Shari set the pieces of paper back where they were first found and took a deep breath. This is definitely not what she had been expecting; for Xavier to actually change, having him apologize, and knowing that he had loved her all along… "Why didn't you just tell me?" Her quiet whisper was only heard by herself. This question was already answered, even if he did, she wouldn't have believed him… Perhaps it was partly her fault for being so uncaring and thinking so little of him…

Shari jogged back to her school where the ashes of Xavier were kept safely inside a jar. Melly and Alisa had not yet woken up, they will soon, maybe after a few more hours.

She quickly scribbled a note down for the two soon-to-be vampires and picked up Xavier's leftover and left.

Shari pulled the black cloak closer to her body and ran to where she would like to say a final goodbye; she took Xavier to a small lake in the middle of a forest where no one knew about. Birds chirped, bugs crawled, silent footsteps of animals were constantly heard, but the greatest treasure of this area was the view of the tranquil lake, it was like magic. The soothing water was like a giant mirror, waves of clear blue and aqua brushed by, the slight breeze in the cool air shook the pure and clean water with gentle vibration, a reflection of the slightly cloudy but definitely blue sky was seen if you looked deep into the lake; a mirror of liquid and mystery.

She removed the lid, but did not pour the ashes into the water, for she still had a few things to say, but did not know what, so she said the first thing which came to her mind. She looked at what's left of him with sorrow and bits of unexplainable feelings. "Love, hate and fear, all the same in one's heart, I did not just hate you, I did not just fear you." A guest of wind brushed by and carried the ashes away, they floated above the surface, Shari sat there and watched until they were no longer in sight, a drop of tear splattered on the ground below her cheek.

A part of her heart felt lighter, and she'll once again feel complete as soon as the favour and the experiment are done.

As a half-vampire, normal vampires are usually stronger than you in every way, but Shari didn't beat them by physical strength, she lured them into the sunlight and watched as they each cried out to god and melt into dust.

Those vampires were all around the globe, it took Shari exactly 4 months and 5 days to destroy the last fifteen whom Xavier had not yet had the chance to, she almost lost the battle quite a few times, but nowadays, the thought of Xavier only gave her strength and faith. She collected their dust and threw them into burning fire; the flames licked away the tiny bits of back particles until there were none left. Her mission is complete.

For those of you who are wondering, she did not kill Melly and Alisa, she loved them too much to do so, and she believed that Alisa and Melly would not be heartless, blood-hungry creatures, for they have a heart and they've always had much love for everyone and everything.

Shari walked back into the basement, she lay on the ground, diamond against her head, vial of human blood with the opal inside above the diamond, emerald by the tip of her right hand, sapphire by the left, both arms spread open, the ruby leaned on her feet, everything was ready, all she now need, is the sunlight.

The curtains were loosened, a string tied onto it lay beside her hand, one tug, the curtains would be down, sunlight would flow, and the experiment would be complete.

But even now, she still had her doubts. Once the curtains are off, though she would not immediately die, she would be so terribly weak she would faint, and during those unconscious hours, the sun could kill her. All those who are born, die, all those who die, will reborn. The sentence was repeated in her mind, it's one thing she is starting to believe in, and it gave her courage.

Her fingers tugged on the string, the fabric came tumbling down, the light of the sun came crashing in. Her eyes are closed, the power of those special gemstones seemed to have created a barrier which deflected anything negative that could've been harmful to her by the sun, the expression on her face only showed calmness, the sun didn't damage her in anyway.

The light of the diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby and opal all seemed to join, the power-rays each passing through her body at least twice. A dark purple aura exploded around her body, the red aura from the human blood also glowed, and because the ray of the opal if going through her body, it is bringing the red aura through at the same time, it's changing her vampire aura from the inside.

This process continued for a long time, Shari felt nothing but bliss, the colour of her aura is changing, so slowly, it's almost unnoticeable, but there's definitely a difference, the purple is slowly being taken over by the red, the blood in the vial is almost completely gone, only a few drops are left.

The pale glow of the gorgeous moonlight was soon a replacement for the blazing light of the sun, each of the jewels had stopped glowing, there are no blood left in the vial, it had all been absorbed into her.

Her eyelids fluttered a few times, it took her a while to adjust to the dark, for she could see nothing… nothing at all, in the dark.

She rubbed her eyes as she tried to move her body; they felt stiff, no longer able to do the quick and exaggerated movements she had been able to for the past five years… "Am I human?" She felt so weak and helpless that she almost wished to be a vampire once again… almost.

Shari looked down at her own hands and touched her face; there was only one way to tell. She bit herself hard on her index finger, drops of red blood slid down. She waited, and waited, but nothing happened, the cut was still there, the bite-mark shown clearly. "I am human…" She felt tears of happiness welling in her eyes, but they never got a chance to fall, the door to the basement suddenly flew open, in walked a boy she knew so well.

