, and the Warming of Homes performed by the Priest, who was known as Isaaru only to the Seven.
All of High Priest Isaaru's Seven Devoted Servants were, as their title denoted, devoted to serving their master, and their master's master. The Seven Servants consisted of Charlantiel, Bradisen, Comil, Grarien, Sararchos, Deom, and Ara. Charlantiel was the top-ranking of the servants, while Sararchos was at the bottom of the Order. Charlantiel led the service for the Rising, Comil led the Risen, Grarien led the Full Sun, Bradisen led the Setting, Deom led the Waning Sun, Ara led the Dusk Service, and Sararchos finished the day with the Moon Service. This led to a full day of preparation and wait for all of the Seven, and incredible worry on the part of High Priest Isaaru. **********
Charlantiel awoke with a start one morning, and realized it was the Anniversary of his Eighth Year in Service. He knew he was destined to do something on this day, something out of the ordinary, but knew not what that something was. As he dressed and prepared for the Rising Service, he shrugged off the feeling of foreboding, and decided it best to let the day pass without another thought about the prediction of his future.
Charlantiel performed his Service as usual, then quickly strolled to the Cleansing Flames, and found no one there. He let out an evil grin, and removed a small glass vial from his robes, pulling the stopper out. "Morchis Lumen!" he shouted, and the Cleansing Flames floated slowly and gently into the vial. Charlantiel replaced the stopper, and said, "I win." The temple began to rattle for a moment, and Charlantiel frowned, turning to run from the Temple. When he reached the door, a tall, imposing figure met him. "Master Isaaru! What are you doing here? I found a young peasant escaping with the Flame, but could not catch him in time. I am sorry I have failed you, Master." He bowed his head in regret. ***********
Hours later, after much talking between the Seven, and the High Priest Isaaru, it was decided that the entirety of the Seven, because of Charlantiel's blaming them, would be placed under a curse for eternity. The theft of the flame was considered highest priority within the Church of Desamarios, so great procedures must be taken. ***********
Only days later, a ceremony was held in the catacombs of the castle, Isaaru presiding, of course. Charlantiel and the Seven stood within a large circle of blood spilt from them, all of their wrists bound by snakes. The punishment for this theft was chosen. The Seven would be placed under a Vampyrism curse, belittled to the foulest creatures in society. Charlantiel agreed it fitting, and complained naught, though all of the Seven others did constantly. The ceremony began, and went by quickly for Charlantiel, who simply dazed out during it, though the screams of the others were still audible in his ears, ringing wonderfully.
The ceremony lasted throughout the night, and once it was finished, the Seven were banished away from the Temple for eternity. Isaaru let out warnings to the people of Seven Vampyres of the Flame, but they paid no heed, they were much too worried about the Cleansing Flames which disappeared with Charlantiel, and could not be found anywhere. **********
Centuries passed, and the Vampyres became known as the Seven Vampyres of the Forgotten Flame as Desamarios' followers became fewer and fewer, and soon became nothing more than a cult of a very few members. The Seven reeked havoc upon the innocent world only to stay alive, for many years, then turned their feedings and lust for blood to a simple game of 'who can kill more?' Charlantiel was winning in this contest, until the other Six simply disappeared, seen no more, so he himself simply kept about feeding to survive, and surviving to feed.