Chapter 1 Luciel rubbed his forehead in annoyance. The Ruler of Sheol was perplexed and did not like it one bit. He unconsciously played with a strand of his ebony hair, then moved it away from his pale face. The young half demon sitting in front of him looked at him quizzically. After a few moments of silence, Luciel grew tired of his thoughts and took a deep breath..

"Is there anything wrong father?" The young half demon asked with questioning emerald eyes. Luciel looked at them sadly, the memory of his beloved returning. Luciel shook his head softly, forcing the memories away. They caused him too much pain, even after thousands of years.

"Azryiel, my daughter, there are a number of things that you are now old enough to know. Most of them shouldn't have happened but occurred regardless" Luciel paused uncomfortably for a moment and struggled with what to say next. Azryiel looked at him, now with a worried look on her delicate features.

/I have a feeling that it's not good, I hope it's not so bad though/ She thought to herself nervously, making her hand into a fist.

"The first matter of urgency that you must know of is this: My time of ruling Sheol is almost at an end. Allah..condemned me to rule this place for a period of ten thousand human years and I have but one year left" Luciel said this with a heavy tone of sadness in his voice.

"Father, I don't like Allah very for sounding a little childish but he's unjust and harsh" Azryiel said standing up and opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted quickly by Luciel. Azryiel sat back down and decided to look at the floor. She did not like where this was going.

"Do not hate Allah, hate Allah despite what happened to was the one who allowed you to live..."

"He condemned both of us to Sheol and destroyed Ravinea! How can I not despise him after all the suffering that you have endured?!" Azryiel was getting irritated at the thought of Allah. Her father had told her about Ravinea not long ago. Now a young woman of nine hundred demon years (Eighteen human years, female demons aged a lot slower that males) Azryiel mentally damned Allah for putting her father through such suffering.

/Why doesn't he hate Allah?/ Azryiel thought to herself after he father lapsed into silence once again. all this time does he love Him?/

Luciel, reading his daughter's thoughts decided to change topic. The thought of Allah and his beloved Ravinea was still to painful for him to bear. ".As I was saying, my rule is almost over and the Supreme Law of Sheol, given to me by Allah after the establishment of Sheol states that I must choose a potential candidate who meets the requirements to become my successor. In order to accomplish this, I must hold a tournament in one year's time and test anyone who is fit and meets the qualifications to become a candidate. Those who pass the First Test must later fight one another in the winner of all these battles must fight my me" Luciel met her daughter's widened stare. Azryiel then sensed a heavy aura of sadness emanating from him again. She stood up, walked to where Luciel was sitting and gave her father a hug,

"If you are beaten will happen then?" When Azryiel received no answer, she hugged him tighter. "What then?"

".I will be destroyed, as will all my minions and winner will then have to create their own kingdom as I once did and begin a new rule" Luciel answered, his voice barely above a whisper. Tears formed in Azryiel's eyes, she buried her face in his shoulder. After a few moments she got up and wiped her tears. She had an angry expression on her face. Luciel could tell that she had not taken it well.

" does Allah have to be so cruel? You have done nothing wrong! Even when you fell in love with Ravinea! Why must you continue to suffer after you have repented for so long?! Even after you helped thousands of souls reach to Heaven! You have been working for Allah all along as the Fallen One, WHY MUST THIS CONTINUE?!" Azryiel screamed, tears streaming freely down her face once again.

"ENOUGH AZRYIEL!" Luciel roared, causing her to stare at him in alarm. "You are a potential candidate but you require training. I am sending you off to Earth to train under Eclipse, one of my most trusted demons who monitors Earth as a human. Within a year's time you shall come back, pass EVERY test, destroy me and become the next ruler of Sheol" Luciel looked away from her, causing her to flinch at his stern and cold words.

"I shall NOT kill you father! I won't go to Earth! There are other potential candidates! Why me?! I hate Allah!" Azryiel scream as Luciel was making his way out of the empty room. He turned around and glared fiercely at his daughter.

"You shall be silent and obey me!" Luciel said coldly. "In Sheol my word is Law! Tomorrow I will send you to Earth for one year! Sheol will continue to send redeemed souls into Heaven! You will destroy me regardless of whether you want it to or not!" He turned his back to her. "I shall see you in a years time Azryiel" Luciel said in a whisper, spread his black bat-like wings and flew off, leaving Azryiel alone within the confinements of the dark Throne Room with no consolation but her tears in pain.