By Egypt

Author's Note: My part of an art trade with Johnathan Lewis. Took me a little longer than I expected…but I think it was worth it. Enjoy.

"Something I can do for you?"

She only glanced up from the papers in front of her at the man who stood in the doorway, not seeming to even be interested in his presence let alone what he wanted. It wasn't really that she didn't care, it was more of she didn't have the time to be solving other's problems...she had enough of her own.

"I want information."

His voice was flat with no trace of emotion. This made her stop what she was doing and turn her full attention to him. What she saw intrigued her but it also stirred another emotion in her that she could not place. He was tall, well built with broad shoulders and a seemingly strong chest. Several strands of his shoulder length dark hair rested on those broad shoulders, pulling her attention from his face for a few seconds. He carried himself like a warrior, even down to the way he stood. Straight and tall with his hands held behind his back. It was a stance that was usually used when standing at attention before a superior officer...but something told her that he answered to no one.

"What kind of information?" she sat back in her chair and folded her arms across her chest. It wasn't a sign of defiance, more of a sign that he had her full attention.

He took a few steps closer and she couldn't ignore the fact that deep inside she wanted to move BACK those same few steps. However, she resisted that urge and instead sat still with her full attention still focused on him.

He reached out and placed a holographic disk on the desk, taking only a moment to activate it before withdrawing to his full height again.

"I am looking for her."

She looked down at the holograph, a frown creasing her brow as she moved forward slightly. The face looked familiar but she honestly couldn't place it. She was sure she had seen it before but at the moment her memory failed her.

"She owe you money or something?" she asked, throwing him a sideways glance.

He said nothing, simply continued to stare at her as if he could see right through her. She gave an involuntary shudder before reaching out and deactivating the hologram.

"Sorry," she pushed the disk back across the desk and returned her attention to the papers in front of her, "Can't help you."

He stood there for a moment, his eyes still focused on her. He made no move to leave. Instead he took a step forward, reaching out and pushing the holodisk back toward her before he reactivated it.

"I don't think you understand," his voice was the same monotone, "If I don't find her...you don't leave here alive."

She thought he was joking, that was until she looked up at him. The smile that she had presented him with slowly died on her lips as her eyes met his. They looked like they were liquid silver which was strange in itself but it was the look in those eyes that made her want to jump up and run far, far away. It was that same look that told her she had better not try it because she wouldn't make it past the edge of the desk. She had never felt such a gripping fear, it was almost crippling.

She swallowed hard, racking her brain trying to remember where she had seen that woman's face. A thought came to her and she was sure that he saw it in her eyes because he stood up to his full height again, which now seemed to be all the more imposing. Giving him a hesitant glance she turned her attention to the holograph that once again shimmered on her desk.

All at once it hit her. She remembered this girl...and why she was being held. This sudden realization brought with it a fear that she had never known before...and an assurance that she would not survive the day.

"Y...you..." she stammered, "Your the...destroyer."

He frowned at her, if you could call it a frown. In actuality his eyebrows only moved a minute amount. It was his eyes that carried the expression.

"I see this century too has started that," his voice still did not change and another shudder ran down her spine.

There was so much that was said in that one statement that one could scarcely fathom it. Even she was at a loss as to the meaning of that once sentence...or the implications that it had.

"She is being held in the Necaran sector," she said almost in a rush.

He nodded then reached down and picked the holodisk up, deactivating it and slipping it into his pocket. He gave her one last hard look before turning and starting for the door.

"It's a trap."

She wasn't sure why she told him. Something about him just seemed to pull it out of her. Or maybe it was just that she didn't want to have him survive that trap and then come back for her because she didn't warn him in the first place.

He glanced at her over his shoulder and she caught a view of a site that frightened her beyond words. Her eyes grew wide as a smile played across his face, her heart feeling like it would suddenly thump out of her chest.

"I sincerely hope so."

With that he was gone...and only a few moments later so was she.