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Anyway, FULL SUMMARY: Rachel Lillian Keller-Your average teen living under the shadows of 3 sisters and Ms. Invisible ... Jason Carter- The arch enemy turned partners in match-making .. Damien Lester- The so-called boyfriend who is desperately trying to get his "I'm over you already" ex-girlfriend but unexpectedly finds himself slowly falling for Rachel ... Majandra Marx- The ex-girlfriend, and over Damien but he keeps coming back... What will happen when Rachel and Jason team up to match make Damien and Majandra back and things starts to get worse? Like, who will Rachel choose once she realizes that both Damien AND Jason have fallen for her? And whatever happens to Majandra if the plan on making her like Damien back works? Not to mention too, that while she's playing the so-called girlfriend, she's also being a match maker at the same time and knows what that means: Two guys at one time! Confused? Read it then! =) [R&R]

*^*Chapter One: Little Old Me*^*

I sat on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. Next door, my third oldest sister, Kristine Emily Keller, who'd just turned 17 and received her own laptop that complete with a whole internet access was happily on the Net, probably e-mailing all her girlfriends on What's Hot & What's Not this week at Silvernan High School, otherwise known as SHS. I turned my head in disgust, that was just how Kris was, popular, pretty and always playing it hard to get. And to top it all off, she wasn't like all her other friends, who had the looks but not the brains. No, she had both. Want any proof? Does almost achieving National Merit Scholar in SHS last year meant anything? But me, Rachel Jean Keller, 16, was nothing compared to Kris or even Elya, my oldest sister, who is 22 and now in NSW University in Australia studying none other than how to become a doctor. She's even getting married in August, just 6 months more, to her long time boyfriend of 6 years, Ryan Brooklyn. Even when she was in SHS last time, she was always the pretty, nice, sweet, smart, all rounder, and lovable., the kind of girl you just can't hate even when you wished you did because you knew that you could never be as near to perfection as she is. She and Ryan even used to be the "it" couple of the school before they graduated. Want to try and guess who was the valedictorian that year? Of course, none other than Elya Lillian Keller.

Another perfect sister of mine: Lucillia Valerie Keller, 20 years old, the second oldest in the Keller family that consisted of 4 girls and parents who are each a mathematician, or in other words, a professor teaching in the local university on Algebra, and a doctor who specializes in cardiology. Lucillia, or in short, Lucy, was the more reserved one. The quiet and very soft-spoken kind. But that doesn't mean she wasn't any smarter than Elya, no, just as smart, only sometimes, living under the shadow of Elya, and even when she doesn't want to admit it, I know it hurts to be said that you're smart not because of your own brain, but because of your older sister's brain. But now, she's in Prestigious College studying accountancy or something, generally to end up being a great accountant. And she also has a boyfriend of 11 months and 12 days, she informed me just this afternoon before she went to see him, this really great guy, I met him twice when he came over for dinner, named Jeremy Evans. He's studying business in the same college as Lucy and he was also Lucy's first and maybe even last love, seeing as how gaga they are over each other

Now, you ask, what about the youngest Keller? What was her name again? Rebecca? Or was it Rosalyn? Oh no, Rachel Jean Keller isn't it? How about her? What story does she have to tell?

You want to know about me? Okay. She's just a normal 16 year old who is trying to find her own self and stop being so self-conscious about herself. Not to mention trying to get out from living under the shadows of her sisters. That's three shadows, you know. People don't go to me and say, "You must be Rachel Keller, how are you and your studies?" Nope, they go either, "Are you the sister of Elya/Lucy/Kristine Keller? My, you look just like her" or "You must be Edward and Sophie Keller's youngest, least talked about yet, daughter". And all I could say was, " Yeah, that's me, little old Rachel".

"Rach, Kris! Time to go!" I heard my mother called for me and Kris. I quickly grabbed my purple backpack and put on my Nike sneakers and was on my way out. Normally, the two of us would go to school by Kris' jeep, but today, her jeep was being used by dad since his BMW was sent for service.

"One more day in hell," I muttered to myself as I climbed my way down the stairs.


"Hi Kris."

Hey Kris, baby."

Good morning, honey."

You hear any "Hi Rach?" I bet you don't. See? Now you know how invisible I am in SHS. I went to my locker and was working on my combination when I hear the ever-so-familiar voice calling my name. Now that was one person who always seemed to notice me.

"What do you want this time, Carter?"

"To say a hello, Keller? Now I don't think I'd heard a "hello Rachel" the whole time you were walking own the hallway, just a "Hey Kris". Poor you." He smirked.

"You're not making my day, you know that? And just so to let you know for like the 500th time, I am perfectly fine being invisible. And if you must know too, I do not need your pity and so, would you get the hell out of here, you're blocking my way to homeroom." I said to him, in a clearly cold voice.

He smirked again but this time move away to let me pass. "Well then , Keller, go on ahead to homeroom. I'll see you there. Oh no, I'll see you after that too, during Bio, and then Chemistry, and then for all the other classes too, everyday."

I restrained from showing him the cursed finger and then walk off. SHS was on for the rule where you were to be partners with who you ended up sitting next to on the first period at the beginning of the school term and in every classes. Generally, you were going to end up with that same person for the whole year in every classes everyday. Unfortunately for me, my partner was of course, six-foot three, blue-green eyes, dirty blonde hair, and extremely annoying and also one of the many hottest and smartest guys in SHS, Jason Carter.

From the beginning, he and I, we knew we could never get along but it's all for the name of good grades and disciplines that we tolerated ach other during classes. Out of class? A major, no joke, quarrel, normally right there in front of my locker.

No wonder I was so not popular.

With a groan, I sat on my usual desk, waiting for homeroom to begin. And so not waiting for Jason Carter to enter and grab the seat next to me.