Part 1

He walked into the cold dark room, irritated from the events that had happened earlier that day. He rubbed his forehead as he thought about how hard he had been working the past few days and only the remains of a broken skateboard to show for it. He frusteratedly threw the pieces of the broken skateboard, watching it crash into the wall causing a picture to fall and shatter but he didn't care. He had other things to worry about. Nothing in words could describe or even compare to the anger that was surging through him. Biting his lip, the thought of her although fleeting, crossed his mind but he forced that away as he peeled off his wet coat and hung it haphazardly onto the Moulder-shaped coat rack, it's eyes eerily enough seemed to follow every single movement. He made his way slowly towards where the broken pieces of the skateboard lay strewn about and kicked in frusteration, his bad mood not faltering. He looked around the apartment and saw no signs of where she was but he had a lingering suspicion of where she might be. He then strided through the kitchen, ignoring the pangs of a growing hunger and walked purposefully into the hallway, stopping in front of the door he knew for sure she was behind. At once, his stomach gave a little flip of what he had thought was only excitement but had a slow general realization that it was possibly something more. Placing a hand on the doorknob, he turned it slowly, opening the door just a crack and sure enough, there she was. Sitting at the pottery wheel (I have no F-ing clue what those damn things are called) with her back facing towards the door, she sat contentedly molding and kneading the smooth clay.

The anger that was apparent on his sexy features just minutes earlier seemed to vanish quickly and was there no more, it had subsided into the abyss and in it's place, his lips twisted into a shy but playful smirk. He watched her gentle small hands work through the clay and watched at how the clay spun forming into different shapes and sizes. Opening the door a little more, as though he wasn't sure if it was all right with him watching, standing there with his smirk ever growing. He looked her over once more and ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair coyly, he was positive she had no idea that he was in the apartment, let alone in the same room. He let out a quiet laugh and stepped closer, an attempt to sneak up on her. While she continued to work the pedal and slide her hands through the clay, he slowly made his way closer to her, though barely less than a foot behind her, he rethought the whole scaring her business and wondered... He looked her over yet again, his eyes taking in her dark hair that had been pulled back, her strong but gentle hands, her small frame.. his eyes hungry for more. Should I scare her? He thought, grin-upon-face, but he shut his eyes knowing that if he looked at her again, he might do something irrational, after all... they were just friends, buddies, nothing more, and he had to deal with it. Besides, he thought he was just a nobody, always having to crash at other peoples' places because he couldn't stand being alone. And it seemed as though lately he was always alone. But just then, her voice sounded through his thoughts of unobituaries.

"I know you're there..." She said with a small laugh, taking her foot off the pedal which stopped the spinning wheel of clay completely. She turned her head to face him, not quite staring him in the eyes but close enough for him to think that she was, "I heard you come in..." She shrugged, not quite sure what else to say and turned back to the wheel, hesitantly putting her foot back on the pedal. "What's going on?"

"Yeah... Sorry, I think I broke a picture or something," Tony mumbled, ignoring the question he finally opened his eyes and looked back at her, but she had quickly turned around back to her pottery. Why does she turn away from me all the time? He wondered, he wasn't sure how he felt about her one-hundred percent but he knew something was there, and there was no chance in hell he was going to ignore it any longer. It was time to make some sort of move, and he had to make it now...

Taking a couple brave steps closer, he stood directly behind her. Shutting his eyes, he inhaled her scent, smelling like some sort of vanilla fragarance that just made him weak all over.

She stopped spinning the clay, and as the wheel stopped silence fell all around them. She slightly moved her head to the side, to try and catch a glimpse of him behind her. She opened her mouth slightly, as if to say something, but instead cleared her throat, trying to cut into the silence that was beginning to grow awkward.

Sensing the awkwardness himself, he bit his lip and quickly stuck a couple fingers into the clay, poking and prodding around. Knowing that he had ruined his moment to make his move, but he would have rather had that happen then having the growing awkward silence, and besides, he wanted to know what was so fascinating about spinning clay... after all, this was one of her big time hobbies that he just didn't quite understand.

