In the beginning of the years,
Life is so carefree and no one interferes,
Cheerful and free without a thought,
Little ones ask and older ones nod,
Wondering why the sky is blue,
Or why the trees are growing, too,
A year to them passes like a day,
And the same nothing will ever stay.
But when it comes to the harder part,
Like when school seems way too hard,
And it's difficult to even survive,
Let alone try to stay alive,
When no one listens to what you say,
And everything just seems to fade away,
You get hit for the clothes you wear,
Whether it's good or bad you don't care.
Pleasant days come once a while,
But once is enough to make you smile,
With all the girls around the block,
With all the guys who count the clock,
Nothing matters but what you do,
You don't know it till you're through,
When it's done you can't back there,
It all could be over with just one dare.
Is it true that youth is gold?
That what they say when they get old,
But yet when you were young you saw,
Nothing that you bargained for,
There were two paths you could choose,
One to win and one to lose,
The road less travelled is the one to use,
And it was all there
In youth.