It was James, standing there, staring at her with the same hate, which she used to have for Xavier. She had sworn to destroy every vampire before changing back to a human… well, she broke that promise, she had forgotten James. "You made me into who I now am… it's all your fault."

"James…" Shari shifted backwards. "I was, I was only trying to save you… I didn't want you to die…"

"Save me? You were only trying to save me? You did not save me! You've just cursed my soul! I'll now be forever damned! Get up and fight, let the weaker perish this night…"

"James, listen, I can't fight you now, I've just changed back into a human, I'm weak and helpless against you… As for what I did, I know it's too late to take it back now, so all I can say is 'I'm very sorry'." The situation happening before her was tense and fearful, but it also at the same time reminded her so much of she, and Xavier… At least now she understands what he had been going through…

"Really? Well that's even better, now you'll know what I felt when you trapped me!" A grin of wicked pleasure appeared on his handsome face, he doesn't believe her; after all, there was supposedly no formula of transforming a vampire back into a human… "I'm going to enjoy this…"

He took hold of her right shoulder and grabbed her upper right arm in a painful grip, slowly, his hands parted further away from each other, her shoulder and her arm is slowly disconnecting. This skin around where her bones are joined stretched, slowly, they turned blood-red, until finally, it snapped apart, red juicy liquid spurts out like the cool water from a water fountain, except that this 'water' is not cold, it's warm, it's not clear, it's red, and it's sticky… James licked it away and savoured the taste before he continued pulling.

This time, the bones disconnected from where they were supposed joined, veins and tissues ripped as they were forced apart, blood was pouring down endlessly, James stared hungrily at it but didn't have another taste just yet, he twisted her arm all the way around and pulled until it came off completely. He laid the lifeless arm – which is also covered in blood – right in front of Shari; something for her to look at. Her clothing has been dyed red from the amount of blood, and more were pouring down from her shoulder. He should've noticed that she really was a human by the colour of her blood, but if he was a young vampire and never saw the colour of his own blood, it's possible he believes vampires to still have red blood and that Shari is still only acting.

James then bent down and sucked hungrily on the leftover blood of Shari's disconnected arm, licking his lips and swallowing with the sound of pleasure simply for the sake of sickening Shari.

The poor child had screamed throughout the whole process, she cursed herself for forgetting him, she hated herself for pitying him and making him into a vampire, but most of all, she hated the love she has for him, why couldn't she have loved Xavier? At least he would never hurt her… Her blood is no longer the calm liquid which circulates in a small lake… always there, never leaking away, it's now a red river… flowing until it someday dries… if only she had left him to die… if only she was still a vampire…

James wasn't done. Though he had left her other arm alone, he pushed his hand roughly against her chest, breaking not only her rib-bones, but her entire rib cage… Her spine was soon snapped in half, leaving her helpless.

It was times like this when Shari hoped she had not yet changed herself back into a human, this pain, it was too much for her, in her mind, she was screaming to god to send a wave of lightning and strike her dead. Those who say there's nothing worse than death, they're wrong, constant and terrible torture or suffering can drive anyone insane, death doesn't seem so bad, especially if you know that you will surely be reborn.

He just left her there, leaving her to be drowned in her well of agony, to say her silent prayers of death, he watched her, quite pleased with his work of art.

The letter written to Shari by Xavier grabbed his vision away, he made his way there and picked them up, when he saw the words 'My beloved Shari', he immediate was filled with interest and began reading it.

"No… d-don't…" Shari choked out weakly, if he finds out the formula of blood transferring, there's no telling what he'll do! For all she know, he may end up transforming himself to a creature with powers next to god's and sell the formula to the world after for money, and then everything would become chaos! No, this is unsafe; it's unsafe for him to know, for anyone to know… but what can she do in such a weak state?

He glared at her and then sneered. "Who the hell do you think you are? I mean just look at you, a broken pile of bones mixed with a puddle of blood… nothing more. So shut the hell up unless you want more suffering, because I can always start slowly licking the blood off your freshly torn wounds… you wouldn't want that, now would you? So be a good dog and keep quiet, because I don't listen to people who curse other's soul!" Shari had no strength to argue back. He read everything, about Xavier, the transformation, the reason why Shari had made him into a vampire, the special man entitled 'my lord', and the love Xavier had for her…

When he was finished, he had a look of sadness and disbelief, looking at Shari now, he realized what a mistake he had made, she wasn't a bad girl, no, not at all, she loved him, and couldn't just stand there and leave him to die knowing that she had the power within her veins to let him live, that's the only reason why she had made him into a vampire, she was simply a kind but naïve girl, making mistakes that meant only good but seemingly bad in others' point of view… she had a kind heart, just sadly misunderstood, and confused.

