Caught in Between

Five years ago, when Shari was only a young and innocent third grade girl, a mysterious disappearance occurred, herself had suddenly vanished and was never seen again. And now, five years later, she once again stepped into the all-too-familiar entrance of her school.

As she walked through the hallway, all was silent, everyone's mouth dropped open. She – who was supposedly dead – came back, alive and well.

There was, however, quite a few changed in her. Back then, she was a girl who always smiled, who's emerald like eyes sparkled with joy whenever she laughed, who always loved to be bathed in the warm, sunlight, who dresses only in bright coloured clothing and who seemed to be glowing wondrously, even in the darkest of times, but now, she was different, she changed.

As she passed each stunned student, she didn't smile, her lips were firm in a straight line, her gorgeous eyes didn't sparkle, they lay dull in her sockets where red and gold specks appeared to emerge from the depth of her pupil. Her love for the sun was gone as well, for she was hiding in the shadows, avoiding every stream of light she possibly can, while at the same time, her head was covered by the hood of her black, heavy sweater. Even the colour and style of her clothing changed, she was wearing a long pair of black pants that had only one dull colour, black, matching her sweater perfectly. Every part of her body and skin being is neatly covered.

She didn't bother to go sign-up again at the main office or to make her reappearance known, instead, she poked her head – with her hood still on – through each classroom and entered the one which the girl she wished to speak to was in.

The girl didn't notice her, well, no one in the class did since none of them could even see her face, the fact of lone didn't seem to bother her.

Although, she seemed anxious to speak to that one particular girl, the one with dirty blonde hair and enchanting turquoise eyes. Shari walked up to that girl and grasped her stiffened neck tightly and bent down to whisper in her ear, her voice harsh, sharp as the slicing wind by your cheek on a day of a snowstorm. "I have came back, Alisa, I have not died, but that doesn't mean I am going to stay. Remember this and tell everyone you know, keep away from me at all cost, a young man with dark, medium-length hair along with hypnotic light blue eyes might come, don't mess with him, he is more powerful than words can describe and can do the unthinkable. I've overstayed my welcome, keep this in mind, it's for your own safety. Goodbye, forever." She straightened up and turned around to leave.

It took awhile for the girl name Alisa to finally relax, but once she did, she did what Shari had prayed not to happen, she took hold of her hand and stared at Shari's pale face.

Shari looked at her sadly and put her index finger on her own lips. "Shh…" She shook her head slowly with glistening eyes, they were filled with unshed tears. "I have to go, I mustn't stay, but do never forget my warning."

As she was about to leave, a pair of hands grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her back. "No! You're not leaving me again Shari! Do you have any idea how I felt when they said that you've just disappeared? I went to ask your mother, but guess what she said? She doesn't know a girl name Shari! I almost committed suicide then, thinking that my past 8 years was merely a dream! I don't care if you're dangerous or whatever, you're staying, and never leaving me again!"

By then, every head in the entire class had turned. They stared in disbelief for they've just witnessed a dead that came back to life! But that's only what they think, the truth is, Shari didn't come back to life, she was a walking dead.

She must've been a popular girl back then, everyone crowded around her, glad to see her ok, happy to know she didn't die, they begged her to stay, even though clearly, she seemed determined not to.

Surprisingly, in the end, the class actually managed to persuade her enough for her to stay, under three conditions, that it.

One: she must be blocked from sunlight at all times, meaning curtains must be closed, and she will be allowed to wear a hood in class.

Two: if they meet a young man whom matches the description of what she had just told Alisa, they shall leave and run as far away from him as possible, no questions asked.

Three: do not tell anyone about her reappearance, and don't hesitate to take the knife in her pocket and stab it into her heart if she ever starts acting strange.

Hmm… interesting… she still cares about those creatures known as human even after she gained half of immortality.

They agreed to her conditions, though it was quite odd why they haven't asked for an explanation, but it was obvious they cared a lot about her.

I have been watching her from the distance for the past five years, I am currently 5000 years old, and that's how long it took for me to finally mature. My birthday was exactly 3 months and 2 days from today, but no one remembered, I celebrated alone.

What I did to Shari was cruel and unacceptable, but I never knew that back then, it was only until I met a man who had claimed to be the creator of all creations three years ago, he showed me many things I've feared to see, but now that I've seen it, I'm glad he had shown it to me, I finally understood the true meaning of 'life'.

