Act V: Cassius


Come down, behold no more.
O, coward that I am, to live so long,
To see my best friend ta'en before my face!

Caesar, thou art revenged,
Even with the sword that kill'd thee.


Saturday, Day 29

(Characters migrate into the salon)
Matt: I have to say, I told you so
Sara: (still crying) I can't believe I did it! Why! Why! I knew I wasn't meant to play this game.
Erin: Calm down, you're still here, right
Sara: Jude's not
Erin: There's some sacrifices you need to make. Who would you rather be still in the game? Jude or yourself?
Sara: It's not even about that anymore.

Matt's Confessional: Things are definitely falling apart 'round here. There are only four of us, but we're all a little paranoid, especially Sara.

Eric: I think that yeah, Jude needed to leave eventually, but we should have let fate decide that.
Erin: Why are you guys all about fate? You really want to play this by fate? If it were fate, then you better not be crying when you leave this game! Why are you crying for! You will never see here again!

Erin's Confessional: Everyone here is a little baby! I mean, they just can't handle anything. Sara should be lucky enough to be here, let alone final four. If Jude was here, maybe she wouldn't be. The thing is that they don't realize that this is just a game.

(Sara and Erin talk, feeding the fish)
Sara: I'm guilt-struck, and I can never take it back.
Erin: Sara, she's gone from the game, and I need for you to forget about her.
Sara: (hysterically) Her fish is still alive.
Erin: That doesn't mean anything, really.
Sara: (sinks to the floor, crouching down) Oh, I hope she'll forgive me one day
Erin: What! Like you know where she lives?
Sara: I hope she forgives me! I'm sorry Jude! So, so sorry!
Erin: What, are you going to apologize to Jude's ghost! I can't believe this. I'm through (Erin exits)

Sara's Confessional: What I did was pure evil, and now Jude believes in evil. What a horrible thing I've done! I wish she were here so I could apologize, or maybe have her take my spot.
Erin's Confessional: Sara acts as if she didn't expect Jude to leave after doing the deal with me. She seemed perfectly fine yesterday. But Sara's really making me angry lately. If she's going to regret everything in this game, then why is she here? Why doesn't she just quit? I just want her to move over, because if she doesn't want to be in the final three, I'll bet you my bottom dollar that I will. Gosh, she's such a weak player.

Sunday, Day 30
Eric's Confessional:
Today is April something, and we've been here way too long. We're going on our fifth week now, and we just need an escape.

Eric: Let's take a walk guys, just to calm ourselves
Erin: Sounds good.
Sara: Okay
Matt: Let's go
(Characters take a walk around the house and talk)
Sara: Tell me guys, should I be punished? Was what I did really evil?
Matt: Sara, honestly, I don't think you and Erin did the right thing. And as for you Sara, I cant say I didn't warn you.
Sara: but I'm so sorry! Can't you see!
Matt: Being sorry isn't going to change anything. Jude can't come back.
Sara: I know, and that's why I feel so terrible!
Matt: And Erin, you don't even feel an ounce of guilt!
Erin: Hey, what we did was for the good of the game. You should be glad we did your dirty laundry.
Eric: How can you say something like that?
Erin: all I know is that Jude was going to win this game one way or another, so we needed to get rid of her.
Matt: Get rid of her? If anyone was going to win this game, it's you since you won three weeks in a row!
Erin: it's a game! Get over it!
Matt: It sure is, but you guys changed it all.

Matt's Confessional: What Erin and Sara did was just selfish! Erin claims that she did it for the good of us, but to be honest, it was because she was losing money. If not Jude, her butt would be out of this game. And she keeps saying "It's a game," but the thing is… it's no longer "just a game." It's now a battle between good and evil, and I have every intention to make sure that neither of those girls win this game.

Eric: Guys, let's forget it. What's done is done. All we can do now is forgive and forget.
Erin: Yeah, let's just forget it. Why do we always bring it up?

