The waters, they keep calling me,
A phantom's visage which follows my wake.
Wandering, watching, forsaken...
With eyes like sapphires of the sea;
Her hair flows like the rage within the waves;
Her voice she cries but nobody can hear,
Nor do they see her body sink beneath the surface.
For you now witness her ending days,
With her grasping hand as she dies,
Yet there she stands beyond the crag where I remain...

One day while at the seas,
This woman—she keeps calling me.
Her jewels of ruby wounds open wide—she tries to cry,
For no one can hear her as she died.
Drowned deep down under with tears of pain,
This tempest had been the cause of her slain.
Her end of days
While her image fades
Slowly into the abyss...

Her sorrows carried her out to the ocean;
The waters taking away her lost emotion.
Without a care,
Her family not there,
She goes about a suicide mission.
But fear not for death is her cradle,
A thread of fate that was meant to be.
The boat which fights the waves,
Rapid waters which never saves;
All the way out to the septet seas.
No one knows her name to shed remorse,
No one sees her as a human now alive;
She is a forgotten fragment upon lost memories,
So no one knows who had died.

A body was carried out to shore,
A vessel who's mind diminished no more.
A silent tragedy, it was called,
The waters that had beaten her and mauled.
So here she lies, she dies, she cries;
Her spirit gathers with a final endeavor,
Carried off to the lands of Never.
A memoir who's cared for no more,
Her family abandoned her memory, scorned;
Ridiculed and spoken of her folly in vain,
And that she shall never talk back again,
For this woman who ran away from home
And took the boat to sail alone,
Had been running away from her foes
Of kindred blood upon her given woes.
She shall never speak anymore,
Nor set sail beyond the callous shore...

So there I stand upon the crags,
The phantom of this woman begs
That I release her of her pretense guilt,
Before her image begins to wilt.
And while I turn to run and yell,
The woman is condemned to eternal Hell.
Oblivion taken her arms to sea,
My legs buckle, I fall to knee.
The shimmering image of the woman cries,
Whilst below is where her body lies;
And there is nothing left for I to do,
For from the beginning I always knew.
Beyond the crag, the tempest calls my name,
And it says my fate and the banshee's are the same.