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It was 1934, the height of the Depression, when Charles B. Darrow of Germantown, Pennsylvania, showed what he called the MONOPOLY game to the executives at Parker Brothers. Can you believe it, they rejected the game due to "52 design errors"! But Mr. Darrow wasn't daunted. Like many other Americans, he was unemployed at the time, and the game's exciting promise of fame and fortune inspired him to produce it on his own.

With help from a friend who was a printer, Mr. Darrow sold 5,000 handmade sets of the game to a Philadelphia department store. People loved it! But as demand grew, he couldn't keep up with all the orders and came back to talk to Parker Brothers again. The rest, as they say, is history! In its first year, 1935, the MONOPOLY game was the best-selling game in America. And over its 65-year history, an estimated 500 million people have played!


ACT 1 The Ides of March

Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March.

CAESAR: What man is that?

BRUTUS: A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

CAESAR: Set him before me; let me see his face.

CASSIUS: Fellow, come from the throng; look upon Caesar.

CAESAR: What say'st thou to me now? speak once again.

Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March.

-Julius Caesar

Saturday: Day 1

Eight people. Eight ordinary people from around the United States, all in their twenties or so, just embarking on life. To give them a head start in life, they were invited to participate in a competition unlike no other. The prize? A $45 billion mansion with $5 million to spend on luxuries. The game is simple. It's just a game of monopoly with a few simple rules. The players will play the game monopoly an hour a day. The rest of the time is spent in the mansion until they are out of the game. The catch? Every Friday is an elimination round. All players will turn in their money to collection bankers after the last game on Friday. On Saturday, the player with the least money (not including property) must leave the house, and will not win the house. If a player has no money at any part of the game, he or she must leave the house. There are no other rules.


(Characters meet each other and look at the house)

Eric: Look at this! (feels around the house)

Sara: I don't mind winning this one.

Matt: Dude…

Erin: (touching the golden fireplace) Where's the monopoly?

Host: Over Here! Welcome!

(Characters turn around)

Host: Over here! I don't bite.

(Characters follow)

Host: I will be the host of this game, over the course of the next eight weeks. I will be here for instruction and guidelines. Anything else is up to your own interpretation.

Austin: Alright!

Host: Well, follow me. We'll start the day with a feast.

(Characters follow the host into a secluded room with nine chairs)

Host: You will eat your meals here with me everyday. Right now you see eight chairs with your name on it. You want to see your name here. You want to be the last chair standing.

Dustin: That's me

Host: So find your name, take a seat, let's eat!

(Characters eat, and talk amongst each other)

Eric's Confessional: Seeing the people here is a real hoot. I'm 27, by far the oldest, even though I have Erin here who is just as old. I'm probably going to get past all these dudes.

Sara's Confessional: I don't mean to be greedy or anything, but these people are just… whatever. I don't care about them, I just want to win the house and the money. That's why I'm here. I'm not trying to make friends, not really enemies either. All I know is that it's not a popularity contest, so I can just be myself.

(Characters continue to eat)

Erin: You know, I don't think it'll be hard getting to know you guys

Jude: (giggles) You guys all rock. It's my pleasure being here with you guys!

Matt's Confessional: Jude rocks man! She's the sweetest little girl here, and I think she's going to be the most popular one here

Erin's Confessional: Jude looked like a tough little boy coming in here. She's got a shaved head, she wears men's clothing… and to be honest, I wouldn't be her friend out of this house. But once she opened up, she just seems like the coolest girl here, and she makes everyone laugh. Definitely don't judge a book by its cover.

Dustin: Yo, what day is it

Erin: March 17th

Jude: St. Patrick's Day!

Dustin: Okay, so in eight weeks, it'll be what…

Jude: The day I tell my momma where I've been for eight weeks!


Dustin: May something

Matt: Your parents don't know where you are?

Jude: No

Lisa: Really? You didn't tell them

Jude: Half the time they don't know or care.

Lisa: I see

Sara's Confessional: To me, Jude seems like a fake. She's here to get everyone's sympathy, and work her magic. I don't think I'm going to play that game.

Jude's Confessional: I love this game already! I can't wait to play it! Where's that monopoly board!

Host: Okay guys, are you full?

Dustin: Heck yeah!

Lisa: My stomach is going to explode

Host: ready for your first game of monopoly?

Matt: Let's go

Host: Follow me (characters follow the host into a small room. There is a mounted monopoly board to the floor, and eight seats around the board. The characters look around)

Lisa: Wow! That's a million right there.

Host: Everyone take a marker (characters take their markers) Okay. So let's start. Everyone roll dice, and we'll determine the order.

(Characters determine order: Jude, Sara, Eric, Lisa, Austin, Dustin, Matt, Erin. Host hands out money)

Jude: I'm First! (Jude moves to Connecticut Avenue)

(Characters continue to play)
Voices: St Charles! Marvin Gardens! 200 Bucks! Chance!