Monday, Day 31
Sara's Confessional:
I no longer have any motivation for this game. I don't want this house anymore. If I win it, it'll just bring back bad memories. Just forget about it, I'm done with this game. I only have five days left, and I can't wait.

(Sara talks to Erin)
Sara: I'm quitting.
Erin: Are you sure?
Sara: Sure
Erin: How?
Sara: I'm just not going to play hard. I'll give you my money if I have to. I don't want this house anymore, I don't want to have anything to do with it.
Erin: Okay, if you say so.

Erin's Confessional: Sara's out of the game. You know how I know? She told me so. I would be disappointed in her, because I always thought she was a strong player, and I consider her a good friend, but I'm actually glad she's deciding to leave, because that guarantees me one more week in this house. (smiles)

Tuesday, Day 32
(Matt and Eric drink coffee and talk)
Matt: you know, Erin and Sara are both desperately low on money.
Eric: I don't know how they manage. Sara has been to as low as $200 more than once
Matt: Exactly.
Eric: I wonder what happens if someone has $0.
Matt: Nothing happens
Eric: Does that person lose?
Matt: Not immediately
Eric: Then when?
Matt: On Saturday, just like usual.

(Characters play Monopoly. They have been playing for about forty-five minutes, and the money has been shifting back and forth between players)
Erin: (lands on Park Place, which is now owned by Eric) Damn it! Dammit, dammit, dammit!
Sara: It's okay, I landed there twice today (laughs gently)
Erin: No, it's not the same
Sara: How?
Erin: (frustrated) Uggh! Here's your money! (hands Matt money. Matt counts money)
Matt: You're twenty dollars off.
Erin: (Erin gets up) Exactly
Sara: Erin, just give him the twenty dollars.
Erin: You guys don't get it! I don't have an extra twenty! I'm broke! I guess I'm out of the game.
(Sara's jaw drops. Eric and Matt look surprised. Silence continues)
Erin: It was nice playing with y'all. Hope the best man wins. (Erin exits)

Eric's Confessional: Up until now, there hasn't been a player that completely ran out of money. But just now, Erin, of all people, is broke, and can no longer play. She used to be on the top, and now she's hit rock bottom. I guess what goes around comes around.

Erin's Confessional: According to the rules, there's nothing that says if you lose all ya money, then you're immediately out, and if there was a rule, no escort has come to take me out of the game yet, which means I'm still in the game. Yeah, I have no money, but hey, I still have what… (counts fingers) three more days is it? I have three days left to think of something. A lot can happen in three days.

Wednesday, Day 33

(Matt and Eric talk to Sara in the pool)
Matt: you know she's going to be begging you for money, right
Sara: Oh, I know
Eric: And what are you going to do?
Sara: I haven't really thought of it yet.
Matt: You better watch out, because if you give her some money, you'll be the next one out, and you don't want that, do you?
Sara: (quickly) no!
Eric: Think of it this way… this whole week, you thought you were out.
Sara: Yeah
Eric: Now, if you don't do anything, and we don't do anything, you're guaranteed a spot in the final three.
Sara: (eyes light up) Final three! I never even imagined that!
Eric: Now's the time to think, baby.
Sara: Okay, okay…
Eric: don't screw it up.

Eric's Confessional: I knew that Erin or Sara would be the next one out, and between the two of them, I'd much rather have Erin out of there. Erin controls every thought Sara has, and without her, Sara stands an equal chance. And now, with Erin broke, she can't play the game, and she has nowhere to go. She's pretty much enjoying her last days here… unless Sara does something really stupid, and that would have to be really stupid.
Eric: Besides stealing, she can't get by
Matt: Yeah, what can she steal, two dollars?
Eric: Stealing won't get her anywhere
Sara: She won't be stealing. She's not like that.