She laughed and looked back at him, glad that he had done something to cut through the odd stillness. "No, you don't do it like that," She told him matter of factly, grinning from ear to ear as she watched him poke around. She began to show him how to in general, mold small pieces of clay without the pedal going. "See? Like this? Not like poking... Poking isn't good.." She said, with a giggle trying not to stare at how ungodly beautiful he really was.

He watched her for awhile with no comments, he couldn't comment because in fact he wasn't even really paying attention. He was just entranced by her. Her scent that seemed to fill his nostrils every few moments, her pretty face, the way she talked... everything about her, he just couldn't stand not holding her, not touching her, he just couldn't stand the very fact that he couldn't do what he damn well pleased. When they were in the same room, it tore away at him inside that he couldn't be close to her, not close in the ways he wanted at least. Like someone to kiss on New Years Eve, or someone to cuddle with on a blanket under the stars, or someone to mend his boo-boo's with love and affection after a few skateboarding mishaps. Although it appeared he could have any girl he wanted, maybe. But the only one he truly wanted was the one he thought he couldn't get, and that made him sigh.

She watched him for a moment and felt a pang of stupidness. Why was she teaching him how to mold clay? You're an idiot, she thought to herself as she rolled her eyes and put her foot back on the pedal, stepping on it lightly at first and then putting more pressure on the damn thing due to the stupidity she was feeling. From there, the wheel began to spin, slowly at first, but then a little faster and faster, her hands moving through it with grace and concentration, she wasn't sure what she was trying to make, most of the time she was at the wheel she wasn't even trying to make anything.. but just the feel of the clay spinning through her fingers made her feel a sense of calm wash over her. But what startled her was that he joined in as well, she watched his hands only inches away from hers progress through the clay. Although she sensed a little tension in him, she looked at him and gave him a reassuring smile, after all, him working through clay was something definately quite sexy and thrilling.

He couldn't believe it. He was actually doing the pottery wheel with her. He noticed her hands near his, and he gulped, as attractive as he was he didn't have that great of self confidence and boy was he nervous. Nervous for what? He didn't quite know, but there was a feeling building up inside of him, and he knew for certain that something was going to happen. He stole a quick glance at her and then back to the wheel, his eyes immediately moved towards where her hands were and he had the large impulse to just grab it and hold it, never letting go, but he couldn't do that without thinking what would happen afterwards, and he wasn't quite sure if she liked him back... which was a painful thought for him to think.

After awhile of clay-molding and the quiet little hum of the wheel whirling, it had appeared that they had made a tall vase of some kind, with the wheel still spinning quite fastly, it was hard to keep the thing the same shape, it was already starting to fold over and melt back into the liquid-like clay.

He immediately took his hands off the wheel, he had ruined it. Remains of clay all over his hands, he shook his head fervently. "Sorry, sorry..." He apologized, holding his hands behind his back as if just having his hands presented towards the wheel would break the spinning cycle of it.

"No, don't be.. here, I have an idea.. help me with this," She said, mustering up the courage that she obviously borrowed from a friend, and taking his hands and placing them in the middle of the table where she then pressed down on the pedal in all seriousness, temporarily forgetting that this was the guy that she was practically in love with, and was once again just concentrating on the beautiful art of it all. She watched him maneuver his smooth but strong hands around, watching him seem to spin a small pot... she smiled, and then joined in, showing him how to keep his hands on the up-and-coming pottery without it going all goopy and falling back and melting with the rest. "See?" She whispered, noticing that this involved her hands over his which caused her to blush a light pink.

