*^* Chapter 4: The IT Couple*^*

I slammed the jeep door shut and made my way towards my locker. My "meeting up" with Damien had been fun, really, and fine. I came back home just in time for dinner and even how many thousand times Kris asked me to tell her whether I was out to see Damien or not, I zipped my mouth.

You see, the thing you must know to keep from this kind of sister (Ms. I'm- so-POPULAR!) is your personal life and problems because if you don't, the next thing you'll know is that the whole school knows about it. Although I had done a mistake on telling her about my whole going out with Damien, although it had been, after all, a lie.

Which is exactly why when I made my way towards my locker, every girl that I passed was silently whispering to each other. About me, no doubt. I mean, how could Ms. Invisible suddenly be with Silvermans THE Man? Especially when he just broke up with his longtime girlfriend, with whom he has always be known to play tonsil hockey with in public all the time (except for Ms Invisible who didn't even know he existed since she was so busy trying to make the world see her until now).

Just as I thought the worst would be over as I had FINALLY reached my locker, HE had to came to me and loudly say, "So, who's the guy who gave you your first kiss at the parking lot yesterday?"

Grrr. My first kiss? How dare he!

"Good morning to you to, Mr. Can't-Stop-Bugging-The-Life-Outta-Me," I replied him, although he didn't say a good morning to me. I just refused to answer him.

"I see you're not answering my question, Ms. Help-Me-From-Being-Invisible."

"Excuse me, but as I've told you for like the 100th time, I am perfectly fine to just stay invisible and unknown, alright? Why is it that you must bug me every morning, every second of the day? Don't you EVER get tired?" But you see, what I really wanted to ask him was why is it that you, out of all the people in the world, is always the one who can see right through me when none others can? That seemed to just say the things I have in mind but dare not say it out loud? That can admit the things I keep on denying?

"Your annoyance towards me entertains me, Kellar. See you in class," He grinned and left me standing in front of my locker feeling more pissed than ever.

**************************************************************************** ***

Lunchtime again. This time I avoided the cafeteria and headed towards the Bulletin Room. I had my own desk there and I even have my own column in the school's paper, the I Am Your Problem Solver column. Students would write their problems and send it to me and I'll help them solve it, or at least, sort it out. They don't know who I am, though, since I go by the name Thelma there. It's a pretty weird name to go by, but I kind of like it.

It's funny why I'm anonymously solving people's problems when I can't even solve mine. But I'm not going to think about that 'cause then it'll be even more complicating!

As I reread some few problems that had been sent to be put in next week's paper, I realized that I haven't even seen Damien since this morning. And thinking about him, my thoughts suddenly wander to our conversation yesterday. The part where he told me all his favorites, I can't believe I actually memorized it all!

But I did.

Favorite color: Sky blue.

Favorite band: Metallica.

Favorite drink: Gatorade (God knows why).

Favorite actress: Jessica Alba (claimed she's hot, like all the other men on the planet don't).

My thoughts were cut short when I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," I said.

Damien entered with a pretty pissed expression.

"Why didn't you come and see me this morning? I was looking for you."

"Why must I look for you?" I asked him firmly.

"BECAUSE Rachel, we are suppose to really pretend to be the IT couple. Everyone's thinking that I'm making all this up, just so that I can get back to Majandra. Although, technically, I am trying to get her back, not get back at her, we still have to play it like its for real. We must always be seen together, especially in front of Majandra. When people really start to believe that we're together, Majandra will realize that leaving me was just a bad mistake. Now, can you help me and get out of here and accompany me to the cafeteria?"

Boy, doesn't he seem frustrated.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, I just got to finish some stuffs here but I guess it can wait. Let's go make a scene," I answered him, even putting on a sweet smile.

"Thank you," he said and took me by the waist and led me out of the Bulletin Room and into the cafeteria.