(Matt, Eric, and Sara play Monopoly. Erin has a drink and watches on the side)
Sara: Heck Yeah! Hand me the money!
Eric: (laughing) okay, okay
Matt: Sara, you're getting yourself quite a lot of money
Sara: I know! I'm rich!
(Erin watches on the side watching them have fun. She lets out a very small tear, and after a moment's notice, she quickly makes sure no one saw her. She then disappears into the kitchen)

Erin's Confessional: This game was mine from the start, and no one was suppose to win but me. Who's been the only one man enough to concoct a successful plan? Who's been the one that's won three times in a row? Who's the smartest one here? The only one who knows how to play the game is me, the rest of them are here by luck. It's me, dammit! It's not right that I should be leaving. This isn't right… I must be dreaming. I'm down to two days.

Thursday, Day 34

(Erin talks to Sara)
Erin: Sara…
Sara: Yeah? I was just getting my toast, make it quick
Erin: oh, I can go with you… if you don't mind
Sara: No, just make it quick
Erin: Sara, are you avoiding me?
Sara: Why would I avoid you? (with nervous laughter)
Erin: you know why I'm here, right.
Sara: I think so…
Erin: Yeah, you're a smart girl. I need money. I don't care if it's twenty dollars, I don't care if it's two hundred, I don't care if it's two thousand. I need to get back in the game and make a comeback.
Sara: Erin, this hurts a lot, but…
Erin: Just two dollars, that's all I ask
Sara: I'm sorry, but I just can't
Erin: You can't spare a friend two dollars?
Sara: I… I can't
Erin: I'll pay you back a hundred… a thousand
Sara: I don't know, I really don't know… (Sara exits)

Sara's Confessional: It hurts to deny Erin, but I must. She's been a good friend, but I know Matt and Eric aren't going anywhere with all the money they've got. And if I were to allow Erin to get back in the game, if she makes a comeback, I know it'll be me packing my bags. I cant let it happen. I make too many mistakes too often.

Erin's Confessional: the thing that keeps Sara going in this game is greed. Greed to backstab a friend, greed to deny a friend. A couple days ago, she said she doesn't want anything to do with the game, but now she's determined to win again. Why can't she make up her mind!

(Sara talks to Matt and Eric)
Sara: this game is meant for corrupt evil doers! I don't want to play again
Matt: You can't keep changing your mind
Sara: No, I'm sure this time
Eric: No you're not, you're just going through a stage… remember how big this house is. All the glamour, imagine how life will change owning this house
Sara: I'm sick of it!
Matt: Sara, do what you want. Don't do something you'll regret though. Okay.
Sara: Okay
Eric: Sara!
Matt: let her go.

(Sara, Matt, and Eric play Monopoly)

Erin's Confessional:to be honest, I'm quite worried. I've never been worried in the game, until now. I have one day left, and I still have no money. Even if I had money, one day is not enough to get enough money to stay another week. But you know what, I'm not admitting defeat until I hear my name and I see my escort.

Friday, Day 35
Erin's Confessional:
Today is all or nothing, that's all I can say. I'm desperate, and I have nothing to lose, so don't get all mad if I do something stupid. (laughs)

(Erin talks to Sara)
Erin: Sara, this will be my last time talking to you
Sara: Okay
Erin: I wont bug you afterwards. I just need to know something
Sara: Yeah
Sara's Confessional: Honestly, I'm sick of Erin! But I respected her last word, so whatever. She's desperate. I know
Erin: are you sure?
Sara: Yes, for the last time!
Erin: Okay, you wont regret it right…
Sara: I wont
Erin: Okay… (sighs. Erin gets up)
Sara: Wait!
Erin: (smiles) Yes?
Sara: Do you think I'm a good person?
Erin: Right now, is this all you want to know?
Sara: Yes. And tell me honestly
Erin: You're an amazing person Sara, and would I lie?
Sara: Thanks
Erin: Come here Sara (hugs Sara)
Sara: I'm going to miss you
Erin: I'm gonna miss you too

(Characters play their last game of Monopoly and turn their money in)

