An empty canister sat on the cold linoleum floor. Its contents were strewn about the floor, its owner was strewn amongst it. His hand gripped a glass bottle tightly. The liquid inside swished side to side as he waved his hand around. Dejectedly, he pulled himself up against the shower door.
A knock came quietly on the door.
"Ryan?" It was a woman's voice, hushed and a little frightened. "Are you okay?"
Behind her voice was the deep booming of music, music that also seeped its way up through the floor. Ryan slid his feet underneath himself and grabbed onto the pink counter surrouding the ivory sink. With a groan, his one hand full of rum, Ryan managed to stand up. A shuffle took him to the door which he unlocked. It clicked open.
A blonde girl stood silently, her eyes wide. Ryan leaned against the door frame. His brown eyes were tinged with red and half closed. The hand holding the three-quarters empty drink shook.
"Darling?" he asked, his voice surprisingly clear. "Something wrong?"
The girl, Hannah, started to grow angry. Her hands were clenched as she glared up at him.
"What are you doing, Ryan? Where on earth did you get that?"
Ryan glanced patronizingly at her. "I'm eighteen, darling. I bought it of my own devices."
Hannah let out a sob. "You promised you wouldn't turn out like him." She leaned her back on the wall outside the bathroom.
"I promised no such thing."
There was utter silence for a few minutes. Ryan's throat dried and he raised the bottle to his lips, his tongue poking gently out of his mouth in search of drink. Hannah hit the bottle out of his hands before he even knew what had happened.
"Fuck all, that was expensive," Ryan muttered, ignoring the broken glass all around his bare feet. He reached over the counter and picked up an unopened bottle of vodka.
"Ryan!" Hannah screamed, her voice piercing through his brain. Hannah shoved him backwards and Ryan's legs buckled easily. The last thing he remembered was glass pushing into his shins and his head hitting the bathtub before everything turned black in a drunken paradise.