Host: and… stop! The game ends. Keep your money with you, but step away from the board

(Characters move away)

Host: You will meet me here this time tomorrow. For now, just a word of advice. Be Careful, it's a simple game, but you can be in, or you can be out easier than you think. Good luck to all of you.

(Characters move to the living room and watch TV, while talking)

(Erin, Jude, and Lisa talk in the corner)

Erin: Dude, everyone has property, except me!

Jude: you have the most money

Erin: Still, it adds up

Lisa: Remember, during elimination, property doesn't even count

Jude: Yeah, don't worry about it.

(Dustin talks to Austin)

Dustin: Dude Dude! I'm gonna win this game, for sure.

Austin: I know, you already have Boardwalk!

Dustin: (yelling) I'm Gonna Win!

Sara: (from a distance) Shut up!

Dustin: Haha, that's just 'cus they know I'm gonna win

Erin: (joining the conversation) You know it's real early

Austin: Yeah, you can't be too sure about these things

Dustin: Let's just say I'll be here for a while

Erin's Confessional: Dustin is really cocky, and he's sure he's going to win. I wouldn't be surprised if he's out first. He's not cautious, he's bragging too much, and aint nobody's gonna help him.

(Lisa and Jude)

Jude: Man I really want to win

Lisa: Do you think you can?

Jude: Honestly, I think I have a good shot

Lisa: Go for it!

Lisa's Confessional: The first few days of Monopoly were very interesting. It's not like at home at all. It's so much different! You want property, but you need money to stay in the game. It's like real life, money is all you need.

Jude's Confessional: I want the money! And I want the house! Austin's definitely got the property right now, and Sara's got the money. But that's all gonna change. I'm the one who has the brains, I believe. I think out of this group, I can easily outsmart them. I want to be crowned head of this game! I need to get them to know that I'm the one to come to for help, and I'm the one to win. I think a lot of people like me, and that's not going against me.

Monday: Day 2

(Characters shown playing Monopoly)

Dustin's Confessional: After the first two games, I'm definitely in the lead. I have houses in a lot of places, and I have money to back it up.

Lisa's Confessional: You know, Dustin's getting just a little annoying. Every now and then he'll get something and he'll yell 'I TOLD YOU" or "WATCH OUT GUYS!" and I just want to slap him. Aint nobody gonna be cryin' when he's outta here.

Tuesday: Day 3

(Characters eat lunch)

Lisa: Jude, everyone loves you

Jude: and You too

Erin: No, but it's so obvious everyone likes you

Matt: It's true, Jude

Eric: You're too sweet Jude

Jude: Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Austin: If I was a betting man, I'd say Jude takes it all

Dustin: Me and Jude, final two, we battle it out!

Sara: (rolls her eyes)Excuse me (goes to the bathroom)

Dustin: What's up with her?

Sara's Confessional: Quite frankly, I'm getting tired of everyone telling Jude how amazing she is, how wonderful she is. What a cool person she is. Honestly, I don't care! They're just flattering her. They want her to think she's on top, when she's not really even a strong player in this game… or at least that's what I think.

Wednesday: Day 4

Lisa: JUDE… Buddy!

Jude: Yeah?

Lisa: I lost all my money to Sara on Kentucky Avenue!

Jude: Dude, it sucks

Lisa: Jude, can I please borrow some money please!

Jude: Borrow?

Lisa: You have a lot

Jude: Erin, she has a lot. Dustin, he has a lot

Lisa: I already talked to them. Jude, I know I can count on you

Jude: How much

Lisa: I just need 500, and I'll pay you back on Monday.

Jude: Pinky swear

Lisa: I swear, and I got your back, okay

Jude: No problem (reluctantly hands Lisa $500)

Jude's Confessional: At first, I didn't want to lend Lisa money, let alone FIVE HUNDRED freaking dollars! But hey, I need to win friends in the beginning so that they know I'm the real thing. And after this, I realized, hey I'm glad to give Lisa some money if she'll reward me later in the game when I need it.

(Lisa hugs Jude)

Lisa: so what up dawg

Jude: not much, let's get something to eat.

Thursday: Day 5

Erin's Confessional: It's five days into the game, and a lot is already going on. Austin and Dustin are sitting confident as Mars already declaring their victory. Lisa's here with Jude who just gave her 500 green ones, and it's no secret that Sara hates Jude. Matt and Eric are just BLAH and have no personality at all! I'm just the one looking at everyone, observing… very quietly.

(Erin talks to Sara)

Erin: I know, I know, just don't let anyone know

Sara: She's just… so fake! You know, not like me.

Erin: I see

Sara: and EVERYONE just loves her! I want her out of here.

Erin: yeah?

Sara: And no one even sees her fakeness

Erin: I do

Sara: You do? But you still act like her best friend

Erin: a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do.