Matt's Confessional: We all turned in our money, and Sara was nice enough to give Erin a dollar so that she could turn it in, and wouldn't leave empty-handed. I thought it was nice of her. And because the money's all in, there's nothing Sara or Erin can do now. Everything should be fine now. All we can do is wait.
(Characters have their weekly party)

Saturday, Elimination Day

(Characters wait in the living room)
Host: Welcome guys. As you know, another one of you will be leaving today. First of all, congratulations on making it this far. Final four is tough, and I know you guys are having emotions flying everywhere, but hang in there, it's worth every last cry. But someone will be leaving, so let's get to the results. First place will be receiving $2,000. At this point in the game, two-thousand can make all the difference.
(Erin nods)
Host: So, with $13,533 with a heavy lead, is Eric. Congrats
Erin: Thanks man (Host hands Eric money)
Host: With $8,251 is… Matt.
(Matt nods and takes the money)
Host: Now,.. it's down to Erin and Sara.
(Erin and Sara smile and shrug)
Erin: (sarcastically) Who knew? (Erin laughs)
Host: Ready for the results?
Erin: Yeah.
(long pause)
Host: With $5,812 is… Erin.
(Erin and Sara smile. Eric gives a shocked expression. Matt's jaw drops)
Host: And Sara has managed a record low of one dollar.
(Eric shakes his head in disappointment)
Host: This means, Sara… you will be leaving us this morning
Sara: I know
Host: Any final comments?

Sara: Yes. By now you should have realized that I gave my money to Erin. I'm willing to sacrifice this huge house for my conscience. I came into this game a real evil one, and I do believe I'm walking out a different person. I believe I've won the greatest prize, which is my integrity. I refused to play such a deceitful game, and what turned me around was seeing Jude leave. However, knowing someone has to win this game… I'm leaving it to the three of you. One of you is going to get this house, and I know it's going to be a very interesting finish. What you guys didn't know was the Erin was playing a very good game, and despite what it seems, I do believe that she made the right decisions to benefit the group. She does know how to play the game well, and I think she deserves to win. Matt and Eric, sorry if I disappointed you by doing this, but I think I'm doing the right thing. So anyways, good luck to you all. (Sara exits)

Host: I'm sure for one of you, that was expected. However, the other two of you, I'm sure you guys didn't expect that. Matt, what do you think of Sara's decision?
Matt: Sara was never the wisest girl here, and I think she had potential to winning the game, but I respect her choice, and I just wish her the best of luck from here.
Host: Eric?
Eric: That blew me out of the water… I'm not thrilled with Sara's decision, but I'm going to accept it, and just be glad that I'm here.
Host: So Erin… it seems like you always know what to do. Did you orchestrate this whole plan, or did it just come about
Erin: Honestly, I didn't beg Sara for money or anything. She voluntarily told me, "hey, I don't deserve this as much as you do," and we talked for a long time, and she was sure that she didn't want to play the game anymore.
Host: That's fair enough. Sara left you about 6 thousand dollars. Do you think you have what it takes to go against these guys?
Erin: These past weeks prove that anything is impossible. I'm not letting little cash stop me. I've made it so far, and I'm not ready to give everything up.
Host: Okay. well, you have made it to the final three. Expected?
Matt: Not expected at all
Eric: Somewhat surprised
Erin: I'd say I knew I was going to get here.
Host: Well, it's clear that you guys are big property owners. This is because Sara, as I am assuming, gave you all of her property, am I correct?
Erin: She's a generous woman
Host: So one dollar will be going into the bank, while there will be no property back up for sale, something I know you guys wanted.
(Characters nod)
Host: You've made it far, and all I can say is don't assume anything. The game is coming to a close, but that doesn't guarantee you anything. You do not know how the game ends, and you don't know how many days are left. Just a reminder, the last days will not be the same as the start. Don't make any unwise decisions. Good luck to you all.
(Characters leave, Sara's chair disappears)