Daughter Of Darkness
By: Laura Cullell


A long time ago, before the establishment of religions, there existed two plains above and below Earth; Heaven, and Sheol. Heaven was above earth, it was a place that could not be seen by the living. Heaven was the Kingdom of Purified Souls, a place of eternal happiness and perfection. Sheol on the other hand existed only to retain the balance. It was a place of torment, a place where corrupted souls would go and repent and upon their purification would ascend into heaven. The Supreme rulers of these two plains at that time were Allah (who was chosen to rule over Heaven eternally) and Luciel (damned to rule Sheol at this time, but only for a period of ten thousand years)

Allah had condemned Luciel to rule over Sheol because he discovered that Luciel had fallen in love with a mortal, created a mortal body and engaged in "The Act" with the mortal woman, Ravinea. "Luciel!" Allah's voice boomed all around Luciel and the frightened Ravinea, now trembling in his arms. "What have you done?" Allah was infuriated when he saw the lovers embracing. This action was considered most sacred at the time and punishment was not to be taken leniently.

"Master" Luciel cried out in horror. He pushed Ravinea away from him slowly, stood up and faced the direction in the voice was coming from. "I have fallen in love with a ," he said softly.

"You have disobeyed the Supreme Law Luciel, Betrayed me! An Angel of all sacred people." Allah's voice grew louder with every word. "I can no longer have anything to do with you Luciel" There was a grieved tone in His voice and Luciel felt the pain and sadness that Allah was feeling.

" understand, I am in I believe nothing wrong has been " Luciel cried out in agony. The Angel fell to his knees, spread his wings and bowed, sobbing silently. He couldn't bear to see his Master in such as state.

Ravinea lay on the floor, eyes wide in horror at the powerful voice that made her body tremble every time Allah spoke. She looked on the floor, a strong feeling of guilt and regret. Ravinea knew that Luciel was not human, she was so madly in love with him that nothing mattered. At that moment she feared for his life and felt there was nothing she could do.

"Please punish me, not Ravinea, She should not have to pay for my actions." Luciel ran to where Ravinea was laying, sobbing uncontrollably. He kissed her passionately and after a few moments he turned to Allah who was more infuriated than before. "I shall continue loving her forever, no matter how much suffering I have to endure"

Luciel then felt a heavy force against his body. He was pushed, his body slammed against the wall. Pain quickly spread through Luciel's body, causing him to wince. Luciel staggered up and got on his knees again. He felt a trickle of blood falling on the side of his cheek.

"That mark on your face will be with you to remind you of your betrayal to me for eternity" Allah said coldly.

"Master Please.." Luciel begged, but it was no use. Allah had stopped listening. Luciel ran to Ravinea who was paralyzed in fear. He embraced her, ad used his wings as protection from the painful blows to his body. Luciel hugged her and refused to let her go. Ravinea had now fainted and was limp in his arms. This was the last embrace the lovers' would ever be able to share.

Allah angrily divided the lovers, then quickly discovered it was already too late. Ravinea was expecting a child. Since Allah made a law forbidding the destruction if a human life without cause, He allowed the child to live. Not long after, the child was born and Ravinea was happy to see that it was a baby girl. At once Allah took the baby away from her and handed it to Luciel who was so grieved amongst the many lost souls in Sheol. At the time Sheol was a dark, desolate place because the corrupted and tainted souls of humanity had no guidance to purify themselves and ascend into heaven.

As for Ravinea, Allah then separated her body and soul and sent her doomed soul to wandering the Earth for all eternity. This made sure that the two lover's would never meet again. Allah also stripped Luciel and the young child of his angelic wings and replaced them with dark, bat-like ones. Allah then removed his angelic body and gave him a human one but with a tail and horns as punishment. It was at this time when Luciel was given the title as "Devil" and Allah had created the first "evil" thing: A Demon. Once this was completed Allah handed the grief stricken Luciel a parchment with Supreme Laws he must abide by and turned His back on Luciel who was now alone.

Grief stricken and with the young half demon child in a loving embrace he turned to the doors of Sheol. Both Luciel and the child were surrounded by lonely, angry souls, all of them trying to harm them. Luciel felt pity for these souls, and was angered at the fact that Allah had turned His back on them as well.

"Master" Luciel cried angrily at the dark Heavens. "Why have you turned your back your people?" He looked up and received a silent answer. "Do not punish these souls for my actions, They have done nothing wrong!" Again the silent answer. Angered even more Luciel placed the child down slowly on the ground, then turning to the wave of souls.

"Allah has turned his back on you souls! He does not recognize your existence because you are tainted and corrupted! You have no guidance to get to Heaven! How can you live amongst nothing but pain and suffering?" Luciel then heard the child softly whimpering and picked her up again. "I shall give you the guidance needed for you to ascend into heaven and into happiness. I will not allow all of you to continue this torment without reason" The souls were then silent and then surrounded him each asking questions. Some souls decided to stay back and watch, one thought running through their minds over and over again: There was hope.

Luciel then turned to the little child, who was now awake and staring at him quietly. He smiled softly and kissed her on the cheek.

/My dear Ravinea, I will always love you and I will prove this to you with this child. I call her Azryiel and I will repent for my for bringing you through such torment my love/ Luciel thought silently tears forming in his eyes. He wiped them quickly and walked even deeper into the abyss of Sheol, now determined to make the memory of Ravinea live on.