He bent down and gently caressed her pale face. "Shari, I, I'm so sorry, I didn't know… it's all my fault… I should've known, you're not that kind of person…" He looked away for a minute. "Would you like me to make you a vampire again? It's the only way you'll live, the wounds I gave you are fatal, they cannot be healed any other way…"

She looked at him with tired, but gentle eyes; she forced a tug upon her lips. James then understood what Xavier meant by Shari's heart-warming smile, it was truly beautiful, an unique expression with sweetness that no one else on earth besides she has, and it'll be James who would take this smile away from the world… Her legs twitched and a gush of blood flooded out of her mouth. "No… st-stop this pain… k-kill me…"

"I can save you now, and tomorrow, first thing in the morning, you can change yourself back into a human again… wouldn't you rather have it that way?"

Shari shook her head with all the strength she had left. "I c-cannot stand to have my, my s-soul damaged for the s-second t-t-time…" There was a sudden inhale of breath, her eyes shut and her smile faded.

"If that's what you really want." He closed his eyes and struck out his hand, he grabbed the top of her skull, and crushed it into a millions pieces, and to make sure she's dead and that she is free from anymore suffering, he pulled out her heart and smashed it with her brain.

Guilt overwhelm his heavy heart, looking down at his bloody hands, he felt dirty and disgraced. If there was one person in the whole world who deserved to live to most, it was Shari, but it was he, the boy whom she had loved, who took that privilege away from her… He cannot go on with such a record…

There was a knife in Shari's pocket, there always was, she had always carried it with her just in case she went out of control and needed to be killed.

It'll be better this way… James told himself; it'll be better this way… Shari made up her mind, and now it's my turn to… The knife sliced open his ribcage and went right through his heart, James fell to the ground next to what's left of Shari where he inhaled his last few breathes… the last thing he thought of was how black his blood looked…

I am a half-vampire, the rarest of them all. I was meant to be changed into a full vampire that night, but before the transformation was complete, I ran away, leaving the vampire and human blood perfectly balanced in my veins, quite a miracle, if I do say so myself.

I am many times stronger than many humans combined, but nowhere near the strength of a full vampire. Although Xavier had once said that I was quite powerful, even at the expectations of a full vampire, I supposed the only reason was because I had hated him so much then, those who say love is the strongest weapon of all, they're only partially right, hate can also be quite powerful, love can only give you bravery, comfort and inner power, hate give you physical strength… and sometime that's what you need…

I do not need as much blood as a full vampire does, but when I feel the desire, I change. Normally, I looked just like you, that's a rule that applies for all vampires, we don't always have fangs sticking out and long pointy ears, what separates me most is that I have feelings, I care for others, but when I – or any other vampires – am hungry and ready to kill, my eyes would glow red, fangs would then grow, nails long and sharp, ears staying the same size however, our minds thinking of nothing but the blood, at those times, even I loose my love for them… Blood, there's no telling what it'll do.

The sun damages me fairly bad, but does not instantly scratch me into ashes like it does with full vampires, but half-vampires or full, we would surely be killed if something is driven through our brain or heart, it doesn't have to be a stake, because those two parts cannot instantly heal like with other wounds, those parts are rather sensitive… I can manipulate one's mind with just my piercing eyes, but I cannot fully control or read them.

When I give someone my blood, their scars heal, but sadly, it also makes them a full vampire, but even so, they still would have feelings for others from time to time, one big difference from true full vampires, they're all completely dull and emotionless, with the exception of Xavier, the first of our kind.

As I am telling you all the basic information about vampires and half-vampire, there one thing you should know, I am already dead, I was killed three months ago, and my killer, James committed suicide right after.

When Melly and Alisa woke up a few hours after my death, they read the letter I had left for them, and understood what had happened. Surprisingly, they believe everything I had said, and did not hate me. They followed their senses and found me, they too, read the letter by Xavier, but they destroyed the pages after reading it, when the police came, they found nothing but two dead bodies, no evidence.

My life hasn't been fair, but I accept it, that's just the way things are, I was suppose to destroy all vampires, but I failed, Melly and Alisa are still left, even after they found the formula, they did not change themselves into a human for the transformation was only suppose to have me know, and they wish to keep it that way… if they do not know the formula, how can they change back to a human? It's a simple act of respect. With their strength and intelligence, the future of the world is to be played by them! But the word future is a time and place of unknown, a realm of mystery, why should someone dead like me worry about it? It's not like I'm going to be part of it or anything…

As for now, I think I've had enough excitement throughout my 13 years of life, it's time for me to finally rest in peace.