Dare I?

By Lalita

Dare I speak, give hope a name?

Or will I fail, and be filled with shame?

Dare I try, and voice my fears?

Be rejected, and cry endless tears?

Dare I say the truth I feel?

When reality is all too real?

Dare I break our easy bond?

And put walls between us, tall and strong?

Dare I say what I've only thought?

And sacrifice all that I've bought?

Dare I let it all come out?

And let you show what love's about?

Dare I show this tender heart?

In hopes that we will never part?

Dare I risk all that I know?

Should I just do it, let it go?

Not today, not right now

I've decided; to fear I'll bow

The silence thick will leap to stand

As I dream of taking your hand

But sadly, you will never see

Just how much you've taken me