Tis the Evening

The same time of day where they'd walk side by side with the mongrel. The evening's conversation flitted from movies to books and subsequently music. She enjoyed his company and he, was relaxed and affable. The usual shyness that assailed him whenever he tried to make communication and connection of any sort seemed to just fade away from him.

Perhaps it was the setting. A backdrop of gold and azure where the clouds were sparse and streaked across the yellow-ochre sky. It was glorious, beautiful.


The waning rays of the sun crowned her tied mass of thick black hair like a halo, darkening the flush on her cheeks giving her an even healthier and more radiant glow. Her smile was wide, friendly and tempting and her eyes were alight with wonder and mischief.

The dog paused for a moment to sniff at the ground before its attention suddenly shifted to the horizon. The silent, placid lake that was devoid of any movement and activity.

His voice trailed away and she could only watch him, biting her lip as her heart and head warred with each other, occasionally nodding her head to a comment he made about a particular book they both had read. Yes or no.


"It's just so beautiful. How can you look at this, this very picture of perfection and not believe in a higher power that's capable of making all this happen?"

"I do believe." He turned to smile at her but suddenly felt the slender fingers of her hand clasp his, pulling him closer to her. The dog watched them in a kind of curious silence. He barely had a moment to blink and breathe when he felt the softest of lips pressed against his. A slight sigh, him or her, neither could tell.

Her eyes were shut and the initial grip she had on his hand slackened as he sub-consciously moved closer to her, his mouth parting slightly so that their tongues would touch and twine; a dance, not a battle of power and supremacy. An almost-simple, almost-chaste kiss of two young innocents.

His taste was like his scent, something subtle and boyish. Not excessively masculine, but possessing strength and stability. She could almost feel herself melting into him, allowing her arm to carefully wind its way around his neck. Pulling him closer.


He heard her murmur his name into the kiss and he could barely suppress the unfamiliar growl or groan of contentment in response to her. His mind was a mess. Jumbled, it flickered from blank to a plethora of emotions and reactions and then blank and silent again.

They could feel the fading warmth of the sun as it sank slowly and gloriously into its watery bed to sleep. Its fingers reached out to tease brown and auburn strands loose and let it mingle with the wind to envelop and tighten the embrace of the pair.

Idly, he noted how she smelt like soap, the kind he packed at the store. Nothing powerful nor overwhelming. Subtle, sweet and definitely female. He wanted to pull her closer, to run his fingers through that thick mane of hair and feel it. Coarse or smooth or a complex mixture of both. But the leash tightened and the dog barked and moved, yanking him from her, breaking the kiss.

"What the-"

He was barking louder, something small and fast and furry had caught his attention. Melissa stepped back, watching with eyes slightly dilated as Trent struggled with the errant dog. She had placed two fingers on her lips, as if feeling the strange slight burn of his lips and tongue on hers. She glanced at him, at the perplexed and bewildered look upon his visage, unsure of what to feel and what to say.

The dog took advantage of Trent's confusion, its powerful frame already bounding into the woods, into the dark dragging its master with him - shouting at it to stop.

He couldn't go against the canine and with one last deploring glance at her, at the haloed angel by the lake, he vanished into the encroaching darkness.