He nodded and continued to do what he showed her. Her hands over his, he couldn't believe it. He knew this was it, he looked down at the top of her head, since he was positioned behind her. He lowered his head a bit, low enough to rest his chin on her head, he could feel her grinning and trying to hold back in a laugh and sensing no signs of discomfort or remotely any awkwardness from her, he carefully slided his hands out from under hers and instead put them over hers, something he wanted to do for quite a while. The clay was seeping through his fingers as he intertwined his with hers, he thought he had heard her breathe in deeply, and he wasn't quite sure if that was a good sign or not... but nothing was going to stop him now. He was going to make sure of that. Now that he had stepped over the borderline between friendship and more, he felt as though he were venturing out into unpredictable territory and that both scared him and excited him, but he shook those thoughts away as he just held her hand, chin on her head thinking about what she was feeling, if she was feeling anything that he was, or if it was all just him, but he pushed that thought away as well. He couldn't think negatively, he had to do this, do what he wanted for so long and now that he was already on the stepping stone to wherever this might lead to, he definately didn't want to stop. He held her fingers tighter, as if letting them go would make him never able to hold them again. He breathed deeply, slowly moving his head lower, lower, and down the side of her face, smelling her hair as he moved down to his destination which was her neck. He then just held his face in the crane of her neck and breathed her in deeply, not wanting this to ever end. Though as nervous as he was, he was beginning to forget about his nerves, although he couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking.

Part 2

He nuzzled into her neck and his lips gently puckered into a small kiss that just barely grazed her skin. He could hear a soft sound emit from her, her breathing had definately gotten deeper and he felt her relax which he took as a good sign. Since the wheel continued to spin, he decided to continue to mold the little clay pot they were molding with his hands over hers they slided their hands through it all and in a burst of affection, he moved in even closer, his arms around her.

She looked back at him although a little afraid and wide eyed, her brown eyes searching his incredibly attractive face... Was he being for real? Once their eyes met, it was as if fireworks had gone off in her mind.. as if all questions had been answered. She realized he did love her, it was all there in his beautiful blue eyes, it was all coming together. She was definately feeling the moment he was, and was hoping just as much, that it would never end. But little did she know, that it hadn't even started yet.

For only a minute longer did he continue with the pottery, but discarded the idea of actually finishing it and purposefully crushed the clay contraption easily. She looked at him a little perplexed but he just smiled knowingly and buried his face into the curve of her neck again, his face seemed to fit, as though they were made for each other and that thought sent shivers flying through him. He slowly parted his lips against her neck...

...She felt his hot breath on her neck and instantly her world turned topsy-turvy. She shut her eyes, not believing what was happening and hoping that it all wasn't a dream, cause it was too good to be true. She opened her eyes again and let out a soft moan, his arms wrapping around her, sure they were getting clay all over.. but making a mess was definately the last on her list of things to care about right now. She welcomed his neck nuzzling and giggled, it did after all tickle a little and he was so close... She breathed him in, and was loving every second of it. Stifling back another giggle, she put a clay-covered hand on his face leaving a clay imprint, holding him there against her neck, she whispered, "Oh... man..."

He laughed, he now had a hand imprint on his face and didn't care, he just felt so alive. Being with her was everything to him and now that it appeared he had gotten his feelings out in the open... He lightly kissed up and down her neck, teasing her and teasing himself as well, because he really wanted to kiss her, and not just any kiss, a kiss on the lips. He tightened his arm hold around her, pulling her in even closer, his body heat rising and something else rising as well. (TEEHEE) He carefully stroked her hair, getting some clay into it, but he paid no mind and neither did she. He trailed a finger down the side of her face and tilted her chin so she wouldn't shy out and look away, which is what usually always happened. He then brushed back a few strands of hair that fell across her face and smiled, how he loved touching her hair... how he loved touching her. Slow steady smile spreading across his full lips, he slid his arms under hers and picked her up easily off the stool she had been sitting on. From there, she got the idea and decided to wrap her legs around him, so she wouldn't fall and because, uh, HELLO he had her in such a sexual holding position, who wouldn't wrap their legs around him?!