I think it's time for me to make my entrance, I plan on apologizing to Shari, though I'm not sure I'll be forgiven that easily. Of course, that's not all I'm going to do, I am also going to make it up to her by changing her back to what she was before…

The rest of the day went by smoothly, well, smoothly under the circumstance that they had to shut off complete contact with any sunlight at all. Soon, it was lunch. A close friend of Shari's with the name of Melly invited her, Alisa and two other people to her house for lunch, but on the way there, they played a dangerous joke on Shari…

The five of them walked on the streets, laughing and talking happily like the way teenagers should, when Melly decided to – what she would call it – tease Shari about her sudden fear of the sun and the strange way she is dressed. "Hey Shar, what's up with you?" She laughed jokingly. "What's with wearing a thick black sweater in such a hot weather?" She took hold of Shari's hood. "Take this ugly thing off and show everyone your pretty little face!" She giggled as she pulled the hood down.

Shari's silky, waist-length, honey coloured hair tangled with the wind almost immediately, unfortunately, something horrible happened, the skin on Shari's face reddened at the same time as the moisture escaped. Within seconds, her face was badly parched and was as dry as the autumn leaves, as red as blood, she screamed in agony and brought up her arms to cover her slowly dying face. Tears rolled down her cheek as her knees dropped on the ground. "Put it back on!" She cried.

Melly and the others were petrified at the sight, their mouths dropped open, their eyes widened two times the normal size. "W-what?"

"Put it back on!" She screamed again, at each passing second, not only is her skin being damaged badly, her inside was feeling just as bad, already, breathing is becoming a problem for her.

Alisa was the first to snap back to reality, she quickly bent down to level with the perishing girl and slowly slid her hood back on, careful not to ruin her face even more. This is what it's always been like since they were little, Melly was the trouble-causer, Alisa cleans up after her, and Shari's in charge of the suffering.

Shari's crying reduced to a few sniffs and sobs, when everything finally calmed down, her blood worked its magic; as quick as it happened, her reddened face slowly died away and was replaced by her usual creamy skin, the dryness faded away, returning to its before state in the same speed as her returned skin colour. "What just happened?" Alisa asked in shock.

Shari broke into a fresh round of tears and covered her shadow-cast face with her hands. "I shouldn't be here! I told you, I'd just be bringing you close to danger! Can't you see? I'm a monster!" She peeked up at the four of them, and slowly, she retrieved a knife from her pocket and placed it on the ground. She closed her eyes. "Slash that deep into my heart, I don't deserve to live, it was a terrible mistake the day I was born."

"Shari! What are you talking about?" Melly shook her violently by the shoulders. "Stop this nonsense now! We're not going to kill you, you weren't born by mistake, we all love you, get that through your head!"

The skin on Shari's face might've healed quickly, but the sun must've done some severe injuries to her inside. She looked up with tired, lifeless eyes one more time, before they were closed and was never opened again. She blacked-out.

For creatures such as us, we are much better in the night than the day. Only two nights has passed since the day Shari was close to death, but now, she held a can of coke in her hand and spoke to a few of her classmates like nothing at all has happened.

It was currently 10:00pm, but for her, the later the better. Shari was more active than usual; she was enjoying herself at Melly's party, and was actually content and wearing normal clothing for once. The moonlight does not harm her like the way sunlight does, which is a positive.

Midnight soon came. People danced, they drank, they ate, they laughed, they talked and they joked. Shari was starting to feel uncomfortable, I can tell, but there was no way she would do anything cruel to people whom she cares for… It is a strong characteristic of humans, the complete opposite of a true vampire.

She was playing it pretty well though, acting like there was nothing wrong wit her, but truly, she feels as if her body is about to explode, she was aching for something, really badly. The red, flowing liquid is the only thing that would satisfy her hunger…

Three more hours passed, Shari felt so weak that she had to do nothing but sit down and moan in pain. She hadn't had a taste of it for way too long…

Another hour passed, and that was the final straw, she stood up and kicked open the door and flew into the darkness, she ripped her dress off, running only in her short, black and glittery tank top along with her matching mini skirt, her wicked laughter filled the cool and misty air as she leaped over the giant gate, her torn dress landed on the ground behind.

To many, she would appear as an innocent and attractive 16-year-old, though she was only 13 and definitely not innocent. She stepped into a bar and a young boy no older than 18 caught her eyes, he would be her victim… and dinner…

She walked up to him and took a seat on his left, the chair on his right is occupied, there sat a girl his age. She was obviously his girlfriend. "Hi." Shari smiled at him.

"Hi." He replied.

"My name is Shari, nice to meet you." She spoke, staring into his dark blue eyes.

"I'm James." He accepted her handshake and stared straight back at her.

