When the brink of daylight's near,
The heart is known, the night has lost.
Awaken from your darkened slumber,
Let the Wingeds diminish back into the circled embers.
For another night to come
And another day to pass.

Stagger across the long-lined tracks,
Stare up into the sun,
Point your finger to the cerulean skies;
The golden disk;
Gold light shall beam
From the heavens and to the glaring eye.
You cannot see what is around,
For their eyes,
Their presence,
It is concealed
From your eyes
Your urbane ignorance.

Hold your heart close;
A hand to the deepened crevice;
A tapping from beneath the palm,
Feel it breathe
Close your eyes and take yourself
Deeper into the night.

From the flames of a primal fire,
Savages come out to play.
The day is much to bright,
For these small beings of a hundred generations;
Smiles much older than your own,
Wisdom that akin to a god's,
A diminishing mind sinks into the abyss
Of the night when the sun comes up
Once again.