As soon as we entered the cafeteria, sounds of whispers are heard. The noisy cafeteria suddenly goes quiet. I bet people are asking themselves, so its true they're together? All the silly girls who thought they could have Damien since he broke up with Majandra already are crushed yet again, to see him, casually putting an arm around my waist.

Kris & Co, just eyed us with the laser eyes. Kris flashed a hidden smile to me, as though to say, "Well done, sister! See now easy it is to be like me?"

But out of all the people, my eyes were locked to a pair of blue-green eyes who had a funny expression on his face. He was smiling no more. He even seemed kind of mad. Jason. The question that he asked me this morning seemed to be answered by itself, from the way his eyes eyed the both of us. I bet he didn't expect Damien to be the guy.

Realizing that I was still looking at him, I turned my head immediately. I can see that Damien was searching for Majandra, out of the corner of his eyes. And he spotted her. She was looking at us. And he chose that moment, to tighten his grip around my waist, turned me around to face him and kissed me.

And the world just seemed to stop as I lost myself in the kiss.

It was a few minutes, maybe a 1o, that we just stood there, Damien and I, lip-locking, tongues colliding, with the whole school's eyes on us..

When we sprang apart for air, the first face I saw was Jason's. Cold, blue- green eyes looked back at me. Hurt, confusion and anger, all there, I can see it. Why?

I turned away. Let him be, I thought.

I faced front and looked straight into those gray eyes. Damien's. I almost stumbled. I could see happiness in his eyes, but not because he was perhaps thinking about the kiss, no, it was because Majandra was there and he was happy she saw us kiss.

Isn't that why he even kissed you in the first place? A small voice inside of me asked myself.

He did it because Majandra was around to see, that sickeningly sickening inner voice reasoned me out.


Yes. He loves Majandra, remember? You're just a fake girlfriend.

A fake girlfriend.

A fake girlfriend, which IS what I really am.

I bit back the tears that were seriously going to roll down my cheek and did the best thing I could before the whole school, especially Damien, see what a pathetic loser I am.

Releasing myself from Damiens' grip, I ran out of the cafeteria, tears already silently streaming down.

**************************************************************************** ***

Let them think that I was embarrassed because of that sudden kiss, I say to myself.

I was really just bickering myself for making such a scene on leaving. Yeah, I bet everyone's saying you're a girl who had never been kissed and was really freaking out on being kissed for the first time in public. MUST I always make such a fool out of myself ALL THE TIME? Why can't I just act all cool, be like Kris, even am able to make out with just about anybody and don't even have to make it a big deal, because everybody else was doing it for you already.

I closed my eyes and let more tears streamed down my cheek.

What a crybaby, I thought to myself again.

My thoughts went back to Damien and the impact of it hit me like bullet; why was I so concerned about him, what he thinks and what he feels?

Maybe it had only been two days that I had known him, and that's only 48 hours, also 2880 minutes but.

I had fallen for him.

Big time.

Maybe not in love, but then, I certainly am already having a major crush on him. Who could have not love him? His charm, the way he smiles, the way he stares at me with that gray eyes.

Stop making yourself feel sicker, Rachel.

Remember who he loves? Remember who the fake girlfriend is and who's actually going to be the real one?

Oh yeah, sure I do.

He loves. Majandra. Majandra Marx. I'm just a so-called girlfriend, a toy, a backup.

I looked up to the blue, cloudy sky, I wish I didn't agree on doing such a stupid thing. I was at the roof of the school building, not many people knew for this place, so it had always been a solitary place for me to just hide away for a little while, let frustrations and anger flew away with the wind.

Tapping my feet on the cold, hard pavement, I got up. Lunch hour was almost over and I wanted to be in class early so I wouldn't have to pass the throng of people heading to their classes who I know, will glance sideway at me.

I was about to turn the doorknob, when the door flung open.

An oh-so-suddenly-ever-so-familiar face stared back at me.

Majandra Marx.

**************************************************************************** ***

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