"And I'm like, his girlfriend, so if you don't mind, I would like you to please leave here and go back to whichever dog-house you came from. I hope I don't ever see you again because you're like, very not welcomed here and your ugly face is ruining my vision." The blonde girl who had been sitting on the other side of James snapped angrily.

Shari wasn't pleased. She scanned the girl over briefly before raising her head to look at her straight in the eyes. "This isn't your home, you don't own it, neither do I, which gives me as much rights as you to be here… Keep your mouth shut girl, before I have to shut it for you." Her voice was soft and gentle, but they held power in them, her eyes pierced through the blonde girl's and are slowly frying her brain.

It worked like a charm, the girlfriend blinked a few times in confusion before looking away, mumbling gibberish under her breath.

Shari and James had only chatted for 10 minutes, when she decided it was time to make her move. She touched his arm, waited for him to feel the warmth of her fingertips spreading across his arm before looking up at him with pleading eyes. "Do you think you can come with me for a walk? I really don't like wondering the streets alone at night, I get lonely. I promise, it won't take longer than an hour."

The girlfriend is furious, she had been holding in her jealousy for the last five minutes since the stare from Shari's eyes frightened her, but anger now overwhelmed fear. "Alright! That's just gone too far!" She slammed her hands on the table and stood up, not minding all the attention she was attracting.

"Why don't we let James decide?" Shari stated calmly, she also stood up, not prepared to give up.

He froze in between the two girls, not knowing what to say. One was his girlfriend, the other was a girl he had only met 10 minutes ago, but also found extremely attracted to. "I, umm…"

"If you dare go with her, you will be sorry you were ever born the next time I see you." The girlfriend threatened.

"It's your choice, James, if you rather stay her, I wouldn't mind, really." Shari's eyes burnt through his head, carving one word deep inside his mind, 'Shari'.

He suddenly blinked and looked at her strangely, "I'll go with you." He said, surprising both the girlfriend and himself. Shari smiled and took hold of his hand, leading him away. James gave an apologetic look to his girlfriend, she looked hurt and almost as if she was going to cry.

"Have fun." She said bitterly before looking away.

Shari just smiled shyly at him. "Let's go."

They walked around the streets in silence; it's rather uncomfortable being with a creature such as Shari, especially when their intentions are for you to be.

The streets they wondered around was starting to get more and more empty at each passing minute, and soon, there wasn't a soul lurking around, not a sound was heard. James shifted uncomfortably as they walked through a dark alley. "I think it's time we go back now…"

"No, not yet…" Shari led him deeper into the alley, the road was getting narrower, and soon, they were walking on nothing but a path leading into a dark forest.

Abruptly, they stopped. There was nothing but trees all around them. "We're here."

James looked around, besides the endless green, it's like a dug out graveyard, there were dead bodies lying around, leaning against branches, most had broken rib bones, slits around their neck, scratches on their faces, and all their blood drained. The bodies were giving off a disgusting odor, also swarming with bugs, which are eating away the dead flesh. "I really think we should leave… I don't like it here…" he turned around in a hurry.

"No, you're not going anywhere." She grabbed his arm so hard, his bones trembled. "I'm just getting started, I haven't eaten for 2 days, I'm hungry." She looked at him wickedly with a horrid grin. Long, black nails grew from the tips of her fingers, her eyes turned red, glowing in the night, fangs grew from the corner of her mouth. She swallowed hungrily, tightened her hold on his arm and twisted it in a strange angle. A nasty cracking sound was heard, she had broke his arm.

He screamed in pain as he looked at her with feared eyes. "Who are you?" He asked in a quivering voice. "What do you want from me?"

"I am something you will never be, something you will regret meeting for the rest of your remaining life, I envy you for you're human, but you will always envy me for what I am. One last clue, I'm a half creature of the night." She pushed him forcefully against a pine tree, snapping his spine in half at the same time cracking his rib bones with her powerful hands.

Blood gushed out from his torso, they sank into his shirt and soaked his pants at the same time as the sticky fluid puddles around his feet. He slumped uselessly down to the ground, gasping for breath.

He breathed heavily, with tears trimming down his face, but blood ran faster. "You-You're a monster!" He stuttered out.

"Yes, I am."

"You-You're not human…" he breathed with more trouble. The boy is going to die, either from pain, or loss of blood.


"You-You're a, a vampire."

"Almost, but not quite…"

"You-You're, you're…" he never finished his sentence, a bubbling sound was heard and more blood gushes out of his mouth, his breathing stopped abruptly as his eyes rolled back, his skin was in an ill shaded pale, but Shari did not care, she isn't human at the moment.