Butterflies in her stomach, her hair all disheveled... she didn't care! She felt so not herself, she felt like she was in a different world.. she felt so safe, so cared-about when she was with him. She rested her head on his shoulders, as he made sure she was in his arms, as if he would never let go no matter the consequences. She sighed contentedly, her arms wrapped around his neck tightly, she lightly kissed his neck a few times, giggling with pure full force nude glee. As he held her literally in his arms, holding her above ground with her legs wrapped around him, he took out the hair tye that had been holding most of her hair back and began to stroke her soft hair lovingly. She kissed him once more, using a hand to slowly rub his back.

He walked back over to the stool and sat down, now with her in his lap. His blue eyes seemed to open a little wider as she pulled back from their sweet embrace. Both their eyes locked, and they both knew that this was something more than lust.. or a simple crush. Does she love me? He thought curiously, shifting on the stool so that she was as comfortable as he was.

Don't look at me like that, she thought, trying to suppress a small smile. She looked down for a split second before looking up again, she couldn't not-look at him now, not with those attractive eyes seeming as though they hungered for her. She blushed when he cupped his hands in her face.. she shyly giggled and put her own hands on top of his, welcoming his warm hands against her blushing face.

He gazed into her dark eyes, he didn't even know how he could contain himself. He just needed her, and he needed her now. After cupping his hands on her face, she had placed her own hands on top of his and began to kiss his hands sensually. He was about to close his eyes, but he needed to kiss her. He had been holding back kissing her since day one and now that he actually had the chance... he was NOT going to waste it. He leaned in slowly, careful to close his eyes... their lips met.

(Copyright Roy Orbison lyrics, in some areas) And then it happened. It took him by surprise and he knew that she felt it too, by the look in her eyes... sweeter than wine, softer than a summers night, everything he wanted he now had. And he knew that whenever he'd hold her tight, the magic moment he was feeling would come again.

The soft innocent kiss that had started, blossomed into something quite passionate and rewarding, both their breathing quickened and their arms still holding each other so tightly it was a wonder they hadn't suffocated each other . He finally pulled back barely an inch away from her face stopping the kiss momentarily, big dopey grin upon his face. He opened his mouth to say what he felt but he couldn't find the right words to perfectly convey what he was truly feeling inside. He was uncertain if they should go any further.. he wanted to.. it just felt so right, but he wasn't sure if she wanted to and even if they were ready for anything like that yet.

She just looked at him, in complete total awe of the kiss. It was the most wonderful she had ever had and she wondered why he had broken it. "Why did you..." She started to whisper but he had held a finger to her lips, not to shush her or anything, but he wanted to feel with his fingers the soft delicateness of her mouth that his lips had explored quite diligently just seconds before. She breathed out slowly loving the soft caress of his fingertips. Glancing up at him with a devilish grin, she knew that she wanted to do more than what was going on, but she wasn't quite sure how to initiate it. She tilted her head and leaned in for another kiss, this time a little heavier and a little more passionate, tasting his lips. "Mmmm..." She moaned through the kiss, she really couldn't believe that this was happening, let alone with him. Finally, she got the nerve to move her hands down to his stomach, sliding her hands up his stomach slowly and really quite seductively. ("Ooh, I'm liking this," Moulder said darkly.) It was as if some sort of new light shined down on her. She knew that she loved him, it was obvious that he loved her so there was no need for words, words couldn't compare to what they felt for each other anyways and that is what sparked a new perspective for her, a newfound courage.

Just then, he felt her slide her hands up his shirt. He couldn't help but grin as he looked down, his rosy cheeks getting pinker with slight embarassment. He wasn't sure why he was embarassed because when it came to his body, there was nothing for him to be self-conscious about but he was just a modest guy, and he hoped he was good enough for her. Surprisingly, he felt her slowly start to lift up his shirt... the silence in the room quite intense. He smirked, hoping for her to continue.. he really wanted to do this with her and they were on the right track.. but he still had some doubts. Like the whole problem of him being a virgin and the fact that they both were dirtied up with clay. In their hair, all over their hands and arms from working the wheel, and now he was getting it on his stomach, which he didn't mind.. he couldn't care less if she had anything on her hands, it was just so arousing. He let her break the kiss this time, due to the shirt riding up his shoulders and they needed to part so they could get the damn thing over his head, and once they did he could tell she couldn't take her eyes off his torso which made him smile but turn even pinker. "Um..." He said rather boyishly, running a hand through his hair quite nervously. He was wondering how he was going to say what he had in mind without sounding like a complete utter fool. "I don't know if I can do this..." He started his voice sounding weak, "I really.. Oh God, I love you so much. I want you to know that. You wouldn't believe how much I love you, the first time I saw you.. I was literally.. I can't describe it. I really want to do this.. believe me, it's just I'm.. I'm.." He paused and took a cleansing breath, "Well.. I'm a virgin." He confessed blatantly, shutting his eyes and hanging his head back just waiting for her to be dissapointed at the lack of experience he had. The truth of the matter was, he hadn't met anyone that he wanted to spare that special closeness with until now.

