Seeing as it is Christmas once again, I thought I would write a little
Christmas story. So here goes.

"This is wrong!" the man said as he trudged through the snow,
"Toys aren't as cheap as they were long ago.
"Kids ask for more too, to my lasting chagrin,
"So much stuff in their stockings, it won't all fit in.
" 'I want it, I want it' are the cries in the stores
"No remembers to give anymore.

"Give Santa a break, spread the warmth, spread the cheer,
"Make the true spirit last throughout the new year,
"Love, peace and joy aren't just for this season,
"Dig into your memories, rediscover the reason
"Why gifts are given, why school's not going on,
"Remember that God sent to Earth His own Son."

As the man walked out of sight up the road,
His frustrated emotions were openly showed.
A tear down his cheek, face bowed to the earth,
He screamed "Don't you remember Jesus's birth?
God sent his son to the earth from the sky,
And so we might live, He had to die."

The man gathered himself as he walked out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all, Have an 'O Holy Night'."