From then on Luciel had become the Redeemer of Souls and turned many of them into his loyal servants since the job could not be done alone. More angels in Heaven committed the same act that Luciel did, fell in love with humans. Allah became angered and hated Luciel even more. As punishment to those who disobeyed him Allah sent them to Sheol with Luciel for eternity. These Angels would become Luciels best friends and The Supreme Counsel of Sheol. Amongst these Fallen Angels was Luciel's right hand demon and friend Eclipse. Luciel had sent him to Earth because he wanted Eclipse to monitor the situation there. Eclipse went willingly, hid his wings and horns and looked like a human, despite his immortality. This made Luciel very happy.

Azryiel grew up very slowly since time was different in Sheol and it took a lot longer to age. Time passed and it wasn't long for Sheol to have many servants, each demon like person helping souls ascend into Heaven. Luciel never fell in love again but he did have one lover, her name was Kitna. In order for Luciel to fill the emptiness and escape the pain of losing Ravinea he engaged in the act. Kitna then gave birth to a son whom was to be older than Azryiel.

Luciel named the child Dragon and was made supreme ruler of Sheol, Dragon becoming his heir. Dragon grew up fast and Kitna became ignored. Angered at having been pushed aside so easily, Kitna became corrupt and hated Luciel. "I shall make Luciel pay for being ignored! I will not be the toy of Luciel!" Kitna said coldly hushing the sobbing child in her arms. "Do not worry my precious one, sleep, for you will de ruler soon, and not Luciel. His inevitable end is near" The child shivered and Kitna covered him with a blanket, placed him on the bed and left him alone in his room. Everyday Kitna passed all her feelings of hate, and insanity onto Dragon, causing Dragon's mind to be poisoned. Kitna did not care about the sanity of her son and tried to kill Luciel many times, each time failing. After a while Luciel became irritated at such defiance against the supreme ruler and challenged her to fight him.

The battle raged on for many Earth months. Before the battle started, Luciel sent both Azryiel and Dragon to Earth under the care of Eclipse. Kitna refused to give up and kept fighting with all the strength she had, at the same time desperate for the return of her son.

"You shall not have him!" Luciel's voice echoed throughout the area which they were fighting in. Luciel grasped his sword tighter, breathing heavily.

"He is my child! Dragon gives me the strength to defeat you! Then we will seek dominion over Sheol and rule for eternity!" Maniacal laughter erupted afterwards as she launched for a frontal attack, easily deflected by Luciel.

"You shall not defeat me!" Luciel said, then appeared behind her. Kitna's eyes were wide open and full of fear. Luciel then brought his sword down, stabbing her mortally. Blood came gushing out of the area that Luciel had stabbed and Kitna's body fell to the floor. She screamed in agony, her hand reached out for Luciel who appeared at her side instantly.

" Kitna?" Luciel whispered, tears welled up in his eyes. He held her hand tightly and looked into her red eyes.

"Because I loved and hated.. " Kitna smiled. "Take care of Dragon" Satisfied with her last words Kitna took one last breath and her body went limp. Luciel wiped his tears, stood up and looked at her lifeless body one last time.

" do you forsake me so?" He whispered softly, making the remains of his lover disappear. From then on Luciel became cold and distant from all the souls, he still managed to help them ascend in to Heaven nonetheless.

Time passed by quickly in Sheol. Azryiel and Dragon were raised by Luciel alone but it was when Dragon reached the human age of eight (four hundred in Demon time) that Luciel noticed the young boy's poisoned behaviour began to develop. Dragon became insane, seeing, hearing and becoming things.

"Dragon, my son" Luciel said to the young one day while he was playing in the Throne room. The young boy looked immersed in making odd movements with his hands and whispering softly. Luciel was worried and asked him again, but was ignored. After a few moments, he poked his son who looked at him, smiled maniacally and returned to what he was doing.

"Dragon what are you doing?" Luciel asked worriedly. Dragon began to whisper incoherently even more and after a few moments turned to his father and stared.

"I'm following Mother's orders father" Was the simple answer. Luciel's eyes widened in horror as he realized what had happened. He picked Dragon up and went to the Supreme Council for an emergency meeting.

The Supreme Council and Luciel come to the conclusion that Dragon would eventually become a dangerous threat to Sheol. Throughout this meeting Dragon looked distant and every so often would whisper something incoherent then would bite his lip until it bled. Saddened by this and scared that Dragon might meet the same fate as his mother, Luciel confined Dragon in a magical chamber which no one but the Council knew existed. It was impenetrable by normal Demons. The chamber was dark except for the farthest corner of the room which had a blue glow around it. This is where Dragon would lay all day. Luciel visited him often. Dragon would speak every so often but it was mostly about how he missed his mother and Azryiel. Luciel left the chamber sadly. It wasn't long before Luciel gave up on visiting Dragon and left him there alone.

Luciel then convinced Azryiel that Dragon was an imaginary figure she had conjured. Azryiel then forgot the existence of her brother after some time and continued living as usual.

Within the confinements of his prison Dragon did not notice his solitude. He would always see his mother and talk to her. She told him many stories and plans on how to play a joke on his father once he escaped. I wasn't long before Dragon began to personify objects and see things. Strange thoughts flooded his mind constantly but not one negative thought about his father and sister. He remained imprisoned until the age of eighteen human years (one thousand four hundred ninety nine Demon years) and managed to escape his prison and went to Earth. Luciel, did not expect that Dragon could escape his confinement and presumed him to have died. Dragon was never heard of or spoken about again for one year. Azryiel grew up happily without the knowledge of Kitna, or the existence of her brother Dragon and his escape to Earth.