Hearing his words she was very much relieved, she continued rubbing his smooth tan chest. "Tony..." She began, lightly patting his rosy blushing cheeks lovingly. Honestly, she couldn't believe how he was still a virgin. With him being extremely gorgeous, like model gorgeous, not to mention a skater like him.. she even knew a couple girls around that she thought for sure had a thing for him.. her eyes squinted evily at the thought of Frizz- Head and Funky-Nosed-Math-Chick-In-Second-Period. She leaned into his ear putting her elbow up on his shoulder and using her other hand to tickle the back of his neck... "Tony.." She repeated in a whisper, "I love you too.. and I'm one too so we'll both be inexperienced.." She added chuckling and planting a small kiss on his neck, wondering how in the world she was being so brave.

Part 3

He couldn't believe his ears. He wondered himself why someone like herself was a virgin, but it definately wasn't the right place or the right time to discuss that, especially with him just getting more excited.. He turned his head slowly towards hers as she kissed him on the neck. Once more they held each others gaze.. his oceanic blue eyes as if looking into her soul.. her dark eyes, couldn't hide anything from him anymore. He practically jumped off the stool with her still in his arms, him holding her tightly as he quickly ran out of the room and down the hall.. into her bedroom.. where he then carried her quickly into her bathroom.. and... into the shower. He shut the curtain and turned towards her with a knowing naughty grin on his face. He couldn't take it anymore. They were so close.. and as if she were reading his mind, she stepped closer knowing exactly what his little idea was. The idea both intrigued her and frightened her, but she knew that this was something that was going to happen... it was obvious that they were meant to be, everything was in the cards.

She playfully backed away from him, almost teasingly. She bent a finger at him, beckoning him to come closer.. which he did eventually in the middle of taking off his grey belt. She laughed at his clumsy fingers, obviously someone was a little exhilerated for this.. she had hoped he was just as excited as she was, she was already shivering with a combination of nerves and the butterflies. She reached out her hands and helped him take off his belt which they discarded quickly and then the pants which they both earnestly pulled off. The pants seemed to take forever to slide down his legs and finally off of him, but it was well worth the wait, especially with the extravagant view.. Tony's excitement definately showed through his boxer-briefs and my how she could not take her eyes off it. She felt her face twisting into a huge smile that she could not wipe off her face, try as she might. She then, slided her fingers down into the elastic... she looked up at him, making sure he was ok with it before getting the ok to pull them off of him. Her eyes widened, his man-stick definately huge and in full hard-on-ness. She couldn't help but giggle.. he was after all.. standing there completely NAKED. Her eyes darted towards his butt region and she had the urge to just grab it, but she didn't.. figuring she would have plenty of butt action later...

