Sits on the doorstep
Bottle in hand
Sways to the music
Of the street corner band

Dozes off slowly
Wakes up alone
Got a hangover
Vomits and moans

Used to have money
Wife, kids, and a house
Now just drinks in the alley
A homeless old louse

Once was a soldier
Lead battles and raids
Now he's just a nobody
'Cause old glory fades

All friends deserted him
Left with only his name
The old ladies whispered
Of how it's a shame

But that was a while ago
Now he's old news
Just the bum on the corner
Lives off pity and booze

He's got one memory left
To clutch in the night
When he thinks of the old days
And remembers the fight

The thing he holds precious
Wrapped up in a rag
'Cause it's all that he has
An old rusted dog tag

It's the name of a soldier
Who used to be brave
Who used to be honored
For all that he gave

Now drinks in the darkness
Dog tag in hand
Just swayin' to the music
Of the street corner band