Small World Essays

This is a venture I'm starting for no other reason than that it would be cool to see how people really live in other countries. Let's face it- there are plenty of stereotypes about people from other countries and I've always wondered about the truth and fiction of those stereotypes.

What this is- basically, a collection of essays about general life in as many countries as I can get. I will probably be doing America, and I have an essay from a friend who lives in Madagascar, so both those countries are taken. To the many Canadian and British citizens on this site: though I would love your essay, if I don't set a deadline I will be FLOODED with them even after I have selected one. The deadline for Canadian and British essays are both January 31st, 2004. This may be extended if I don't get enough essays.

Essays from any country, outside of those already posted, will be considered carefully for selection. However, if you can come up with a compelling reason for your essay to be selected although there is another essay by a fellow citizen I will most likely use it. For example, a Hawaiian or Alaskan essay would be greatly appreciated although there are part of the United States.

Let me make this clear: your essay is NOT a soapbox for you to get up on and preach about politics. That is not welcome at all. You can comment on your government (head of state, form of government, etc.,) but keep it factual, not opinionated.

If you have an essay that you have spent time on and you think it deserves to be put up here, copy this outline and fill it out. Then mail it to Jori772 . I will read and consider it.

Your subject title should be "Small World Essay- (your country)."


COUNTRY: (put your country here.)

NAME: (name of essay's author- if you don't want to disclose it make one up.)

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EMAIL: (include the authors alone with a yes/no answer on if you want the address shown for direct feedback to you? I will forward all reviews relating on your essay to you.)

ESSAY: (guess what? Your essay gets put here.)

These essays will be copyrighted under my name, as they are posted on my account- you forfeit rights to them. However, I am fully prepared to forfeit all copyrights if you ask. This means that your essay will be taken down and returned to you. I also will edit your essays if you have a misspelling or grammar error. I will also add an editing blurb at the top of your essay.

And now to Madagascar… the Vanilla Island…