As he was standing there naked.. he moved closer.. placing his hands at first on her shoulders, tracing her collar bone and then sliding slowly downwards so he could pull off her shirt with ease. When the shirt was off, he was at first distracted by the red lacy bra and what was underneath. He ruffled her hair, pretending that he wasn't at all effected by her standing there in her bra and pants.. but he couldn't control that any longer for he kissed her lightly on the mouth, and then on the chin... dragging his mouth partly-open in a puckered-like state down her neck and down to her boob-age area. While he was doing that, he moved his hands downwards and started to take off her pants.. her breathing becoming already becoming a little quicker, her heart pounding against her chest never experiencing anything like this before. When her pants were off, and she was just down to her bra and underwear he grinned.. moving his mouth up to her shoulder taking the bra strap in his teeth, sliding it down her arm. He laughed, stepping closer.. his erection pressing up against her, he was going to lose control.. he could sense it. He shut his eyes and began to kiss her again, all over this time.. on the tip of her nose.. her chin.. her forehead.. and while doing so, finally took off the bra with her help and the underwear as well.. and now they were both standing there completely in the nude and thats where he turned the water on.. As the water came out, washing the clay away, he turned around to face her in her naked state.. and he couldn't help but stare and grin. She was just so beautiful.. he really couldn't stand it anymore. As if suddenly becoming agressive and definately sexy while being so, he pushed her against the shower wall.. not too hard but enough to startle and turn her on even more at the same time. He pushed his mouth against hers, kissing her so full of passion he thought he was going to bust right then and there. He took her face in his hands and she with her arms around his neck.. just kissing while the hot water ran over them, droplets of water running down their bodies.

He smiled. "Are you sure?" He asked sincerely, he didn't want to do this if she wasn't one-hundred percent certain that she wanted to and when she nodded, he literally never felt more alive. He picked her up carefully and held her up against the wall. Her arms were wrapped around him tightly, her head resting in the curve of his neck, even in the shower she could smell him.. and God did he smell sexy.. Once they were both comfortable, he slowly and gently entered. He felt her tense up a little as he progressed and for that reason he slowed down even more.. but oh was it a new feeling for him. The tightness.. and warmth.. the closeness, he shut his eyes and buried his own head in the curve of her own neck, making sure she was hanging on tight so as not to fall. He continued to pump himself in.. moaning softly into her neck, feeling the pleasure of it all and hoping it would never go away...

As soon as he had went inside her.. she felt the pain.. and oh how did it hurt, but she knew inside that it would all be ok. In a way, it was like a good kind of pain.. but it didn't stop her from tensing up and holding on tightly. He heard her groan and immeidately he stopped. "Are you alright? Should I stop?" He asked breathlessly, completely concerned for her well being, not caring about the pleasure. "No, no.. Continue.." She reassured him sneakily reaching down to grab a handful of hott buttox that was his. ("Oooh, Oh my," Moulder cooed darkly, as if it were the most scandalous thing in all the world.)

He nodded, and started up again.. he knew he wouldn't last much longer.. her grabbing his butt.. the hot water running down on them and the whole pleasure from having sex with the one that he loved was all too much.. and pretty soon she started to match the rhythymn he had started, bucking up against him in all obituary-like power. He then doubled over as he released his man stuff, he just couldn't keep it in any longer.. he was actually surprised that he kept it in that long. Detatching himself from her, (Hahah that sounds so funny) he got up and picked her up.. looking deeply into her eyes. He carried her out of the shower and got towels out for both of them to dry off with..then retreated to her room where they just ended up doing it again and then falling asleep in each others arms...

Later that night... He woke up with her cradled in his arms.. the warm comforting feeling coming back to him. He couldn't help but smile. The amazing incredibly pleasurable time they had in the shower.. and the hot sex they had afterwards in an actual bed.. but that wasn't important to him.. What was important to him was the closeness and the love that he had with her.. he had found out she loved him and vice versa, he wondered, as he watched her sleep.. what she was dreaming about.. if she was dreaming about him, he couldn't help but wonder as he watched the slow rise and fall of her body. He kissed the tip of her nose and nuzzled back into her neck, hoping to fall asleep again soon just so he could wake up and realize that she was in his arms. He blinked slowly a few times before nodding off into a dreamless sleep.. feeling perfectly happy. Now he would always have someone to kiss on New Years Eve, and under the stars.. he could kiss her anywhere, because he had her.. he knew they were soul-mates.. and as he snuggled in closer, he knew she was thinking the exact same thing.