Sara: Elimination day's coming up, and someone's gonna be pissed

Erin: any bets?

Sara: I'd say Lisa, she has no money to save her life

Erin: that's an obvious choice, I don't think it's Lisa, trust me

Sara: Who then

Erin: Dustin has a lot more property than he does bling bling

Sara: Dustin has more of that than Lisa though

Erin: that's what you think

Sara: what do you think

Erin: I'll tell you the facts and let you decide

Sara: okay…

Erin: (whispers) Jude just gave Lisa a 500.

Sara: When!

Erin: That's all I said (Erin walks away)

Sara's Confessional: So Erin tells me Jude's handing out money and I didn't even know that was okay. But I guess so! So Jude is missing 500, and she might be the next one to go, because when it comes down to low cash, a 500 can make all the difference.

Friday: Day 6

(Contestants finish up playing their last game of Monopoly for the week)

Host: and that's the last you can do, until now your fate is sealed. You will be turning in your money tonight. Good luck.

Austin: we need to talk

Dustin: Let's go

(Dustin and Austin talk)

Dustin: I have property, I don't have money

Austin: that's right… you might be the one… to…

Dustin: no it's too late, im not accepting that. I already told them I'd win! Imagine if I was the FIRST ONE to leave!

Austin: I know

Dustin: It'll probably be me or Lisa tomorrow…

Erin: (coming in) hello boys

Austin: Hey Erin

Erin: Let me guess, you don't have money

Austin: Yeah, and I need some quick.

Erin: (points to Jude) you didn't butter her up for nothing… (Erin leaves to talk to Eric and Matt)

Austin's Confessional: Everything was looking pretty bad until Erin comes and points me to Jude's direction, and I have an idea now! Maybe I'm not out of the game. You know, it's not to late. I have about 15 hours to try to stay in the game.

Austin: Yo honey, I need some money

Jude: What am I, a bank! Does everyone want money now?

Austin: Everyone? So you already have done this?

Jude: Yes, to Lisa. I gave her 500

Austin's Confessional: WHOA! 500! To Lisa! I find out Jude's helped Lisa, which means I'm probably next to go.

Austin: Jude, darling, you have to save me

Jude: I would, but I already gave it to Lisa. I need to keep some for myself

Austin: Let's make a deal, Jude.

Jude: What…

Jude's Confessional: So Austin talked to me, and he was pretty bummed about Lisa, but honestly, I consider Lisa a friend. I don't really like that cocky son of a-. So I didn't want to help him. But I need to be fair to everyone, and I need him to like me. So I gave in.

Austin's Confessional: I was sad to see it go, but to save my life, I sold Boardwalk to Jude for $700.

(Austin hugs Jude)

Austin: You're the best, I always told you that

Jude: No problem, Austin.

Erin's Confessional: Jude is CRAZY! She just gave away 1,200 dollars in 3 days! Does she not know that maybe she may be next to go! I mean, it's her game, and it's her decision, her strategy. I don't know what she's doing, but something tells me she's not thinking the way I am.

(Jude talks to Lisa)

Lisa: You gave 700 to Austin!

Jude: Not for free, for Boardwalk

Lisa: Jude, I'm back in danger now! And you know who else is?

Jude: Who?

Lisa: You are, homegirl!

Jude: I have it under control

Lisa: Jude, baby, I don't wanna see you go so soon

Jude: Lisa, I know what I'm doing.

Lisa: I don't think so, Jude. It's not a nice game. They are going to stab you in the back (Dustin shown talking to Austin and Erin)

Jude: I'll be careful from now on. But it's not like I loaned it out. I got Boardwalk! Look! (Jude shows Erin her card)

Lisa: That doesn't help now. We just played our last game!

Jude: Thanks for the warning, but I know what im doing. Why would they wrong me if they like me so much? They tell me everyday.

Lisa: Jude, take this (Lisa puts 500 dollars in Jude's hand) I don't want it anymore (Lisa leaves)

Lisa's Confessional: I am awfully scared of Jude right now. She's wonderful, but she's at the point where she thinks she knows how to play, when she doesn't. I see one side, Dustin and Austin, who just want to take advantage of her… and then there's Erin and Sara, who just want to see her gone, so that they can have the power. Sara just hates Jude and is jealous of her. Erin just wants the power, and she wants everyone to like her. I see what's going on. Too bad Jude doesn't.

(Erin talks to Jude)

Erin: Jude baby, come here

Jude: Yeah

Erin: just another warning, Sara's trying to get people to get money from you now

Jude: What!

Erin: Yeah, so don't take any bargains from anyone, or you might be gone, okay sweetie

Jude: Okay.

Jude's Confessional: I thought everyone liked me, but now it seems like everyone's out there to get me! I got 500 back from Lisa, but my 700 is in Dustin's hand, and I'm not getting it back. It's gonna take a miracle for me to be saved tomorrow.

