Our Christmas Wish

Amidst the wonderful gifts and fine company,

Laughter shared, and Yule carols sang in harmony;

As we enjoy them with our delectable meal,

We can't deny that this is how we truly feel.

The Yuletide Season could not just be,

About momentary gifts for all to see;

The true spirit of the Holiday,

Should live within us every single day.

We all have, at one point, always insist,

We pray to get at least one from this list;

Wanting gifts that we can truly relish,

Yes, this is our earnest Christmas wish.

For those who feel empty within the heart and soul,

May God's comforting presence heal and make you whole;

May those who feel lost find solace in His embrace,

For He is with us in any hardship we face.

May myriad divisions finally cease,

May everyone enjoy long-awaited peace;

And may love and compassion spread around,

And joy, more often, ring its sweetest sound.

May our natural and adopted nation,

Uphold freedom and ideals across the land;

May our values and faith be placed into action,

May we all share our gifts and work hand in hand.

May all inequity finally exit,

May love and selflessness live in everyone's heart;

For we are all Brothers and Sisters in spirit,

As the Holy Book always sought to impart.

Lasting peace on Earth and goodwill towards mankind,

Is really not an impossible or hard find;

With God, hope, persistence, and devotion,

Anything can come into fruition.

Gifts that last from Season to Season,

These are really what we have been looking for;

They are things that will give good reason,

To say 'life is much nicer now than before.'

There is one more desire that we wish would come true,

And this one goes to you, our loved one and friend;

May God's protection and peace be upon you,

And may you have much joy and good health to no end.

Composed by Zatken