Chapter Three III Lollipops

Near the planet Angorn, which encircles the star Tropita, was a certain Humanoid named Carol Fella. No one knows exactly how she got there. One theory is that she hitched a ride from druids. A more popular idea states that it was a freak bubble in the space-time continuum that placed her on a space scooter sucking on an elderberry lollypop. Carol was 15, short, with short dirty blond hair and sexy blue eyes and was about to get her self-entangled in the biggest coincidence in the history of the universe.

Carol wasn't doing anything unparticular, just sucking and scootering when a beautiful parked star-yacht came into her line of vision. I bet rich people are on that ship, Carol thought, I wonder why they're just sitting here in the middle of know-where. Maybe they want to buy some lollypops. With that, she scootered to a position squarely in front of the bridge.

Nothing happened.

They must be sleeping, she thought, or having a wild party. I hope they like to party with lollypops. She opened a VCC (Video communications connection).

"Hello there, would you like to buy some lollypops? Only four and a half oddums for five!" Cricket like creatures in a field on Angorn chirped merrily. "Hello?"

"Hello," a voice yawned over the link, "I didn't expect any salesmen out here."


"I'm sorry saleswoman, no one's in right now."

"So, who are you?"

"The on-board computer"

"Oh so, you're just an empty ship sitting here in the middle of know where unguarded?"

"Yes, I suppose that describes me accurately."

" 'You suppose?' what kind of computer supposes?"

"A computer with a version three or greater personality chip"

"So, you probably have a rather complicated unlock code."

"When it's engaged"

"Your owners left a beaut' like you unlocked!? They're just asking for me to steal you."

"I doubt it."

"Oh, shut up and let me in." The air lock hissed open welcoming the new arrival scootering in.

"Good bye Mother!"

"Good bye Darling, take care!" Suzanne's mother yelled from the top of the hill. "Did you remember to pack enough underwear and socks?"

"Mom! you're treating me like a kid again."

"I just care about you!"

"We're just going around the planet. What could happen?" replied Chris.

"We could die of boredom," Suzanne mumbled.

"Come on, look on the bright side."

"Bright side? what bright side?"

"There's a bright side to everything and a silver lining on every cloud."

"Not that one or that one."

"Well there's still a bright side to everything."

"Yeah? what's the bright side to this?"

"We're finally free! no obligations! no responsibilities! We can do what ever we want!"

"Don't italicize things when you're talking. You sound gay. Besides traveling with you without enough money to even get of this Lemming-forsaken planet isn't exactly what most would consider 'freedom'."

"Fine, suck the fun out of everything."

"When there's fun to suck … you do know where we're going right."

"Of course I do! I've got a GPS built right into my scooter."

"But, where is that GPS taking us?"


"That's just a plan old, nothing special harbor village."

"Ah, but it's unlike any other harbor village in the galaxy. Not only is it's main product birds as opposed to fish but it's also the closest port to Dick."

"Dick? we're not going there are we? I've never been on a boat before considering this planet's ocean is the roughest in the galaxy."

"Yeah but how could you make a documentary about Angorn without including it's only island? Besides, we'll be the first people there in almost a hundred years. We'll go into the history books."

"Swell, people are going to remember me for hanging out with you. Boy, my grandchildren are going to enjoy that. I can see it now. 'Hey, your last name is Derket. Are you related to that crazy chick we learned about in history today?' 'Yeah she was my great-grandmother.' 'Hmmm, I hope crazyness doesn't run in your family,'" Suzanne's best imitation of middle-school-aged-children.

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