Trying to be
I'm not trying to be,
Someone else,
But what if they can't see?
That I am just myself,
And I can't change,
As I've seen too much,
I'll always be the same,
Flinching at every touch.
Their touches are like fire,
Burning on my skin,
I have no other desire,
But to be free within,
I can't, can I? I'm a prisoner,
Locked in a cage without you,
Always being a loner,
It won't seem to help me through.
I try not to think too many times,
Because it hurts my mind,
It is as though the tape rewinds,
And all that I can find,
Is the misery that no one sees,
And the shadows deep in me,
I can't help it! I want release,
From this world of cruelty.
I'm not trying to be,
Is it all right if I don't care?
That they can't see,
The me behind the dark stare.
And no one else.
Just trying to be