She peered through the eyehole as she unlocked the door. Three unfamiliar shapes stood in front of her, bathed in the shadows of setting sun. Just before she took in a breath to ask who it was, a bright green eye filled the peephole. Not even flinching, she groaned in agony at the familiar welcome. Caleb just had to come now.

"Gen-viv, 's me! Open up, dearie!" Caleb's voice filtered through, and he cackled heinously like an old demented woman.

"Goddammit, Cale, you have a key! Christ! I was in the middle of homework!"

The door creaked open as he led himself in. Shaking his headful of dark brown hair, he said in a mock-solemn tone as he waved the key in her face, "Vivie, you cursed God four times in less than two minutes. Go and confess, child!" He flung out his arms after crossing himself extravagantly. The second shape punched Caleb in the back and he whirled around, swearing at…Ethan, as she made from out the mass of spiky black hair and some tall dude. Probably just another one of their tainted friend. Fuming at the three, and not even taking a glance at the disciple to CS, she shoved past her brother.

She strode back to the sitting room and turned on the lights. How did it get dark so quickly? Muttering to herself, she finished up the summaries. Loud voices filled the house as the three children horsed around the living rooms. Great background music she thought to herself as she violently brought the pencil down on the roughdraft of her Korean essay. Finally, she heard the booming thuds up the stairs, probably to play CS in Ethan's room. Peace. She relished in the temporary silence and spent the remaining time in relative harmony. Smiling her emblematic chesire cat grin, she started clearing up the table. Her work was done for the day, and all she had left was photographing the night, which was a piece of cake next to physics and calculas.

Someone tapped her shoulder. Her smile dropping and her eyes hardening, she growled, "What now, Caleb?" She pretended to sharpen her razor-sharp claws as she finished stuffing everything into her backpack, not even bothering to turn around.

But it was Ethan who cleared his throat in a nervous manner, sensing her just ruined mood. He winced and hoped she wouldn't claw him.

"Er, Viev, can Aaron also stay for dinner?"

"Who?" Genevieve pretended not to recognize the name. She felt something dreaded approaching this lovely chat.

"The third guy who just came in." So, Genevieve was going to give him a hard time, ey? Time to pull out the big guns…

"Ethan…" She warned, not wanting him to go to the last resort, but it was too late as he initiated the first step.

He went next to her. Oh, no. He's gonna do it. He's gonna do it. He painted on his most angelic expression that seemed to make his outer being glow in bathed warmth sent from the Greek gods that could blind even a blind person and made everyone in his presence obey his commands…!—shit, he did it. Let's just say that trying to look away made no difference, the warmth of his false innocence could still blast you.

How was she going to refuse him now? But the strain to cook dinner for…she counted mentally…NINE people was impossible in two hours! She had to go shopping, wash the vegetables, chop, sauté, cook, and bake…

Ethan knew from this long silence that she was going to say no. He tried to break the thick silence. Sadly, he had no control over his words, and they spilled out to form one cursed sentence:

"We'll help you cook."

Genevieve stared at him in incredulity, and he stared back in shock of his own stupidity. Shit, if I screw this dinner up, she can butcher me with that cleaver…He suddenly recalled seeing her chop celery stalks faster than the speed of light with deadly concentration. Genevieve was laughing inside as she fought for control over her slowly fading frigidity, while Ethan's mind socked himself repeatedly.

This coming from a guy who has to pray to God feverishly just to make instant Ramen noodles, even after reading the instructions, not twice, but thrice? And even then, a fire extinguisher had to be nearby because the chance for success was a ratio of 1 out of 10? Touching, but—and here, she burst out laughing, unable to keep it in—but only a shithead would suggest that. Ethan cursed and half-groaned simultaneously, as she collapsed into the chair, gasping for breath. Just then, Aaron and Caleb came hurrying into the room.

"What's going on?" They both asked, oblivious to the torture they were about to be unwillingly shoved into. Oh, those poor bastards. They have no idea what they're getting themselves into.

Genevieve smiled quite wickedly after a quick recovery, and the three males started edging away.

Cracking the knuckles of both hands with the manner of an experienced lion-tamer, she said in a dangerously languid tone, "So what are you guys waiting for? LET'S GET STARTED! You three, get into Ethan's car."

She walked exultantly out of the room, leaving a trail of glowing victory, and into the kitchen to retrieve the grocery list. The remaining three obediently shuffled to the front of the house. No one wanted to stand her notoriously, unpredictably scorching temper that could be unleashed in a second's blink from her seemingly icy exterior. You just never know when the fireball was going to reduce your body to a pile of ashes. All that Caleb and Ethan knew was that after one of her violent assaults of their ego and physical exterior that was quite shocking, coming from her delicate-like frame; they soon reverted into a spitting image of a whimpering dog with his tail between his legs.

"Ethan," Aaron whispered as the three scurried to the black SUV.

"What?" Ethan snapped as he yanked out the car keys from his pocket. I AM AN IDIOT. I AM AN IDIOT. I AM AN IDIOT. These true words of wisdom kept echoing in his head, bringing him closer to snapping like a firecracker.

"Never mind." Aaron wanted to know what the big deal was, but sensing his friend's anxiety, Aaron wisely kept to his decision of shutting up. Sadly, the long explanation as to why you never messed with the evil snow-woman couldn't be condensed into a one-minute crash course, as Aaron desperately needed. In fact, Aaron would discover first-hand as to why the evil snow-woman could never be set on fire with the ridiculously high egos of the male species. For now, however, he sensed that Ethan's sister was just simply… pissed, but why the two obeyed her like obedient puppies was beyond him. This poor little arse figured he could handle her with the correct use of charming words and courteous actions. Bah!

Aaron was deep in his thoughts about how to approach this complex female, Ethan was busy searching for the right music (the riffling of the CDs in his case occupied his mind), and Caleb…well, as he plopped into the seat next to Aaron, he gallantly cried out to cheer up his and his friends' doomed souls:

"Guys, I'm so bitchin' scared!"

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