I was walking by the woods one day,
the snow was starting to wilt to the sun's callous rays,
and I, alone, for the night to welcome me into an embrace
for the sun had begun to fall,
As I, at last unaccompanied, had lost my way.

My party had gone in a separate directions,
words of gossip which filled my ears,
pierced my heart.
heartless fiends, that they were,
and my friends they were not,
so I walked along and decided to seperate in solitary,
through the darkened woods so cold,
where the melting snow to hold,
My destiny through forked fated pathways.

They had not called for me,
for they continued without a care,
sounds of laughter fills the air,
walk into the darkness, that I dare,
my misted breath scathes the air.
a hand reaches for my own,
the mist reaches to and end.
cerulean eyes stare into mine,
holding my hand and not daring to release.
I asked to be freed,
and with that the scarlet lips
curled into a smile,
Pulling me away from my path.

White skin this woman did have,
her eyes a sky blue hue,
her dress was white like that of the falling snow,
jewels on her face like grass within the morning dew.
her hair was braided and revealed every strand
thick like that of fiddle strings.
upon her neckline there was a gem
bared into her flesh;
an sapphire which matched her eyes,
Ones which spoke to me with of no lies.

She told me to remain allay
as she took me deeper into the darkened wood,
to a grove we halted,
the trees thick with crimson blossoms,
red peddles dance along the air,
a waltz by an invisible composer.
she turned to me with a smile on her face,
"here is where you begin to learn," she said,
"about your pilgrimage.
this is your home,
and escape you shall not,
now watch over your companions,
whose pain to you they have brought."

To her I did not know what to say,
my words caught within my throat.
I tried to speak until she muted me with a wan finger;
the sound of a song box fills the air,
bringing me back to memories of the precedent.
faeries danced within the air,
crimson, azure, jades, and onyx,
to form a white circle before they departed
through a silvery orb.
I see those who I walked with within the glass sphere,
lined up in a straight passageway through a forest stream.
oblivious to my eyes they were,
unhearing to my calls,
and the woman smiles as she waves a hand over the radiant globe,
Then everything is clotted with cobalt irrigates.

I stare at the luminous globe in horror
upon the appalling view,
at the people writhed within waters.
slowly their grasping hands cease movements.
their faces begin to stare into the vacuous world around them.
floating images in the aqua river.
falling to my weakened shaking knees,
my eyes are wide,
my heart beats fast,
when the woman turns to me with a hand over my shoulder,
she tells me;
"a slave once bound to servitude
with a much higher role to play,
you are free to do as you please
Until your ending day."

She had vanished without a sight,
leaving merely me behind,
but there is no more for me to fear,
and never shall I be kicked
hit and tortured ever again.

That was the day my binding chains were severed,
my masters dead and I did not care.
their deaths may have been on my own hands,
and that woman I shall never see again.
would go about with my gratitude upon what she had done,
done for me for the very first time.
never would I be held back by these steel chains again,
never would I be told what to do,
where to go,
who to be with,
for I am free now.
I am released.
upon that day, I was set free.
lives may have been lost that day,
But they will never lay a finger on me again.

I am now to play my own role
With the game of destiny.