Friday Night: Day 6

(Contestants turn in their money to the bankers)

Host: Now that you have turned in your money, there's nothing you can do now. Enjoy tonight, because it'll be the last day for someone here. Congratulations on making it this far.

(Contestants have a party to celebrate their first week in the house)

Saturday: Elimination Day

(At 7:00 AM, the contestants meet the host in the living room. The host holds a card with all the necessary information.)

Host: Are you guys comfortable?

Eric: Yeah

Host: Okay. This is the first elimination round, and I'll explain how it works. I will reveal how much money each person has, until we reach the last person, who is out. The person will then follow me out and is no longer part of the game. The person's money goes back into the bank, and the person's property is back on sale.

(Sara's jaw drops)

Host: Understood

Matt: Yeah

Host: Okay, we'll start with the person with the most money…

(Contestants hold hands)

Host: Still in the game… With the most money is… Erin with $22,333

Erin: WHO HOO! (Puts her hands up and hi-5's Eric and Matt)

Host: Erin is still in the game. The rest of you are still vulnerable. (Erin smiles) Next, with $19,532 is Eric. (Eric smiles and hugs Erin) Next, with $13,400, a significant drop, is Matt. (Matt smiles and Erin and Eric congratulate him). Next, with $7,532, is Sara

(Sara catches her breath)

Sara: Yeah baby! I thought for sure I was out!

Host: We're getting to pretty low numbers. How do you guys survive! (contestants laugh) Okay, next with only $3,500, is Dustin.

(Dustin nods)

Austin: Congrats, man.

Dustin: Thanks

Host: With $1,305… Lisa, you can celebrate… you're still in

Lisa: Oh thank You Lord! (Hugs Jude) I was so scared, you guys got me all scared and crap. Damn.


Host: It's down to Austin and Jude. (Austin and Jude hold hands) Are you guys ready?

Jude: Don't delay it man, just say it. I'm ready

Austin: Yah, just say the numbers

Host: The difference here is only $500, just a little bit of information.

(Lisa looks at Jude)

Host: with only 762 bucks in your whole account!
(Jude smiles)

Host: Jude, you are still in the game.

Jude: Oh My gosh… (Hugs Austin and cries a little)

Austin: (nods) cant' say I saw it coming

Host: Austin, you can say your final words here, and then you will be escorted out.

Austin: Okay, uhh… wow. Where to start. You guys rock. I wish I was here longer, but whoever wins, I'm cool with, cuz you all rock. It's only been a week, and I feel like I've known you guys my whole life. It's cool though, I'm sure you will miss me. A word of advice to you guys though, there is scheming everywhere, and you better watch your backs, cuz that's why I'm not going to be here anymore. I've seen a lot of you guys on the verge of being stabbed, and people are already sharpening their daggers. So with that, Peace! And thanks for having me, it was great.

Dustin: Bye man

Jude: Bye!

Erin: Yo! Peace!

(Austin is escorted out)

Host: So, first of all congrats for surviving your first week. Jude, is this game harder than you thought?

Jude: Dang, I thought it would be like home when we play monopoly, but it's nothing like it. There's politics, there's scheming, there's manipulation, and you don't know if you're safe.

Host: Lisa?

Lisa: At home, we got homies from the east and west all playin', and I always win. Which is why I thought that I was gonna win this big house and everythin'. But t aint like that, it aint like anything I thought. It's fun, but it's stressful, and boy I can tell you that I aint ever played Monopoly for seven days, and I know there's more.

Host: Sara, is there anything you regret in this game?

Sara: No, no regrets.

Host: Dustin, is it safe to say your best friend just left the house?

Dustin: You know, Austin lives on in this game, and we will all remember him, cuz he's dope, but someone had to go first, and I'm glad it's not me.

Host: Jude, you escaped with just 500 dollars. It could have been you leaving

Jude: Lisa told me, 500 dollars can be all that matters in the end, and obviously she couldn't have been more right. I'm just glad I'm here.

Host: Erin, you have the most money. How do you do that?

Erin: Well, I have a lot of money, but I'm not giving it away every now and then. I'm really cautious of my money, and how I play the game. I don't have as much property as Dustin did, but maybe I'll get some of his property now. You know, maybe I'll have 500 dollars by next Saturday. I'm just extra cautious with my belongings.

Host: Eric, you have a lot of money too.

Eric: Same as Erin, I watch it

Host: Well, you will be returning to Monopoly tonight. I would like to remind you that all of Austin's money is in the bank, and his property is back up for sale. This includes Park Place, North Carolina, Atlantic, New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania Railroad, and States Avenue. It's a lot of property, and it's all back up for grabs. Good luck tonight guys.

(host leaves, characters talk amongst themselves. Austin's chair disappears)