"Yes, I am." She whispered softly. "I'm not a vampire, nor am I human, I'm caught in between." She pushed her hair back and licked away the blood from the corner of his lips; they tasted like healing elixirs as they ran down her throat. She enjoyed her meal, but not before shutting his eyes.

When she was finished wit him, he had little blood left inside. She stood up to leave, but something made her turn around to look at the sight behind her. Now that the blood-hungry creature is satisfied, she once again can feel as a human does, and the sight before her made her sick to her stomach. How can she have done something as disgusting as that? She touched her wet lips and thought of the substance she had just drank… It wasn't a pleasant memory.

Perhaps she pitied his angelic face, or because of the same peaceful expression humans have when they're dead or asleep, it reminded Shari of something she used to have, but no more. He somehow drew Shari towards him; she caressed his face gently as a few drops of salty tears dripped down. There was a way to save him… But it would take great risks, and even so, she took it.

There she stood, with her right arm raised directly above him, her left hand's painfully sharp nails dug into her own flesh and slashed right across her arm killing her veins. Dark, purplish liquid dripped down, filling his scars. The minute it made contact, his wounds would heal, it continued on for about 10 minutes, she shed much blood, but his skin colour is gradually returning. When Shari thought it was enough, she checked his pulse and smiled faintly. Leaning forward, she placed a kiss of love and regret on his cheek; she pulled back and silently whispered two words. "I'm sorry." Pleased with her only good decision made in the past five years, Shari walked away in silence, her skirt sparkled under the pale moonlight.

She had lost much strength when she gave him her blood, while she was walking home along the empty streets, she suddenly collapsed on the concrete ground, hitting her head. She isn't going to wake up for at least another 10 hours, by then, the sun would rise and she would be burnt to death… Unless, someone would find her, at the same time fine her immortality, send her to a top-secret government lab for the rest of her never-ending life. Neither seemed a good choice.

I jumped down from the tree I had stood on while watching over her, and lifted her off the ground, carrying her in my arms; I ran in a blur and was in front of her house within seconds. I kicked open the locked door easily and placed her on top of her bed, the room had not the tiniest crack to let in sunlight; I know she will be safe.

I walked out and closed the door behind me. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I must make my appearance soon, tonight is a good example of just how unsafe she is and what mistaken decisions she makes, if it wasn't for me, she would've died.

I have been watching her closely for the past 5 years, now is the time of confusion for her, because when she is near humans, her vampire and human blood are battling over what to do. Her vampire blood wants to kill them and suck their veins dry, her human blood is controlling the urge as best as possible since they are her friends, and humans don't hurt those they love. She is young and inexperienced to situations like such, it can cost her life.

We've been talking about Shari for quite a while now, and some of you may wonder who I am and what's my relationship with her. There are bits of clues left behind once in awhile, but they're not enough to tell you anything specific. I don't blame you for your curiosity, but I don't plan on telling you now, either. You will fine out more about me when I enter Shari's school… Time is being wasted, I must now continue with the vow I've made, I have killed 132 of them so far, and only 15 are left… After I slay them all, it'll be my turn… I'm not sure why I just said that, but I have a feeling that's what will happen, and my predictions are usually right.

Shari woke up 12 at noon, she felt extremely weak and tired, I guess that's the reason why she hasn't questions about the fact why she woke up at home when she fainted in the middle of nowhere last night.

The memory of James sickened her at the same time terrified her, she did not want her friends to end up like that, perhaps that's why she stayed at home for the next ten days, without even a drop of blood to drink. Alisa and Melly visited her often, wondering if she was all right, but her responses were always the same, 'go away'.

It soon proved that saving James' life was a terrible mistake, mysterious deaths soon occurred another five days later, many dead bodies were found with bite marks on their neck and with all their blood drained.

Still, Shari stayed home, starving herself, refusing to have any contact with anyone. This mustn't go on, if it continues, Shari will soon die, for a vampire needs blood to survive, and the entire human race could be in danger because of the newborn blood-sucking monster. I'm going to make my appearance 3 days from now if Shari keep this up, and if you're wondering why I don't just go kill him myself if I worry so? One, because I can't, I must keep an eye on Shari, all times. Two, because she loves him, even if she does not know yet, it's the truth. Three, she created him, it's her decision whether he is to be killed or not.

Three days passed, Shari kept herself locked up still, and more dead bodies were found. I never break my promises, and I shall keep this one, I will be a boy with the name Christopher, and enter her school today.

My eyes wandered into her mind, commanding her to do exactly as I say. Shari had no clue what happened, all she knew was that one minute she was home, the next, she was in school, sitting in her chair, beside Alisa, and the person whom she hates the most walked into the classroom.